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Mini lesson 3-symbolism


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Mini lesson 3-symbolism

  1. 1. Symbolism
  2. 2. What is Symbolism?Anything that stands for something other thanits literal meaning.Example:Literal meaning: organ in the bodySymbolic meaning: love, passion, romance
  3. 3. Symbolic ArchetypesSymbols that are most commonly used andevokes strong associations to the reader or observer because it is familiar.
  4. 4. Symbolic Archetypes: Light vs. DarknessLight suggests hope, renewal, or enlightenmentDarkness implies mystery, ignorance, or despair
  5. 5. Light vs. Darkness Example: ’
  6. 6. Symbolic Archetypes: Water vs. Desert• Water appears as a symbol of fertility and birth• Water may symbolize a spiritual birth or the beginning of something• A Desert typically represents a loss of life, hope, or faith
  7. 7. Water vs. Desert Example: Water brings about hope for new life and spirituality.A desert might bring aboutloss of life, faith, or hope.
  8. 8. Heaven vs. Hell Example: Typically Heaven is also associated with light and nature.Hell is often associated with fire, demons, evil, and the unknown places of earth.
  9. 9. Symbolic Archetypes: Fire vs. Ice• Typically, fire represents knowledge, light, life, fertility and (re)birth• Ice will usually represent a deserted place, ignorance, sterility, and death
  10. 10. Fire vs. Ice Example:Fire and Ice constantly battle for life…or death.
  11. 11. Death & Rebirth Examples ContinuedWinter, cold, and night suggest old age and the idea of death
  12. 12. Death & Rebirth Examples
  13. 13. Symbolic Archetypes• Let’s Review. Symbolic • Archetypes represent a • specific person, act, deed, place or conflict. • • • Symbolic Archetypes • Include: • •