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Technological Innovation in the Urdaneta City University


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A Masteral Thesis in MPA
Urdaneta City University

Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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Technological Innovation in the Urdaneta City University

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION IN THE URDANETA CITY UNIVERSITY ENROLMENT SYSTEM ___________________________________ A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of the Graduate School Urdaneta City University Urdaneta City _____________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master in Public Administration i
  2. 2. ______________________________________ By JOFIL Z. LOMBOY April 2011 URDANETA CITY UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL Urdaneta City APPROVAL SHEET In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master in PublicAdministration, this thesis entitled: “TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION INTHE UCU ENROLMENT SYSTEM,” prepared and submitted by Jofil Z.Lomboy, is hereby recommended for Oral Defense. ii
  3. 3. JOSEFINA B. BITONIO, DPA ROGELIO D.MERCADO, MPA Critic-Reader Adviser APPROVED by the Committee on Oral Examination: ESTER A. FRONDA, Ed.D. Chairman ELIZABETH A. MONTERO, Ed.D. FICER M. DOFREDO, MIT Member Member ACCEPTED in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degreeMaster in Public Administration: ELIZABETH A. MONTERO, Ed.D University President/Dean Graduate School ACKOWLEDGEMENT iii
  4. 4. The researcher wishes to extend his sincerest gratitude to the people who,in one way or another, gave their full support, assistance and inspiration whichmade the completion of this study possible. Special recognition is hereby accorded to the following: Prof. Rogelio D. Mercado, MPA, the researcher’s adviser, whoextended his wholehearted assistance and untiring efforts in the developmentand completion of this study, for which the researcher feels most indebted; Dr. Josefina B. Bitonio, the researcher’s critic reader, whose scholarlysuggestions and brilliant ideas proved indispensable in the improvement of thisstudy; Dr. Ester A. Fronda, chairman of the Oral Examination Committee, forher motherly pieces of advice, coupled with her constructive and valuablesuggestions unselfishly accorded to the researcher in the course of this study; iv
  5. 5. Dr. Elizabeth A. Montero, member of the Panel and UCU president,for her patience and intellectual inputs which greatly contributed to theimprovement of this study; Prof. Ficer M. Dofredo, MIT, member of the Panel, who shared hisintellectual insights and expertise in research; His wife, Tina, and daughter’s, Krishna Sophija and KadishaJofielle, for their enduring love, genuine care and personal support. Most importantly, to the righteous God Almighty, the true source of theresearcher’s wonderful blessings. J.Z.L v
  6. 6. DEDICATION vi
  7. 7. I dedicate this thesis to GOD and to my wonderful family, particularly to my understanding and patient wife, Tina, and to our precious daughter’s, Krishna Sophija and Kadisha Jofielle,who are the joy of our lives. I must also thank my loving mother and my terrific in- laws who have given me their fullest support. Finally, I dedicate this work to my late grandfather,Rufino Zamora, who taught me that even the largest task can be accomplished if it is done one step at a time. Jofil Zamora Lomboy vii
  8. 8. ABSTRACTName of Researcher : Jofil Z. LomboyDegree/Specialization : Master in Public AdministrationDate Finished : April 2011Adviser : Prof. Rogelio D. Mercado, MPATitle of Thesis : TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION IN THE UCU ENROLMENT SYSTEMKeywords : Enrolment System, Innovation, Data Processing_________________________________________________________________ viii
  9. 9. This study attempted to evaluate the existing Enrolment System of theUrdaneta City University (UCU) and propose technological innovation to improvethe system. Specifically, this inquiry determined the existing enrolment process of theUCU and the problems encountered with the present system as perceived by thestudents and the employees concerned. This study also pinpointed technologicalinnovation strategies in order to improve the existing enrolment system and thesecurity measures that can be adopted in the proposed technological innovation. The instrument used in the collection of data was a questionnairesupplemented by an interview with the respondents. Since there were two (2)groups of respondents, the researcher used one set of questionnaire for studentsand another set for the employees in charge of the enrolment process. The study found out that the present computerized enrolment system ofthe UCU is limited to the encoding and retrieval of data at the registrar’s officewhich implies that most of the activities done in other offices involved in theenrolment process are manually done. ix
  10. 10. This inquiry also discovered that the main problems encountered by thestudents concern long waiting time and payment of fees while the most pressingconcern of the employees involved in the enrolment process is the lack ofhardware resource. The proposed system features technological innovation that will lessenprocessing time in the assessment of fees and issuance of receipt including theadoption of security measures to safeguard student information. The study then highly recommends that the proposed technologicalinnovation in the UCU enrolment system be seriously considered in order toexpedite the enrolment process. x
  11. 11. xi