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Sustainable development ppt

bank of images to stimulate discussion on sustainability

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Sustainable development ppt

  1. 1. S1 Geography Sustainability: An Introduction
  2. 2. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TOPIC 1- SUSTAINABILITY: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?  By the end of topic 1 you should be able to:  1.1Know what we mean by the term resources 1.2Know the link between population growth and our use of the world’s resources 1.3Know what the term sustainable development means 1.4Know and give examples of ways in which different places and people in the world are connected and understand the term, “Think Global Act Local”   
  3. 3. WORD CHECK FOR TOPIC 1 Here are the main words and ideas that we shall be looking at in Unit 1.  Resource(s) Non –renewable energy (Fossil fuel)  Renewable energy  Consumption (“using”)  Production (“making”)  Sustainable  Conservation  Interdependence  Recycle 
  4. 4. Resources Any thing that we take from the physical landscape to make other things that we need or want for our lives, eg •Drink •Food •Shelter •Fuel/Power •Manufactured goods But, using resources can lead to a lot of waste Resources + Activities = Finished products waste
  5. 5. ie we make stuff that we never use. It just gets thrown out as waste!
  6. 6. Resources: soil Gives support and nutrients to crops Absorbs water, so helps to slow down or stop the risk of flooding Soaks up some harmful chemicals Eroded and blown away by wind Over use by people and/or animals can cause lasting damage to soils Washed away by heavy rains
  7. 7. Resources: crops
  8. 8. Resources: coal, oil, gas and minerals China & India Are Building 4 New Coal Power Plants – Every Week More than 1,000 new coal plants are planned worldwide, with about three-quarters of these in China and India alone Coal, oil and gas are Fossil Fuels. We dig up coal and drill for oil. We then burn the coal and oil (and gas) to generate electricity
  9. 9. Resources: seas and oceans 70 % of the Earth’s surface is water To think about: What do you think will be the impact of these types of fishing on the resources of the sea?
  10. 10. Resources: forests
  11. 11. Resources: minerals Iron ore mine, Australia Granite quarry, Glensanda, Argyll
  12. 12. Consuming resources in New York Click here Resources Activities Finished products waste
  13. 13. Consuming resources in North West India Click here Resources Activities Finished products waste
  14. 14. Sustainable  Development development means making life better, eg, to have a better standard of living and an improved quality of life  Sustainable Development means making sure that the things we do, the goods we buy and the lifestyle we have today will not harm the environment for us, for people in other places and for future generations
  15. 15. Sustainable development means •Looking at levels of consumption and waste •Thinking about our careful use of the Earth's resources •Realising that we are each responsible for our actions, and that what we do can have a huge effect on other people, and places
  16. 16. So, big question: How many people can the Earth sustain, and at what standard of living? 1950 2 Billion 2013 7 Billion Contrasting lifestyles, Manilla
  17. 17. 1.5 million tons of clothes a year are thrown out ...9,000 garments thrown into Is this sustainable? landfill every five minutes
  18. 18. Sustainable living-recycling clothes and other textiles Where do recycled clothes go? 60% of old clothes go abroad 35% used for mattress stuffing
  19. 19. Sustainability? what’s the message here? Think Global Act Local ! What do you do with your plastic bags?
  20. 20. Is this sustainable?
  21. 21. If you recycle a tonne of paper, how many trees are you saving? A. 12 trees. B. 17 trees. C. 23 trees. D. 28 trees.
  22. 22. Recycling just one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for how long? A. 3 hours. B. 6 hours. C. 9 hours. D. 12 hours.
  23. 23. How many years does it take a single aluminium can to decompose? A. 20 – 40 years. B. 60 – 80 years. C. 80 – 100 years. D. 100 – 120 years.
  24. 24. Sustainability: plastic bags; a problem or not?
  25. 25. Recently, as part of our commitment to sustainable living, Hutchesons' has been working with Friends of Maxwell Park to create a community orchard. We also have conservation area in the school grounds... And a textile bank ... Two beehives... As well as paper recycling in each classroom and office.
  26. 26. Plastic Bottles and bags Get Recycled? Right? Aye, Right! In the US people throw away 2.5m plastic bottles every hour and less than 3% are recycled. In the UK: of the 15m plastic bottles used every day, much less than 3% gets recycled. Less than 1% of the billions of plastic bags used each year are recycled and the majority are used only once Do we recycle enough at school?
  27. 27. Old computer parts just keep piling up!! Since the late 1980s, computer waste from developed countries has been imported to China and broken down by poorly paid workers.
  28. 28. Landfill is becoming a growing problem....