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  1. 1. This photo was taken for my ASPhotography work last year but Ithought it would be a good example touse in my lighting work in thisassignment. I like the photo because itsbright and good quality. The photoshows a bright/soft light, edited a littlebut if I could change something it wouldbe to have not cut some of her head outthe image.
  2. 2. This photographwas taken inLondon, thephotorepresents atopic of spacewhereeverything onthe right is thesamethroughout thephoto. This image shows rule of thirds. The pier is on the horizontal and the end of the pier is in the middle of the image, I think this photo portrays what rule of thirds is.
  3. 3. Here is an example of one of my own imagesusing image manipulation. The photo on the left isthe original photo I took. The image on the right isthe one I edited. Just by editing one photographcan have a huge effect on how you see the image.I used the right image for my AS photography andwas going for a 60’s theme. Just by editing it Ihave changed the image colour completely.