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Street photograhy presentation


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Street photograhy presentation

  1. 1. Assignment 3Street PhotographyEmma Veness
  2. 2. What Is Street Photography?What is street photography? Street photography is a image of life in the city. The images could be posed or naturaldepending on what looks better in the situation. Street photography has an urban feel and arespontaneous shots.What is the decisive moment? Decisive moment is where an image is captured at exactly the right time to tell a story. If thephoto wasnt taken at that exact moment the photo wouldnt have as great effect.What do you think the ethical considerations for street photography are? I think the ethical considerations in street photography are to have respect for the people in theshot and not to offend anyone. To have permission when photography children.
  3. 3. What Is Street Photography?Do’s and Don’t’s? Do always carry your camera with you to capture precise moments. Do go for it and be confident with your camera Do ask permission for some people as they might not want their photo taken Don’t look scary and be friendly to people Don’t take photos of children Don’t leave your equipment anywhere, keep it safe Don’t hold back
  4. 4. ERIC KIM: Street PhotographerWho is Eric Kim? Eric Kim is an international photographer. His quote ‘shoot with a smile, and from the heart’. Ireally like Eric’s street photography as he has a different style and approach to the style hisimages are individual and eye catching. I like Eric Kim’s work because they are fun and quirky.His photos are different to most street photographers out there as he doesnt mind taking risksand taking chances. Here are some of his street photography images:
  5. 5. My PhotosHere is an image I took in Trafalgar square (National Gallery). I took this photo on a wide angle lenswhich give the photo an edgy effect due to all the positioning of the buildings. To edit this image Iused Photoshop and changed the contrast and brightness. I then highlighted the sky area and mademore vibrant so the image had more colour to it. What I like about this photo is the angle, it looks likethe buildings have been randomly placed there but its just how I have taken the photo.
  6. 6. My PhotosI took this photo on Carnaby Street, I edited this photo on Photoshop which abled me to select certainareas of the photograph and make them brighter, darker, change the colour or contrast. To edit thisimage I selected the sky and made more vibrant as I wanted the photo be bright and colourful, I thenselected the different coloured shops and made them brighter. What I like about this image is the brightcolours all blending together and the fact you can see ‘Carnaby Street’. What I dislike about this photois how most of the Carnaby Street sign has been cut off.
  7. 7. My PhotosI think this image represents street photography well as it has captured real life. Like the others thisimage was edited on Photoshop by changing the colour to black and white and alternating the contrastand brightness, by doing this the photo becomes more effective. What I like about this photo the quickcapture of peoples life. Some people standing and some people rushing through London. If I couldchange anything it would be to use more of a straight angle as it is a bit unbalanced.
  8. 8. My PhotosLike the previous photo I edited it by making it black and white. This image was taken at CarnabyStreet, I like the contrast of light and dark shadows. I think there are elements of composition in thisimage as there is shops on the left and right and then in the middle people walking through with theunion jack Carnaby Street sign.
  9. 9. More Of My Photos
  10. 10. More Of My Photos
  11. 11. Evaluation Overall I am very happy with my final, edited street photography images. Ithink I have a wide range of different types of photos from black and whiteserious photos that capture the street life essence to bright, fun andcolourful photos. I think this assignments has helped me learn different techniques in streetphotography, it has also made me more interested in the topic.