Evaluation of photos


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Evaluation of photos

  1. 1. Photo Shoot Review Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Task 4 Selection of final images & review
  2. 2. Aim of Shoot • I’ve taken a variety of photographs to produce a music magazine, I did this during college and tried to make my photographs as music based as I could. To do this I added different instruments, mainly guitars, into my photographs. I tried a variety of different ways to show the ‘music’ look for example I tried the ‘girl band look’, ‘boy band look’, ‘indie look’ and an ‘acoustic look.’ In my opinion I think the acoustic look worked best out of all of them because my music magazine is going to be about an indie musician and me interviewing her.
  3. 3. Description of shoot I planned a Photoshoot and then used a few of the girls out of my class. I learnt about different techniques which I could use in my Photoshoot. I did this Photoshoot at the three sisters. Once I’d taken this photograph and chose which ones I wanted to use I edited it on Photoshop, I wanted the photograph brighter than it oringally is so I tried different filters and then turned the brightness and contrast up and down until I got the result I wanted. I tried different settings like classrooms, photography studio, radio studio and the three sisters. This is the setting which I think worked best. I like the angle on this photograph, I think it gives a really good view because a lot of band photography just use straight ahead photographs or live photographs.
  4. 4. Editing effects This is one of my final edited photographs, I like the colours on this photograph and I think it works really well. For this photograph I messed around with the colours of the background, I wasn’t trying to edit it in any certain way like my other photographs I was just messing around to try and get the photograph a colour I liked. I’m not sure about Beth standing their with the guitar in this photograph, but I love how the flowers/bushes looks around Beth, I think they look better purple than green. I found doing this really easy.
  5. 5. Editing effects This is another one of my final edited photographs. I edited this on Photoshop. I went into the filter gallery and tried different ways to edit the photograph, I found a few I liked, I chose poster Edges because it was my favourite. Once I chose the filter I wanted I turned the edge thickness up, edge intensity down and pasteurization up. Then I turned the brightness and contrast up then once I got the photograph how I wanted I saved it.
  6. 6. Capture log • Setting: The three sisters way. • Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec. • Aperture: F/5.6 • ISO: 320
  7. 7. Editing effects This is my favourite photograph out of all the ones taken unedited, so I tried editing this in a variety of different ways (another edit show on other slide.) This was my favourite final edit of this photograph. To do this I went into the filter gallery and tried different ways to edit the photograph, I found a few I liked, I chose sumi-e because it was my favourite for this photograph. Then I turned the exposure up, offset stayed the same and the Gamma correction slightly got turned up.
  8. 8. Capture log • Setting: College photography studio. • Shutter Speed: 1/1250 sec. • Aperture: f/5.6 • ISO: 1600 I added a new layer and changed the background to black, and then on the actual photograph I cut around the model. I dragged the model onto a new layer and then deleted the actual photograph. I brought the model in front of the black background and then I added a lens flare. I like how I edited this photograph and think it would work well in a music magazine or a poster, so it does meet my target audience’s needs.
  9. 9. Editing effects This was one of my first edits which I did from the whole of this Photoshoot, this is one of my favourite photographs. I like how she’s jumping in the air, this is a very common pose which is taken for music photography. It’s usually during performance this is taken but I wanted to change that in my Photoshoot so I tried it in a college car park/ entrance. I added a photograph and then I DE saturated my photograph on Photoshop. Then I chose the history brush tool and put colour back into Beth and the guitar on my photograph. I had to change the brush size throughout this and zoomed in and out to make sure I didn’t go out of line.
  10. 10. Capture log • Setting: college photography studio • Shutter Speed: 1/1250 sec. • Aperture: f/5.6 • ISO: 1600 A lot of music photographers take photographs like this but I wanted to change the look of the photograph because I didn’t like the background on it. I cut around the model and copied her onto a black background on photo shop, Once I did this I used the pen tool to make a path on the photograph making a spiral around the model, I did this on a new layer. Then I right clicked on the line and chose stroke path and then I changed the tool to brush and selected simulate pressure. I then selected the foreground colour and selected yellow. Once I did this I right clicked on the new later and went to the outer glow tool and changed the colour to pink, this made the spiral a pinky yellow colour. Once I completed the spiral I wanted to make it have a 3D look so I did this by deleting the path and then I used the eraser tool, rubbing certain lines out.
  11. 11. Editing effects This photograph was taken while she was messing around, It wasn’t a planned photograph I think these natural photographs work better than planned. It shows how much she loves music which is what music photography should be about. I edited this on Photoshoot, it was an extremely simple edited I turned the photograph black and white and then turned up the brightness and contrast until I got it how I liked it. I think this photograph works really well in black and white.
  12. 12. Capture log • Setting: Three sisters way. • Shutter Speed: 1/1250 sec. • Aperture: f/5.6 • ISO: 1600
  13. 13. Rejected Images I think this would have been a really good photograph if it wasn’t slightly blurry when opened, also if means head wasn’t cut off. Also the background doesn’t really go well with the photograph, I don’t think it’s obvious what type of photography it is. To me it just looks like a group of girls messing around with a guitar. This photograph is out of focus, I think if it wasn’t out of focus it would have worked well. Also the legs in the three would have ruined the photograph it’s obvious they wasn’t meant to be their, but they could have been cropped out.
  14. 14. Aims for next project I have learnt not all settings work well with every shoot also that I need to think about if the photograph will work before just going and taking it. Also to take as many photographs as I can do I have a variety to work off. I’ve also learnt how to edit photographs in different ways especially editing with light effects. When I do my next shoot I will improve my photographs by trying a variety of different angles, techniques and settings, you can never have too many photographs. Also I will edit more photographs during the editing stage so I have more edited photographs to work from instead of having to ‘rushly’ edit photograph and them not being at professional standards.
  15. 15. Final Images I think this is a really good angle and the setting make the photograph. A lot of music photographs are the ‘same’ and I think this is different to others. Also the photograph is obvious that it’s a music photograph. It can also tell a story for example a lot of artists have their ‘special place’ where they play music without everyone around this could be hers? I could improve this photograph by editing it in different ways and see which works best because I think it could be edited in a different way. Even though I do like how it’s edited. I tried this photograph with different techniques but I preferred it simple. For example I took a photograph while she was in the tree using depth of field and rules of third. I do think it would be a great edit if the photograph was edited so it just focused on the guitar because that’s the main object which makes this type of photography obvious. I like the angle of this photograph and also the background, it works well with the music photography genre. The main focus in this photograph is the guitar, a ‘usual’ music photograph is a front view of the band but I think this angle works well. I also like how I’ve edited this photograph, I think it looks good with a darkish look. The background is slightly blurry I tried to blur it out as much as I could when taking this photograph because it would work well. I don’t like how this photograph could be for something else for example it looks a bit like an advertisement for converse. Even though I like the edit it has an ‘instagram look’ which does work well but I could have edited it better.