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  1. 1. Mystery Festival
  2. 2. Welcome And thank you for taking part in this focus group
  3. 3. Gap in the Market We believe there is a big gap in the market for indoor festivals as there are not many in the UK. Biggest competitors: -The Big Reunion - Boomtown equinox What makes ours different to others is the unique location and setting, as well as the range of music on offer from both DJ’s and live bands.
  4. 4. Our Product Our new product idea is essentially a two-day indoor music festival held in March ,called Mystery festival. What makes it unique is that we are going to have it in an abandoned shopping centre. Our idea is to have different DJ acts and bands from a wide range of genres in each shop throughout the mall. The inside will have a warehouse feel where the mall is abandoned and run down.
  5. 5. Potential Location Logo
  6. 6. Mission Statement - Mystery is a one off festival experience in a unique location like no other with a range of music genres. Brand Values - Bringing the best artists from the underground music scene - Creating a unique festival atmosphere - Open and appealing to a wide audience of music lovers
  7. 7. Price Points £110 – weekend camping £80 – weekend non-camping £60 – day ticket Distribution - Social Media Internet Music Magazines Posters and Flyers
  8. 8. Questions & Discussion points
  9. 9. Thank You for Your feedback