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Graphic Google Project


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Graphic Google Project

  1. 1. THE IDEAI interviewed my dad asking him who his favorite music artist was and what to him reminds him of this particular artist. He said that Fat boy slim was his favorite and it is his yellow smiley face that is on his albums, tour posters and other merchandise of his that reminds my dad of him.Taking this in to account I decided to research this and collect a couple of images together I could use for my project.This is my draft drawing of how I wanted my outcome to look like.
  2. 2. ORIGINAL DRAWINGThis is the drawing I did to scan in, because I originally thought that I want to do it on Illustrator using the technique we had learnt a couple of weeks before.
  3. 3. AFTER THOUGHTI thought that I could use the images and text I had found on the internet to create this project so I cut off the bits that I wanted and created this to scan in.
  4. 4. SCANNEDAfter I had scanned both in I want to mess around on photoshop, layering them both together and using different effects to create different outcomes.This is my edit before any effects have been used. I liked how this came out and at this point felt confident that my outcome was going to be good.
  5. 5. PHOTOSHOP EDITSCut out I liked this effect but think that I could do a better outcome, this isnt what I will be using.
  6. 6. PHOTOSHOP EDITSDiffused Glow This effect hasn’t worked as well as I thought it would, the glow is good but the black background I really don’t like.
  7. 7. PHOTOSHOP EDITSNeon Glow I think that this is a terrible attempt.
  8. 8. PHOTOSHOP EDITSNote Paper I liked this effect but if it was in black instead it would have been better. I don’t think this is a good enough outcome for my final so I am not going to edit this one anymore.
  9. 9. PHOTOSHOP EDITSPalette Knife I like this one as I think it represents my artist and the graphics used are a good demonstration of what I can do. I will considered this for my final outcome.
  10. 10. PHOTOSHOP EDITSPoster Edges This is another good example, like the one before I will be considering this for my final outcome.
  11. 11. ILLUSTRATORAfter using Photoshop and my two drawings I wasn’t completely satisfied with my outcomes, I believe I could of done better. So using my drawing and the technique using live color trace I made this. I really think that this is a good outcome and represents my artist very well.
  12. 12. FINAL OUTCOMEI decided to use my illustrator outcome for my final as it shows my new skills I have learnt and it also is a better outcome to my Photoshop ones.