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Published in: Sports, Business
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  1. 1. Medium Close Up This shot is a medium close up of the news presenter. This will be the most commonly used camera shot throughout the news show. It is used when the main presenter is directly addressing the camera. For example when the presenter is doing a round up of the headlines, introducing a new story or giving information on a subject, this shot will be used.
  2. 2. Raw Footage This is an example of raw actuality footage of a bush fire. Raw footage is real and filmed first hand at the scene. The footage is used to accompany news stories to add substance and colour. It is more interesting for the audience if they can see what is actually going on rather than just a news reporter speaking about it.
  3. 3. Interviews with experts This is an example of an interview with an expert. News shows often include interviews with experts based on the different topics that are covered. Experts are used to ad information and substance for stories.
  4. 4. Field Reporters Field reporters are out and about reporters that report on location. They are used to add information to a story. The main presenter will cross over to a field reporter who will be on the scene. In this example the field reporter is at the Olympic stadium talking about the Olympics. He would have been doing research previously in the area to put together what he is going to say.
  5. 5. Graphics News shows use graphics to show facts and statistics that support a news story. That are used to simplify what the news presenter is talking about over the images. So the presenter will be talking about a subject but the most important facts will be shown on the screen. Graphics are used to accompany a story and add colour.