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Je ftvfinal

  1. 1. Florence Stirzaker, Jackson Jarvis and Emma Veness
  2. 2. Proposal•Our company wants to produce a TV channelbroadcasting British comedy aimed at a young audience.•We want our channel to be completely British and open up opportunities and encourageBritish writers and producers to create content for TV.
  3. 3. Our Mission StatementJEFtv’s mission is to satisfy the youth of Great Britain with great British comedy.
  4. 4. About Our CompanyOur company is lead by Florence, Jackson and Emma. Weare the people who make the crucial decisions and create the ideas. When coming up for a name for company we decided to use the first letter of each name, this created JEF. We know this may seem like we have copied another wellknown comdey channel ‘Dave’ but we haven’t and we aim that is we get to air this channel we will make little adverts making a joke out of both channels using a male name.
  5. 5. Target Audience •16-25 – British teens to young adults•People with a good sense of humor but not an obvious sense of humor. •People that can connect and relate to the shows. •Our programs are based around the British youth or a British family
  6. 6. Product Profile •Our company is in the TV industry; •We produce British comedy such as cartoons and sitcoms, our shows have broadcasted onchannels such as comedy central, E4 and BBC3. •We help British writers and producers to get into the industry.
  7. 7. Opportunities for Others•Our company is very passionate about British culture and theBritish people, we aim as a company to help give opportunities to British students who want to get in the the television and comedy industry. •This is a major bonus to our company and we see a an amazing way to get more British people in to the worldwide industry. •Later on if our channel is successful, we would like to puttogether a scheme where we not only help people get into the industry but show the younger generation how to do it and help them along the way.
  8. 8. Competition in the Industry •We see our main competition as BBC3, Comedy Central and Hat Trick. •To show where we think we will sit in the industry we have put together these chart. BBC3 JEFtv -We plan to be this big inComedy Central the next couple of years. -Hat Trick With our growing fan base and our name getting about we think this is very possible
  9. 9. Industry Research• In the UK, the television industry is dominated by four different networks, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and channel five.• We do need to be aware of the 850 independent production companies, who make the best-known comedy programs, as they will be big completion.• We believe that there is space in the market for our TV channel as it is a channel devoted to comedy.
  10. 10. BBC The BBC would be our main conglomerate rival in competition as they are thebiggest conglomerate in The UK and own a large number of channels. BBC Three inparticular would be our main competition for viewers as they often have comedies played on their channel, for example they show shows like, Russell Howard’s Good News, Family Guy, American Dad, Gavin and Stacey, Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show and Cuckoo. However the BBC are different to our channel as they also have documentaries, Dramas and News shows whereas ours is focused purely aroundBritish comedy and celebrates the best comedies shows from Britain. BBC strengths are that they cover a wide range of genres like documentaries, comedies and dramas, both English and American. In doing this they connect with a very wide audience and almost have something for everyone on their channels. As the BBCare a big conglomerate company in TV and cover a wide range of shows that appeal to a wide audience they don’t have many weakness. Even though the BBC have no real weaknesses, we still believe that our TV channel can be just as successful as people are always in the mood for comedy and can find great British comedy on a British independent TV channel all the time.
  11. 11. Hat Trick Productions One of the UKs most successful independent production companies is Hat Trick. They have produced many award-winning programs that have been very popular. Their programs are usually based around light humor. Hat Trick has produced many great British comedies, for example, Armstrong & Miller, Facejacker and Fonejacker, Father Ted and Episodes, all of which have been very successful. Hat Trick are a very well regarded independent production company as their programs have beennominated for every award in the industry and have also won more awards for theircomedies then any other producer in British history apart from the BBC. The comedyprograms that Hat Trick produce and show are similar to our production company asthey are British comedies, however they seem to be aimed at a mixed audience and have a different type of comedy. As our production company is aimed at ages 16-25 the comedy is more leaning to the adult comedy compared to a more mature type of comedy that Hat Trick produced. Hat Trick production’s weakness would be that as they are an independent company they have to rely on there selves for money and support whereas if they were part of a conglomerate they wouldn’t have as many worries.
  12. 12. Previous shows • The City of Manchester • Ran on e4 for 2 series. • Half an hour long episodes.• Based around 7 boys ad 3 girls that lived in Manchester • Day to day life of ‘skinheads’ aged from 17-25• The main focus is on Frankie who is the youngest of the bunch, who lives with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Charlotte and his best mate, 20-year-old George. The show included a lot of banter between the boys. It involved drug use and sex, however unlike skins there is no drama or negative side of the teenage life, and involved funny scenarios on nights out as well as day to life.
  13. 13. Previous shows • Maybe Tomorrow • Based on a 19 year old guy called Freddie from Nottingham • Got kicked out of university for drug taking• Lives in a council flat with his alcoholic mum and violent stepfather.• He always says ‘tomorrow is a new day’ but bad occurrences always seem to get in his way.
  14. 14. Previous shows • Alienated • There were talks of airing in America as it was extremely popular here in the UK. • It’s about an Irish family called the Collins, who moves to Phoenix, America• Have trouble getting to grips with the American way of life.• All of these show have been successful enough to run more than two series on TV.
  15. 15. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weakness • An Independent Company • Only do comedy • Celebrates British TV • Some insulting humor to non- • Popular topic with the public british viewers • Clear target Audience • Comedy is a big part of British culture (especially dry humor)Opportunities Threats• Our name is getting more known • Recession• Growing fan base • Strong competition (conglomerates) • Lots of other comedy channels
  16. 16. OVERALL• We are a fun and energetic channel who strives to entertain our audience.• Putting your money with us would benefit you as we have a growing fan base and bright future ahead. Our past shows have been loved by the public and they want to see more of us.• With your money we are going to offer not only a channel to view around the clock but a website that lets the public see past shows they have missed and loved called JEFrewind.