SMC 2009/10 Training Program


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Saunders-McDermott Consulting Training Program for 2009/10

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SMC 2009/10 Training Program

  1. 1. Training Program In tocov's ever changing and challenging business environment, it is important to engage and effectively manage your internal and external stakeholders, One way to ensure this is to invest in and train-up your in-house personnel, including your senior managers, HR specialists and communications team, all of whom can have a significant impact on your company's stakeholder management performance and public profile. Such training can help you and your people: Why Saunders-McDermott? 1, understand what makes your key stakeholders tick and how to engage them on an ongoing basis, What sets Saunders-McDermott 2, conslstentlv deliver the right information, in the right way, to the right apart from other training people, at the right time, and providers is our practical 3, effectively maintain and protect two of your organisation's most approach based on real industry important attributes - a stong market position and a credible reputation experience. We use proven based on mutual respect, proven expertise and sound leadership, behavioural change techniques to bring about significant and Saunders-McDermott Consulting offers a range of training workshops designed sustainable changes to the to help organisations maintain a strong and positive standing among their attitudes and performances of stakeholders - irrespective of economic or other external influences, workshop participants, These workshops range from basic introductory skillsdevelopment through to We also open each workshop advanced, more intensive one-on-one sessions, Each one is tailored to the by identifying the strengths and individual needs of your business, with the content and activities reflecting weaknesses of all participants, the actual challenges your organisation can face, Thisincludes them facing any fears they may have (such as Training workshops include: the dread of public speaking) and us working with them to • Introduction to Media Skills& Media Relations transform these fears into positive • Advanced Media Skills& Media Relations outcomes, The end result will • Effective Crisis& IssuesManagement be a significant improvement • Perfecting Your Presentation & Information Sharing Skills in the ability of your people • Effective Stakeholder Engagement to effectively engage your • Essentialsfor Community Liaison stakeholders, • Introduction to Behavioural Change ~~
  2. 2. Introduction to Media Skills & Media Relations Duration: Half-day (approx 4 hours) Thisworkshop will help you to generate positive media coverage by first No. of participants: improving your understanding of the media and how it works. As former Between 2 and 10 national journalists we do this by breaking down some basic media Who should attend: myths and unveiling some tricks of the trade used by the media to get People with responsibility for media their story. liaison and media interviews on a semi-regular basis Participants are encouraged to share their ideas, ask questions and take part in interactive media exercises. We also provide practical advice on how to deliver credible newsworthy stories, develop effective key messages, the importance of knowing your target news cycle and style- flexing your information to suit different audiences. We outline the dos and don'ts of backgrounding journalists, conducting basic media interviews and using effective techniques to reduce the riskof something going wrong which can often lead to negative media coverage. Advanced Media Skills & Media Relations Duration: Full day (approx 8 hours) Thisworkshop incorporates much of the information and practical tips No. of participants: included in the Introduction to Media Skills& Media Relations workshop, Between 2 and 4 but also provides strategies for achieving best media performance Who should attend: even when faced with tough journalists and challenging or controversial Senior managers and situations. spokespeople who conduct media interviews on potentially The day includes up to four simulated print. radio and television interviews challenging issues which seek to reflect the conditions and issuesyour spokespeople may have to face in real life. Many participants find these interviews challenging and hard work given they are recorded on camera and then played back to encourage feedback and constructive comment from the entire group. We find, however, that this helps workshop participants more clearly understand their strengths and weakness. It also enables them to witness their own Improvements as they progress and utilise their newly learnt skills. Effective Crisis & Issues Management Duration: Full day (approx 8 hours) Thisworkshop provides participants with a strategy for identifying No. of participants: upcoming issueswhich could be critical or controversial to your Between 2 and 10 organisation. It then explores how these issuescan be managed or Who should attend: mitigated. Senior managers and spokespeople who need to Participants learn the importance of establishing consistent procedures engage stakeholders and to ensure everyone is working towards an agreed communications manage vital information during outcome. They also learn about the different ways information is received controversial or crisis events by stakeholders and the options available to share vital key messages so they are heard, understood and acted upon. The day features stakeholder management exercises which include role playing and the preparation of various written materials.
  3. 3. Perfecting Your Presentation & Information Duration: Sharing Skills Full day (approx 8 hours) No. of participants: Thisworkshop provides participants with strategies for engaging an Between 2 and 6 audience and holding their interest. Thisincludes appropriate body Who should attend: language, the delivery of effective key messages and the use of People who regularly share supporting visual materials. information and present to internal and/or external audiences It also provides participants with a valuable insight into how different people receive and process Information. From there we explore the ways to positively influence an audience's attitudes and actions. Participants undertake presentation exercises to test the effectiveness of their key message development and information sharing skills. Effective Stakeholder Engagement* Duration: Full day (approx 8 hours) Thisworkshop provides participants with a strategic plan for identifying No. of participants: key stakeholders, confirming their current attitudes and assessing any Between 2 and 6 misconception or barriers to change that they may have. Who should attend: People who regularly engage with We then explore how these barriers can be broken down using a range of internal and external various approaches to engage and manage different stakeholders, stakeholders in the short, medium remembering that 'one size does not fit all'. and long-term The workshop also looks at the benefits of a coordinated approach, the value of consistent messaging and the actions needed to build ongoing confidence, trust and support among your stakeholders. The day features interactive stakeholder engagement exercises which include role playing, the preparation of various written materials, and on-camera presentations where appropriate. * an additional Advanced workshop is also available
  4. 4. Essentials for Community Liaison* Duration: Full day (approx 8 hours) Thisworkshop provides participants with an end-to-end view of No. of participants: community liaison to illustrate the value of getting it right and the risksof Between 2 and 6 getting it wrong. Who should attend: People who interact with the It looks at the common misconceptions of community liaison versus community during a major project community consultation and the need for a consistent and integrated or roll out of new oouctes. programs approach. It also explores the value of starting community liaison or services activities as early as possible. Participants learn the importance of using establishing credible key messages and written materials as well as the value of a transparent information sharing process, all of which can influence the ultimate success of a project as well as the ongoing market position and reputation of your organisation. The workshop also looks at how different people respond to and process information and what behavioural change techniques are available to positively influence their actions or attitudes in the short, medium and long-term. Participants undertake interactive exercises including role playing, the preparation of written materials, and on-camera presentations where appropriate. * an additional Advanced workshop is also available Introduction to Behavioural Change* Duration: Full day (approx 8 hours) Thisworkshop introduces participants to the proven methodologies of No. of participants: stakeholder profiling and core belief research. It then provides insights Between 2 and 4 into how these methodologies can be used to better understand what Who should attend: makes different types of people 'tick' and how to share information with People who wish to change them in the right way to achieve the right outcomes. the attitudes and behaviours of stakeholders over the medium and Participants get the chance to identify their own 'personality profile' long-term and gain insights into the different behaviours they display when they are in a logical and calm mindset versus an emotional and anxious one. Thisprovides them with first-hand experience about how information will be received by different types of people in different circumstances. The day includes simulated stakeholder management exercises which include role playing, the preparation of various written materials and on-camera presentations where appropriate. * an additional Advanced workshop is also available ~)-
  5. 5. Planning your Workshops Training workshops run for half-day or full-day sessions. They can take place at your business premises or at an independent venue nearby. Only one organisation is trained at a time to ensure the content Isas relevant and meaningful as possible. We will discuss your specific requirements in advance of the workshops to ensure we cover the work areas you believe are most relevant to your team. Evaluation After each workshop we provide a detailed assessment of all participants and their stakeholder engagement. communications and information sharing skills. Thisassessment includes a written report for everyone who participates in full-day workshops and a DVD of their workshop performance where appropriate.
  6. 6. Our Workshop Trainers Between them, the Principal Partners of Saunders-McDermott Consulting have almost 50 years experience in the media, communications, stakeholder engagement, community liaison and behavioural change disciplines. Janet Saunders Lisa McDermott With a Masters Degree in Communications and Post With a BA (Hons) Degree in Journalism, Lisa McDermott Graduate Degree in Behavioural Change, Janet has extensive experience in the media and government Saunders is a former Australian Financial Review sectors at a State and regional level. journalist. She is also a published author on 'Personality Profiling as a Communications Tool' and' The Challenges A former rnetropoliton journalist from the UK, Lisa of Introducing Recycled Drinking Water in Australia', spent five years working as a senior media adviser to a NSW Government Minister. She worked with several Over the past 15 years she has advised some of Government agencies to successfully roll-out and Australia's leading iconic companies including AMP, manage important new policies across the State, as GIO, Goodman Fielder, Dairy Farmers, Morgan Stanley, well as manage controversial public issuesin a tough OneSteel and Optus about how they can engage and political arena. positively influence their stakeholders during periods of significant change. For six years, Lisa was also a senior communications manager for a leading NSW Council during a time In recent years, Janet has used her extensive experience of significant change. As a member of the senior to advise the local government and infrastructure management team she had direct influence on how industrieswhere stakeholder engagement and community information was shared and provided to 300,000 relations activities can often make or break a project. ratepayers and other key stakeholders. Janet's insights into what makes individual stakeholders Lisa's insights into 'how the process works' and issues tick enables her to provide workshop participants management skillsenable her to provide workshop with real and practical information about how they participants with real and practical information about can 'communicate' effectively irrespective of the targeting the right audiences in the right places In the circumstances or type of information being shared. right way. Find out more ... To find out more about the full range of services offered by Saunders-McDermott Consulting visit our website at or contact: Janet Saunders on 0438 191 328 or,au or Lisa McDermott on 0404 826 720 or ~)-