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Presentation Crisis Communications


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This is a presentation I gave at the University of Utah's law school to a class about crisis communications. This is for 2011. The next one is coming soon.

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Presentation Crisis Communications

  1. 1. Crisis Communications in a Digital Age by Janet Thaeler @Newspapergrl
  2. 2. Social Media can Start Revolutions!
  3. 3. Say Goodbye to the24-Hour News Cycle
  4. 4. Say Hello to the30 Second News Cycle
  5. 5. Impact of Bloggers• Often give analysis and insight to news.• Break stories that mainstream media then report on.• Opinionated• Form strong loyalties and networks that can rival mainstream outlets.
  6. 6. Example: Cooks Source Magazine
  7. 7. Bloggers Shut Down Magazine• In less than 24 hours, a list of the magazines advertisers was generated and the advertisers contacted, with secondary campaigns begun to reward advertisers who had pulled their ads from the magazine.• The hashtags #buthonestlymonica and #crookssource went viral on Twitter• Cooks Sources web hosting company, Intuit, experienced an outage on November 4, prompting speculation that a denial-of-service attack aimed at Cooks Source may have been the reason.• The Company shut down completely not long after.
  8. 8. Point 1: SpeedEverything happens at lightning speed.An attack can do damage in minutes, not days. Don’t wait a day to respond.
  9. 9. On Twitter in 4 Minutes FlatJan 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 crashed intothe Hudson River.Emails, tweets, photos and videos of theincident began filtering through cyberspace 15minutes before the mainstream media evenreported it. The first recorded tweet occurred 4minutes after the incident.
  10. 10. Point 2: It Doesn’t Take a VillageOne influential person can do considerabledamage.
  11. 11. Attensity BlogToo Fat to Fly• Close to 45,000 relevant mentions of Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines across blogs, microblogs, discussion boards / forums, and online news.• 14,000 mentions the day of the incident.• 16,000 conversations took place on the 15th.• Interest waned after the 16th.
  12. 12. Point 3: The Network EffectAttacks spread across multiple platforms.
  13. 13. Point 4: Be RealPeople demand transparency and detest spinand “corporate speak.” Whatever you do, don’tget defensive or be condescending.Example: Nestle Responds to Greenpeace
  14. 14. BEFORE Crisis• Best to be proactive instead of reactive.• Have a strong networks established of your own.• Assemble a team and plan how and who will respond in case of a crisis.
  15. 15. Create a Culture of ListeningAlways monitor and listen online sentiment.Know the culture and the influencers.Free Tools:
  16. 16. Provide Proactive Customer ServiceTrain staff and empower them to respond tocustomer complaints before they blow up.Who is really good at this?
  17. 17. After a Crisis• Use dialog to join the conversation and respond.• Don’t leave your most important communications to an intern.• Apologize and ask the offender’s opinion (these are opinionated people!)
  18. 18. Search Engines Record EverythingRespond on the same platform the crisisoriginated on.If a company has weak search results, an attackis even more harmful. (Scott example)Use optimized press releases and mediaoutreach to tell your side of the story.
  19. 19. Questions?ContactJanet@OnlinePRBook.comBlogwww.Newspapergrl.comTweet Me@Newspapergrl