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A laptop for every student in America


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Sharing our vision with the world.

Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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A laptop for every student in America

  1. 1. 2020 Learning Vision for Public Schools
  2. 2. “By 2020 every student in America will be using a laptop in the classroom.”
  3. 3. “Students will take the laptops home and they will continue learning seamlessly at their own pace.”
  4. 4. This was NOT a typo. It’s a dream and we can make it happen. Join us! edutechnia Founder
  5. 5. Is Apple ready for this? How about the PC makers?
  6. 6. Who will lead?
  7. 7. The one who believes. . .
  8. 8. Let’s ask Google, MSN and Yahoo and see who gets better results. . . (They also have to compete)
  9. 9. Steve Job Steve Jobs and Michael Dell will deliver. . .Bill Gates will make a comeback.
  10. 10. I envision a web-based learning system with common goals, curriculum, and assessment among the 50 states .
  11. 11. The above companies and names will be the masterminds of the best educational system in the world .
  12. 12. Our government will be a key player for the implementation. And
  13. 13. Systems that have failed to educate our children will be left behind.