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Why use Youtube in your classroom?


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10 ways to use Youtube in your calssroom.

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Why use Youtube in your classroom?

  1. 1. Why Use in yourclassroom
  2. 2. School teacher seeking to serve organizationswilling to increase student engagement. Contact: Jorge Madrid @jamadrid
  3. 3. Why use Youtube in your classroom? Teach to every type of learner
  4. 4. Increase student engagementBucknik
  5. 5. Free access to thousands of high quality educational videosNYC♥NYC
  6. 6. Use videos to lengthen in-class instructional timemark roquets
  7. 7. Expand your impact by reaching a larger audienceNYC♥NYC
  8. 8. 10 Ways to Use in the Classroom
  9. 9. 1 Spark Lively Discussions TeachersEngage students by showing a video relevant to theirlives. Video clips can bring in different perspectives orforce students to consider a new viewpoint, helping tospark a discussion. Click on next slide to check out thisScience video as a great example.
  10. 10. 2 Organize all the great video content you findPlaylists are YouTubes way of allowing you to organizevideos on the site: a playlist is a series of videos youput together - they dont have to be videos youuploaded, and you get to choose the order. When onevideo ends, the playlist plays the next video withoutoffering related videos, thus creating a curatedenvironment for your students. Therefore, by creatingplaylists of videos you can select which YouTubevideos you want your students to view. Watch the Dynamic Earth Processes playlist for a good example. Click link to view sample
  11. 11. 3 Archive your work TeachersCapture and save projects and discussions so you canrefer back to them year after year. This will also helpyou save time as you can assign old videos to yournew students. For example, this teacher created avideo explaining a plot diagram that she drew.Because it is video, it is archived on YouTube and caneasily be shared with other teachers.
  12. 12. 4 Allow students to dig deeper into a subjectGive students the option to dig deeper into a subjectby creating a playlist of videos related to that concept.By creating playlists of relevant videos you allowstudents to pursue their interests without wastingtheir time searching for information (or findingpotentially objectionable content). Here is a sample playlist a teacher created for their students on Math Story Problems. Click link to view sample
  13. 13. 5 Get struggling students up to speed, Teachers and push strong students aheadVideos (or playlists) can help supplement in classteaching for struggling students. Students can reviewthem at home time so youre not forced to teachexclusively to the middle 50%. YouTube userpiazzaalexis created videos aligned with the statestandards so students who needed to review aparticular standard could get the help they needed.Watch it now.
  14. 14. 6 Review for upcoming exams TeachersTurn test review and flashcards into easy-to-watchvideos. This way students can hear your explanationsas they study. Watch an example of a review for aMedieval Japan test. You can also create a "testreview" video students can use to study the nightbefore the big test.
  15. 15. 7 Create a YouTube center in your classroomWhen working in stations or centers, have studentsuse your YouTube channel to complete an assignment,freeing you up to work with small groups of students.Divide your class into groups and have them rotatethrough different stations. At the YouTube station,introduce students to new information, allowing youto help students practice their new found skills
  16. 16. 8 Create quizzes to accompany videos for instant feedbackCreate a Google Form that students complete afterwatching a video. You can use this quiz to get instantfeedback on what theyre learning. Embed your quizon a class blog or site so students can watch a videoand complete the quiz at the same time. View an example of this in action. Click link to view sample
  17. 17. 9 Create Interactive Video Quests TeachersUse YouTube annotations to create "Choose your ownadventure" style video quests. View an example now.You can also create a video guide. Click link to view sample
  18. 18. 10 Flip your classroom TeachersIf your students watch a video of the basic concepts athome you can focus in class on applying thoseconcepts, working collaboratively with theirclassmates rather than simply listening to you lecture.View an example now.
  19. 19. Takeaways from: Teachers Click or visit