Rigor & Relevance for the 21st Century Classroom


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Rigor & Relevance for the 21st Century Classroom

  1. 1. Rigor & Relevance For the 21st Century Classroom For the 21st Century Classroom Kevin Honeycutt 2010
  2. 2. With all of the new tools we can bring to bear in learning, it’s still about the relationships we create with kids.
  3. 3. The digital playground... Whether we choose to play here or not, our kids will have to. Their future success will be predicated on how well they navigate this terrain.
  4. 4. ON INTELLIGENCE -Jeff Hawkins What we really teach...
  5. 5. <ul><li>Smart lightning and associative learning </li></ul>ON INTELLIGENCE -Jeff Hawkins baseball/softball Dogs/cats hunting/fishing standard/automatic email/im math/science? learning/engagement
  6. 6. The learning brain
  7. 7. Freedom and context Allow kids’ brain the luxury of free-association and help foster, promote and grow richer neural networks.
  8. 8. Google Alerts http://www.google.com/alerts
  9. 9. Are you Twittering? (Two Minutes)
  10. 10. Rehearsal for Social Media? Media? Media? Media? Twitter Bulletin Board (Two Minutes)
  11. 11. How do you get information? Colleague Colleague Colleague Colleague Web Research Listserv Snail Mail Books, Magazines & Journals Value of ideas?
  12. 12. A tale of two kinds of minds... Stand Alone vs. Networked Value of ideas? Value of ideas?
  13. 13. A tale of two kinds of minds... If you were a manager in a competitive business who’s survival was predicated on succeeding in a rapidly changing world, which mind would you want to hire? Value of ideas? Value of ideas?
  14. 14. Your kid’s analogue network
  15. 15. Your kid’s analogue interfaces
  16. 16. Your kid’s digital interfaces
  17. 17. Their digital network
  18. 18. Today’s kids live their lives in layers and must be multi-lingual. and must be multi-lingual. Who’s teaching them etiquette’netiquette?
  19. 19. If I Google you... <ul><li>Are you proud of all that you put online? </li></ul><ul><li>Will your digital footprint get you the job or lose you the job? </li></ul><ul><li>What are schools doing to help shape kids’ online behaviors? </li></ul>Your life-long resume (Two Minutes)
  20. 20. One idea... http://artsnacks.org Teach netiquette, create good cyber-citizens!
  21. 21. Virtual Mentors? http://artsnacks.org Nathan...
  22. 22. Empowerment comes from being trusted to attack learning according to your own strengths! strengths! strengths!
  23. 23. The day I discovered I learned and showed what I learn differently... What are some tech-powered activities you can use tomorrow?
  24. 24. A possible write start?
  25. 25. Kids as authors...today! Digital Field trip
  26. 26. Make kids feel famous!
  27. 27. Possibilities for fund raising?
  28. 28. Possibilities for motivation?
  29. 29. What are some ways we could use LULU to create learning excitement? learning excitement? learning excitement? (Two Minutes)
  30. 30. Today’s workplace is anywhere and collaboration, communication and cooperation are essential skills!
  31. 31. http://skype.com 6 years ago, it cost 35-50,000 to teleconference with video. Now it’s free!
  32. 32. What can Skype mean for learners? http://skype.com
  33. 33. Some tools of the trade... Tame it by doing it.
  34. 34. Letting kids connect and collaborate, what might that look like? look like?
  35. 35. http://tinyurl.com/kevinplaying
  36. 36. Google Docs Co-writing your book http://tinyurl.com/kevinmonarch
  37. 37. Tradigital Learning?
  38. 42. What are some ways we could use Google Sketchup with learners? with learners? with learners? (Two Minutes)
  39. 43. One teacher’s vision... http://tinyurl.com/sketchupkansas
  40. 44. Food For Thought
  41. 45. Imagine anywhere learning, it’s coming... it’s coming... (Two Minutes)
  42. 46. One school I work with... From Google Sketchup to AutoCAD
  43. 47. What are you learning?
  44. 48. Me and the iPhone...
  45. 49. What can it really do?
  46. 50. ustream comes to iPhone! http://tinyurl.com/kevinslivepage (Two Minutes)
  47. 51. Technology can energize project-based learning while preparing kids for their futures! for their futures! for their futures! for their futures!
  48. 52. What will that look like?
  49. 53. In the 70’s The computer was going to become part of us!
  50. 54. Nathalee Learning used to be simple..you simply sat and listened.
  51. 55. Learning about the HL Hunley, then... Hunley, then...
  52. 56. Now Learning as differentiated as you allow it to be
  53. 57. My PBL site http://tinyurl.com/kevinspbl
  54. 58. Some pig...or dinosaur... Make your own headlines!
  55. 59. Go after headlines! Have teachers practice the press release. Teach them not to be so humble!
  56. 60. Making movies is easy now and highly engaging...
  57. 61. What are some interesting and engaging ways we could use video in the classroom? classroom? classroom? classroom?
  58. 62. My movie-making journey
  59. 65. Making movies in the classroom? in the classroom? Learning 2.0 You & kids Flip cam $ 99.00 Now One One Learningwood
  60. 66. Classroom movies Windows Movie-maker iMovie ...or just make movies with the camera!
  61. 67. It’s not so complicated anymore! $99.00 at Wal-Mart $149.00 at apple.com One hour of video Eight hours of video
  62. 68. (Two Minutes)
  63. 69. Put staff development in the palm of your hands! palm of your hands! http://kevinhoneycutt.org
  64. 70. Want your own vetted list of tools? of tools? http://tinyurl.com/kevinskeychain
  65. 71. Are you Plurking? Stream of thought Things you say Your friends Followers
  66. 72. How can I keep learning? <ul><li>Collaborate </li></ul><ul><li>Network </li></ul><ul><li>Plurk </li></ul><ul><li>Twitter </li></ul><ul><li>ArtSnacks </li></ul><ul><li>Classroom 2.0 </li></ul><ul><li>Google Docs </li></ul>
  67. 73. Some of my research base... Plus 4000+ other educational minds on Plurk, Twitter, Classroom 2.0, ArtSnacks, Podstock, iCiL Plus Google Alerts
  68. 74. If they have the strength!
  69. 75. Thank you! http://kevinhoneycutt.org