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The effects of double-dipping in our economy.


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The effects of double-dipping in schools and in our economy.

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The effects of double-dipping in our economy.

  1. 1. The effects of double dipping in our economy.
  2. 2. Here is the definition of "double dipping" in the American Heritage Dictionary: double dipping The practice of drawing two incomes from the government, usually by holding a government job and receiving a pension, as for prior military service.
  3. 3. Meet Karen.
  4. 4. Karen is a banker.
  5. 5. She volunteers as a mentor in a public school.
  6. 6. Meet Linda.
  7. 7. Linda is a retired nurse.
  8. 8. She’s now a volunteer for the Red Cross.
  9. 9. Meet Susan.
  10. 10. Susan has been teaching for thirty years.
  11. 11. and now she’s planning on retiring.
  12. 12. Meet our new generation of teachers!
  13. 13. One of them is not going to be able to get a teaching job...
  14. 14. Because Susan wants to come back and double dip. Double dip: two incomes received from the same source.
  15. 15. The moral of the story:
  16. 16. Double dipping in schools is unfair for our new generation of educators. . .
  17. 17. Double dipping hinders educational reform. . .
  18. 18. Double dipping might be blocking the change we need in our schools! and
  19. 19. Might impede progress in a new generation of learners.
  20. 20. Our schools need to encourage and model actions like the one shown by Karen and linda.
  21. 21. Schools should avoid double- dipping particularly if they are underperforming. The End
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