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It's a Revolution, Click to bring change and hope.


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“Our educational system today is meeting neither our aspirations nor our needs. Yet the changes we need cannot be made by the school systems alone. What is required is a common effort by all members of our society to change the way we raise and educate our children. Everyone– parents, students, teachers, schools administrators, and the business community must play a role”

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It's a Revolution, Click to bring change and hope.

  1. 1. It’s a revolution! C l i c k to bring change in our schools. Jorge Madrid, Founder
  2. 2. Abstract: A collaborative project among search engines and the stakeholders to infuse change in our educational system.
  3. 3. Hope Giving Dialogue infuses change. has the power to make it happen.
  4. 4. Meet Julie and Jorge.
  5. 5. They are school teachers and . . .
  6. 6. social entrepreneurs. Flickr мs.ʟoиeʟy ; Brb
  7. 7. They have a persistent disquiet with the status quo.
  8. 8. They live in one of the most nations.
  9. 9. But there is a problem. Flickr kintamanate
  10. 10. Because, among developed nations, our public schools rank near the bottom. International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement
  11. 11. “ The relative decline of American education is untenable for our economy . . . Flickr Sepideh!
  12. 12. It is unsustainable for our democracy.
  13. 13. Unacceptable for our children.
  14. 14. We can’t let it continue! President Barak Omaba ”
  15. 15. Julie and Jorge want to help change this. . .
  16. 16. They are convinced that technology has not been leveraged in public schools.
  17. 17. They realized that Clicks are powerful! Flickr Mojori’s
  18. 18. Clicks are driving economies. . . Charm medical supply
  19. 19. Clicks are revolutionizing entire systems and Flicr © Kaustav Bhattacharya 2008 www.edutechnia
  20. 20. Clicks will bring the change we need in our schools.
  21. 21. Julie and Jorge started a Nonprofit organization.
  22. 22. They created a cause-related marketing strategy.
  23. 23. Solution: For every search or click, search engines would donate a penny to support our schools.
  24. 24. Donate to support our schools Search engines could also help by raising the funds!
  25. 25. But the stakeholders must have a say. . . Flickr Teemu Mäntynen's
  26. 26. Leading to an effective educational system of the people, by the people, for the people.
  27. 27. Flickr Ride my pony
  28. 28. This is our story. If you were able to read this, thank Some Images: Microsoft Office Online
  29. 29. If you were able to read and tell a story, thank a teacher. Join us Contact: Jorge Madrid Learn more about our Challenges at
  30. 30. We are Goal: Build a Cause-related Marketing Strategy. Flickers cquarles