Celador films


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Celador films

  1. 1. Celador Films – Outline of the film production company Jack Sargent
  2. 2. Ownership • Celador was originally formed as a independent production company in 1983. Celador is a global light entertainment company. • Celador was taken over by complete communications which expanded into film, radio and international businesses. • Complete communications then announced that they were selling the company, and Celador Productions management completed a buyout of the company. • Celador films was established in 1999 with their first production being Dirty Pretty things. • This film was premiered in 2002 and received a standing ovation which also went on to receive nine industry awards and in addition to these an Oscar for best original screenplay. • They are also well known for the popular TV series Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
  3. 3. Operating Model • Celador is only a small production company which makes films on a project-by- project basis. • They contract freelance staff to get their films made, which means that they are there only to make that certain film. • Small production companies like Celador often get their funding through initial capitalisation, this can be through bank loans, investors or even personal finance. There could also be matching finance available from official bodies like screen West Midlands. • They could also be funded by their parent company, although in Celadors position this would not be the case • Co-funding and partnership could also be an option, usually lots of smaller companies get together to make a film and put together their funds. • They could operate through distribution fees by selling the project to a distributor before its made. • They could also license the project to a big production company.
  4. 4. Products Celador began making films in 1999 and since then they have produced seven films in ten years. The seven films they have produced are: • Centurion (2010) • The scouting book for boys (2009) • The Descent: Part Two (2009) • Slumdog Millionaire (2008) • Separate Lies (2005) • The Descent (2005) • Dirty Pretty Things (2002) They are currently working on film production, radio broadcasting, theatrical production and music publishing. They have two radio stations, called the Breeze and Jack FM.
  5. 5. Market Position and Competitors • CeladorFilms are in competition of course with ticket sales and later on after the film is released DVD sales. • Celador is only a small production company although they are actually quite successful. They have only released seven films in ten years. • Celador although is only a small company still has big competitors. One of their big competitors is Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony release big budget films such as The Smurths and After Death. These films cost 100+ million, were as the budgets for Celador films are much lower. • Sony Pictures Entertainment also release several movies a year, where as the past 10 years Celador have only released 7, which Sony could produce in 2 years with the money and budgets they have.