Home bound instruction presentation


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Home bound instruction presentation

  1. 1. 
  2. 2. The Smartest Solution for Home Bound Instruction
  3. 3.   iTutor guarantees to be the most cost- effective solution to home bound instruction.  Eliminating the need to compensate teachers for travel time and expenses, all funds are used directly towards instructional purposes.  We will beat any other tutoring company’s fees. Cost Effective
  4. 4.   Because we are online, an adult does not need to be present during the time of instruction, making it much easier to schedule convenient times for the student.  * All instructional sessions are recorded and may be viewed on demand by the student, parent, or school personnel. Flexible Scheduling
  5. 5.   Rain or shine, snow or sleet, neither the teacher or student has to cancel due to transportation issues during inclement weather. No Interruption of Instruction
  6. 6.   As stated by the N.Y.S Department of Education, the onset of instruction can often be delayed with a visiting teacher due to concerns of health hazards to others caused by a communicable disease.  With an online teacher from iTutor, the student and teacher can interact live from the virtual whiteboard without any health concerns. Eliminates Health Hazards
  7. 7.   There is no compromise in the quality of teachers on our online Home Bound Instruction platform. All of our teachers are certified and experienced in their subject areas.  We provide daily support and guidance with instructional planning when needed.  All online instruction is closely monitored. Highly Qualified Certified Teachers
  8. 8.   iTutor Home Bound Instructors keep in close contact with the student’s school, and encourages the classroom teachers to provide appropriate materials and information to enable the student to keep up with his/her class.  When necessary iTutor is happy to provide supplemental materials to our teachers that are all aligned with Common Core Standards. Quality Instruction
  9. 9.   Students are very computer oriented and enjoy receiving instruction through our virtual whiteboard.  iTutor Rewards Program – Students earn points for attendance, cooperation, completing homework assignments, et. They can redeem these points for gift cards and other prizes.  Students enjoy the screen sharing option on our whiteboard which can help their teacher guide him/her with using the huge amount of resources available on the internet. We Motivate Students
  10. 10.   Home Bound Instruction  Private tutoring in all subject areas Grades K-12.  Regents Exams and SAT prep.  Contracts with schools for extra support programs and test preparation (ELA, Regents, etc.) Services Provided
  11. 11.   I - Instruction without interruption  T- Teachers that care  U- Up to date curriculum  T- Technology that is advanced and extremely user-friendly  O- Online live instruction that is recorded and closely monitored.  R- Reward program to keep students motivated and on task iTutor – What We Stand For:
  12. 12.  Don’t let another student fall behind, or be unprepared for years end. All of our services are customizable and tailored to fit each institution’s individual needs. Work with us… We work with you. 1-855-MY-iTutor What Are You Waiting For…!?