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Surface miner


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Surface miner

  1. 1. WORKING OF ICC-BWE-ROCK BREAKER I. Satyanarayana, M.Tech,MBA,MCA Dy. Manager, Project Planning, SCCL,, visit at ISN
  2. 2. Mining with SHOVEL – DUMPER combination ISN
  3. 3. ISN 3
  4. 4. Surface Miner ISN
  5. 5. 5. Surface Miner Technology•Used for selective mining•Larger strike length of about 600 m – 1000 m andwidths of around 300 m are ideally suited for surfaceminer.•Does not need drilling and blasting. The machinecuts the coal & loads into trucks for onwardtransportation to Surface ISN 5
  6. 6. SURFACE MINEREngine hp : 800Annual production : 10 L. Cu.MGradient :1 in 10Deployed for selective mining ISN
  8. 8. ISN
  9. 9. What is Surface Miner?Surface Miner is : - continuously operating mobile opencast machine - it cuts consolidated soils and semi – solid rocks without drilling and blasting - the cut material is pre-crushed and suitable for belt conveying, loading, transporting and transferred to down stream means of transportation ISN
  10. 10. Operation:Surface Miner operates: - according to the “Rock cutting technology” - the cutting drum is provided with point attack picks - which cut the mining face during the continuous advance of the machine on crawler track assemblies. ISN
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  13. 13. A modern surface miner –heres how it works ISN
  14. 14. Technical highlight:Clever design with central cutting drum ISN
  15. 15. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION• The milling drum is mechanically driven by the direct drive system through transmission (V-belts) directly via a mechanical clutch on the flywheel side of the diesel engine. A Gear box provided in between Cutting drum and Transmission will suitably reduce the RPM of the drum.• There is also a Power Take Off Gear / Split Gear connected to other end of the engine through universal joint which transmits power for driving four Hydraulic pumps one each for Advance drive, Rising & lowering of Cylinders, Conveyor operation, Water/Fan pump. ISN
  17. 17. ISN
  18. 18. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATIONthe surface miner is crawler-mounted machine having a cuttingdrum located b/w two sets of crawlers and positioned at the centerof the machine. the drum is lowered and raised by hydraulic system withpowerful hydraulic motors therby varying the depth of cut. the material cut is loaded onto the primary and secondarydischarge conveyors for loading the same onto the loading/transporting equipment. the rear crawler travel at lower level then the front crawlers toadjust to the required depth. The depth is adjusted throughelectronically controlled depth regulator located at the side of themachine which is operated by the co-operator at the floor of themachine. The machine is operated by an operator in side the cabin. and aco-operator on ground level who isISN responsible for smooth operationand control of the machine.
  19. 19. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION• The surface miner has two sets of crawlers, each individual crawler unit in front-set has its own steering cylinder facilitating negotiation on the sharp turns.• Each crawler unit and the cutting head can be raised or lowered by means of hydraulic cylinders provided for the purpose.• The milling drum operates in Up-milling direction and cuts the material slice-by-slice on the floor of the bench.• The cut materials are picked up by a tool and flight system centrally on to the primary conveyer belt which during transportation further reduces the size of the material.• The primary conveyor further transports the material to the secondary conveyer, which in turn loads the material finally onto the truck or side castled in the mine.• The cutting drum is followed by a scraper blade which gathers any material left on the floor. This ensures a clean and smooth floor without any Undulations. ISN
  20. 20. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION• Dust suppression is ensured by means of water spray arranged on the cutting drum, which also serves the dual purpose of cooling of picks, thus prolonging their useful life.• The surface miner is equipped with an air- conditioned operators cabin, which has all machine controls within comfortable reach of the operator.• The surface miner is also equipped with flood light for night operation.• The operator in the cabin controls the speed, position of the belt conveyor for proper loading into the tippers.• The machine normally loads on to tippers directly by slewing the belt conveyor. In case of failure of the mechanism of belt conveyor, the machine can produce coal/mineral by windrowing operation.• In Windrowing the machine moves at a faster rate and cuts the slices and leaves behind conical section-cut material which can ISN be loaded by deploying pay-loaders on to the tippers.
  21. 21. Surface Miner – Cutting & Wind Rowing WIN WI D ROW ND S RO WS ISN
  22. 22. REASONS FOR DEPLOYMENT OF SURFACE MINER IN SCCLImprovement of quality by selective mining of coalEco-Friendly mining of coalImproved coal recovery especially in areas sensitiveto blastingLess coal loss and dilutionPrimary crushing and fragmentation of coal ISN
  23. 23. Surface Miner – Cutting & Loading ISN
  24. 24. ISN
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  26. 26. Selective mining of coalCoal seams are often contaminated by undesired waste material.When mining by conventional methods, these waste materials arealso claimed and mixed with the coal, reducing its thermal energy.Processing and cleaning the contaminated coal increases theoperational costs and reduces the overall profits.Using the Surface Miner the utilisation grade of the depositincreases.Surface Miners can selectively removes all waste materials,regardless of their hardness or characteristics, so that the valuablecoal can then be salvaged without any unwanted contamination.The waste material is separately loaded onto trucks and transporteddirectly to the dump.The thermal value of the coal claimed by the Surface Miner during amining operation was more than 30 percent higher than that of coalclaimed by shovel dumper combination. ISN
  27. 27. APLICABILITY• Surface miner has wide applicability in projects where drilling and blasting is prohibited, thus improves coal recovery in such areas which are sensitive to blasting operations.• It can be conveniently used for mining of coal and overburden.• As this machine can cut the slices up to 10 cm, it has wide applicability in extracting coal seams having any number of intermittent dirt bands.• This machine can be worked in coal seams having Gradient up to 1 in 4.• This can also be worked in coal seams having Geological disturbances like faults & folds (The minimum area required for convenient operation of this machine is 200 m ISN X 60 m).
  28. 28. ADVANTAGES• Produces Coal at 30% higher Thermal Value (Grade) comparative to Shovel/Dumper Combination due to less dilution as it cuts insitu Coal seams.• Selective Mining: As Coal seams are cut in 10 – 30 cm thick layers, segregation of Coal, Shale and other contaminations is quite possible.• This machine eliminates major mining operations like Drilling, Blasting, Loading and Crushing. As such it reduces the overall production cost by 30 %.• This machine ensures a clean and level floor without any Undulations. This reduces wear on the tyres and axles of other machinery and vehicles working on the bench and enhances their life.• Less stress and strain on Loaders and Trucks due to minimum impact by the excavated (i.e. crushed) material.• This method reduces the capacity requirements of coal washing plants.• This Machine gives high productivity at lower comparative cost. ISN
  29. 29. Application & Advantages of Surface Miner:Surface miner find their natural applications inprojects where drilling and blasting is prohibitedor where selective mining of mineral seams,partings and overburden is requiredIn India, since the coal has been formed with driftorigin and hence dirt bands in the coal seamsare mostly non-lenticular.It can be conveniently used for mining of coaland also overburden.It can cut, comminute and load the rock in asingle operation. ISN
  30. 30. Besides they offer further advantages as forexample : -Less coal loss and dilution.Improved coal recovery especially in areassensitive to blasting.Surface Miner eliminates drilling / blasting, primarycrushing and also shoveling.Since the cutting depth can be set with greataccuracy, thin seams can also be minedselectively with high purity. ISN
  31. 31. Application & Advantages of Surface Miner:• Presently being used in KOCP-I for selective mining.• Can work safely on a gradient of 1 in 10. However, presently being worked in KOCP-1 in gradient of 1 in 4.• Annual productivity of the model 2000 SM is around 2.00 MT per annum. However, high capacity of surface miner are also available.• Larger strike length of about 600 m – 1000 m and widths of around 300 m are ideally suited for surface miner.• Does not need drilling and blasting.• Can crush coal up to -100 mm.• Cutting size can be varied by selection of equipment, speed etc.• Two methods of coal removal are available – Wind rowing i.e., loading the crushed coal by front and loader on to trucks and dispatch of the cut material by gathering arms on to a belt conveyor and then to a waiting trucks.• At KOCP-I, Grade improved ISN F to E by this technology. from
  32. 32. MAJOR ADVANTAGES OF SURFACE MINER TECHNOLOGYDirect excavation of hard material withoutneed for drilling and blasting.High productivityLow cost for multi seam mining includinghard coal and overburden.Possibility to link the machine directly tocontinuous conveyor transport systems.Higher recovery rate of coal ISN
  33. 33. Precrushing of coal to eliminate primarycrushing plants & high selective miningcapabilities to eliminate interbands to improvecoal quality.Surface Miner shall be very much needed forfuture mining due to higher productivity, lesshazard, eco-friendliness, better quality ofproduct, better exploitation of mining propertyand also considering the poor quality of coalfrom future coal seams to have an economicsolution for producing low ash coal as pergovernment regulations for power plants (lessthan 34 % ash for transporting distance > 1000km). ISN
  34. 34. SafetyEco – friendly Mining – No fatigue.Less Man power and No HEMM.No blasting.There is no fire hazard to the coal seam as itnever leaves behind any material amenableto spontaneous heating.The road becomes smooth after even cutand thus facilitates easy movement oftippers and other equipment. ISN
  35. 35. SAFETY• No ground movement of the workers except one Supervisor• There is no fire hazard to the coal seam as it never leaves any carbonaceous material amenable to spontaneous heating.• The working bench and haul roads are made level during the operation of winning Coal by Surface Miner, which provides better operational safety.• In addition, this Machine have other safety features like, Engine pre-start alarm, Five no’s of emergency Engine stop buttons at easily accessible points around the machine, Five no’s of warning-Horn buttons & Audio visual alarm during reversal operation. ISN
  36. 36. LIMITATIONS• This Machine has limited application in seams steeper than 1 in 4.• This Machine can’t serve the purpose of selective mining in seams having dirt bands less than 5 cm thickness. The performance of the machine in terms of coal production get reduced with the increase in no. of such dirt bands.• The performance of this machine also reduced with the presence of geological disturbances in Coal seams i.e. Presence of Faults, particularly in strike direction which limits the Dimensions of the working bench for Surface miner. ISN
  37. 37. ISN
  38. 38. The comparison of specifications of the Writgen Surface Miner 2200SM & 2100SM 2200SM 2100SMOverall length 18200 MM 15500 MMOverall width 3800 MM 2500 MMOverall height 4500 MM 4500 MMMilling/Cutting Width- 3800 MM 2100 MMMilling/Cutting depth- 0 – 300 MM 0 – 250 MMEngine output 670 KW/900 HP 448 KW/610 HPMake of the Engine CATER PILLAR CATER PILLAREngine Model 3412 E 3412 EMaximum longitudinal tilting while milling: 5 DegreesNo. of crawlers 4 4 ISN
  39. 39. 2200SM 2100SMCutting drum drive Mechanical MechanicalTravel Drive System Hydraulic/All crawlerProduction 600 M3/Hr(Av.) 270 M3/Hr(Av.)Traveling Speed 0 – 5.0KMPH. 0 – 4.6KMPH.Fuel consumption (Full load) 168 Ltr/Hr. 110 Ltr /HrMilling gear (Cutting speed) 0 – 27 M/Min. 0 – 27 M/Min.Ground clearance 350 MM 350 MMNo. of picks/bucket 92 Nos. 76 Nos.Volt 24 V 24 VFuel tank 1500 Ltrs. 1200 Ltrs.Hydraulic oil tank 450 Ltrs. 300 LtrsWater tank 5000 Ltrs. 4180 Ltrs. ISNTare weight 41000 Kgs. 37000 Kgs
  40. 40. Types of Surface Miners (Wirtgen) Cutting CuttingModel Production Specific Use / Applicability Width Depth SM Up to The compact and highly maneuverable 1.9m 0.15m machine to mine coal , gypsum, soft1900 160m3/h limestone etc. SM Up to Suitable for road construction and mining to 2.1m 0.30m2100 280m3/h claim gypsum, soft limestone, coal etc. SM To mine minerals – without blasting in Up to 2.6m 0.25m quarries, tunnels and earthmoving2600 360m3/h operations. SM Up to The ideal solution for selective mining of soft 3.0m 0.40m3000 675m3/h mineral layers, such as coal, gypsum etc. SM The universal machine for earth moving Up to 3.5m 0.50m operations and mining to remove hard3500 860m3/h mineral or for selective mineral claiming. SM Up to The high – performance machine for 4.2m 0.60m4200 1250m3/h selective and high – volume mining of coal. ISN
  41. 41. Specification of the Writgen Surface Miner 2100SM• Overall length - 15500 MM• Overall width - 2500 MM• Overall height - 4500 MM• Milling/Cutting Width - 2100 MM• Milling/Cutting depth - 0 – 250 MM• Engine output - 448 KW/610 HP• Maximum longitudinal tilting while milling- 1 in 4 (25%)• No. of crawlers - 4• Cutting drum drive - Mechanical• Travel Drive System - Hydraulic/All crawler• Production - 270 M3/Hr(Av.)• Speed - 10 – 20M/Min.• Fuel consumption (Full load) - 110 Ltr/Hr. ISN
  42. 42. • Belt width (Primary conveyor) - 1000 MM• Belt width (Secondary conveyor) - 1000 MM• Theoretical discharge Performance - 550 M3/Hr• Ground clearance - 350 MM• Loading capacity - 550 M3/Hr.• No. of picks/bucket - 76 Nos.• Fuel tank - 1200 Ltrs.• Hydraulic oil tank - 300 Ltrs.• Water tank - 4180 Ltrs.• Tare weight - 37000 Kgs.• Operation weight (Fuel Tank) - 40500 Kgs.• Cutting speed - 0.45 M/Sec. ISN
  44. 44. ISN