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Innovative Technology for Steel Melt Shop


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Engineering-Design-Manufacturing-Assembly of all kind of equipments and services from a single spare parts to complete LF or complete meltshop. Ladles, ladle cars, gas purging stations, emergency lance stirrers, wire feeders, material handling systems, Slab Turnover Device, etc. Training and advisory services. Complete turnkey projects for Mini Steel Plant and rolling mills.

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Innovative Technology for Steel Melt Shop

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  6. 6. SLAB TILTING MACHINE Slab Tilting Machine alongwith other subsidiary units such as slab-handling system, electrical and hydraulic equipment and automation system as well as ancillary equipment such as fine dust filtering system, chips conveyor systems, industrial cooling systems and fire-extinguishing units is used to turn or tilt the slab. Working process of slab tilting machine: The slab is placed by the overhead crane on loading and unloading stations. Each loading and unloading stations is designed to take one slab. The cross transfer system takes the slab from the loading station to the slab weighing device and then to the grinding table. When the slab has been grounded it is inspected. A cross transfer system takes the slabs to a joint slab tilting device. The slab is then tilted around its lengthwise axis for inspection. This process is again repeated for the side of the slab which still has to be inspected. On completion of inspection of the slab it is again weighed and placed on the loading and unloading station. And then it is removed by the overhead crane. 6
  7. 7. Before Installation: • Carrying out an analysis of the local conditions with respect to installation of the slab tilter; performing all the necessary measurement and installation. • Preparing and providing the user with technical projects both of the slab tilter itself and all installations necessary for its operation: hydraulic, electrical, etc. as well as the auxiliary equipment (transport roller tables, cranes); • Installation of the foundations and structures as well as power, electrical and hydraulic systems; Slab basic Data / Specification Slab tilter capacity 20 up to 30 slabs / hour Tilted slab weight Max. 70 MT Tilted slabs width 750 up to 2800mm Slabs length 6000 up to 12500mm Slabs thickness 150 up to 250mm Temperature Max 100 ~ 850°C 7
  8. 8. HOT METAL LADLE UP TO 300MT CAPACITY Steel ladles of sizes from 10 MT to 300 MT capacity are manufactured from IS: 2002 boiler quality plates as well as IS: 2062 plates. The welded joints are ultrasonically tested and radio graphically tested to the extent of 10% where possible. The trunsion area and welded seams are stress relieved using electrical stress relieving process. • Fabrication • Finite element analysis • Repairs • Modifications • Upgrading • Ladle lifting devices • Ladle Slide Gates • Ladle Tilters • Ladle Preheat Stand • Ladle Preheating System / Dryer 8
  9. 9. Slag Raking Machine for Hot Metal Ladle The slag skimmer is used to rake the slag layer from the surface of molten metal. It can be used on iron and steel ladles, aluminum holding furnaces and in other hot metal areas. This reduces the metallurgical load. It is a hydraulically operated machine of sturdy construction for use in steel plants. The linkages are designed to facilitate digging into the crust of hot metal and skim the slag out of the ladle. The design incorporates horizontal rake movement and a large bearing base for slew movement. The following motions are possible: FORWARD AND REVERSE MOVEMENT OF THE RAKING ARM: ROTATION OR SLEW OF THE RAKE ARM TO THE LEFT AND RIGHT OF CENTER AND EXTENDED TRAVEL TO THE RIGHT TO A PARKED POSITION: VERTICAL MOVEMENTS OF THE RAKE ARM: There are various type of mounting arrangements depending on the customer's Hot Metal Shop layout and the area available for skimming. Technical Specification Features Values Skimming Distance 5000 to 10000 mm Total Stroke 500 to 1200 mm Skimming Force 1200 Kg (max.) Tilting Angle from Horizontal Position 6 Degrees on both sides Swivelling Angle from Central Position 20 Degrees on both sides Skimming Speed 1.2 m/Sec Lifting Speed 135 mm/Sec 9
  10. 10. LADLE TRANSFER CARS Ladle Transfer Car, Flame Guard Trolleys of various capacities along with stands to handle ladles up to 300 MT capacities have been supplied complete with gear box, motors and electric panels. Steel ladle transfer car used in steel plants to carry liquid steel ladle from one bay to another for further processing of liquid steel. REMSO focus on mill-proven ladle and tundish transfer car technology and heavy industrial wheel assemblies on your current materials handling problems for greater efficiency, reliability and durability. Our Cars can handle the full range of your mill-duty transfer car needs, whether you need a 250-ton capacity slag pot transfer car, a 300-ton capacity ladle transfer car or a scrap box transfer car. Each of our designs can be customized for your specific application, and include the specific power source, control, weighing and safety features of your choice. • Ladle Transfer Cars • Tundish Transfer Cars • Scrap Transfer Cars • Slag Pot Transfer Cars • Coil Transfer Cars 10
  11. 11. TUNDISH & TUNDISH CAR Tundish Car is moving car on which Tundish is mounted. It is fabricated from mild steel section, Tundish Car moves on wheels which are manufactured of En-8 material and are mounted with steel shafts. Steel shafts are securely placed on frame by bearings at both ends. Tundish Car is driven by drive unit. Which is fixed at one end on frame and gives positive drive to wheels. Tundish car is also provided with Launder under Tundish to handle slag. Tundish Accessories • Tundishes • Tundish Stands • Tundish Skull Removers • Tundish Tilters • Finite Element Analysis 11
  12. 12. MILL LINER HANDLER: Description: Mill Liner Handler Machines is used to The combination of hydraulic and electrical place the liners on the mills in a easy and systems, along with a roughed structures is safe way and with absolute precision. It is suitable to handle loads from 1-4 tons with suitable from small to medium SAG & AG extreme facility. mills which feature lower charge levels. MILL LINER HANDLER is also suitable The comprehensive range of liners & alloys in Ball mills, exchanging up to three rows offered by REMSO have been specially of liners, both sides of the mill, between developed to achieve the maximum amount of mill ‘inching’ rotations. wear resistance and the minimum of maintenance. Liners are guaranteed and are fit Area Of Application: for purpose with a performance warranty relative to the operating conditions. • Ball Mill • SAG • Bars Our machines are designed & specified according to the characteristics of the mills and specially of their liners. The operation of the machine is smooth and easy. The operators can operate it without risk due to its high capability of movement, rotation and inclining capacity. Our technical team are always there to advice on the choice of liner profiles and alloy selection to achieve a cost effective and durable solution for optimum grinding performance. 12
  13. 13. LANCE ASSEMBLY, LANCE CARRIAGE AND GUIDING SYSTEM Gas stirring for homogenization of both, temperature and chemical composition during the treatment of the heat in the ladle furnace station is usually realized by gas purging through one or more porous plugs located in the ladle bottom. In case the ladle purging plug fails to open, the REMSO emergency top lance system can still save the heat. REMSO design features: • Lance carriage driven by chain / Rope system. • Oxygen lance is guided by rollers and rails on the running faces of the guide cage. • Oxygen Pipe is made of ASTM 312/321 • Lance is clamped to the carriage by clamping arrangement. • A bracket fitted to the lance carriage serves for the connection of the oxygen and the water cooling system. • Guide track is steel structure which guides the lance carriage • Vertical swiveling column. • Local or remote control. • Magazine for stirring Lance Storage. • Automatic start of gas flow when lowering the lance. • Quick coupling for quick connection and disconnection. • Collision interlock. 13
  14. 14. LANCE ASSEMBLY 14
  15. 15. Water Inlet & Outlet Connection O2 Connection 15
  16. 16. Advantage of Remso Lance Less time , less effort – lance exchange within 15 minutes with minimum manual activities Easy integration Minimum modification costs by reusing existing lance and lance car Increase safety for operational personnel through self – coupling and sealing system – actuated by the lance weight Self – alignment, which compensates for lance misalignment 16
  17. 17. Quick-change oxygen lance Limiting manual activities The challenge: Modern operation of the LD-BOF converter demands the highest availability of the equipment. Operation depends on a reasonable and reliable lifetime of the oxygen lance heads, as well as clean and proper movement of the lance. The time needed for changing the oxygen lance is a further factor influencing the amount of steel produced. Our solution: The quick-change oxygen lance is designed to avoid manual operation for opening or connecting water and oxygen piping during lance exchange. This is provided by an automatic coupling system. The new lance only has to be set up in its designated position by crane, the alignment and sealing is done automatically. Manual activities are limited to securing the lance by two swing bolts. Maintenance work is reduced to checking the O-ring and lubricating the connection sleeves. The quick-change oxygen lance is suitable for new implementation, as well as for updating of existing lance equipment in a very short time, e.g. during a relining period. 17
  18. 18. High production at low cost Components • Elbow at the lance with female coupling parts • Connection bracket on lance car with male coupling parts and swing bolts • Centering device on lance car with locking pin • The lance design – up to 5 m/sec water speed in the outlet chamber reduces skull formation on the lance body due to its improved cooling effect. Main benefits: • Length compensation of internal pipes in the lance tip, access to the seal(O-ring) • Optimized tip face in order to minimize cracking tendency • High turbulence flow condition in order to improve cooling • Fabrication by casting technology for high production lots and consequently low costs • Optimum number of nozzles to reduce mach figure for soft blowing • Copper/steel welding in the workshop Oxygen Pipe (Stainless Steel) Tip Outer Pipe (Carbon Steel) Water Deflection Pipe Lavall Tip 18
  19. 19. Various Types of Lance Tips Oxygen Lance Tips & Oxygen Fuel Burners Forged Copper with superior mechanical properties Dust Burner, Forged Quality Dust Burner with Stainless Steel Tip enables its welding with ferrous metal 19
  20. 20. RTB LANCE SYSTEM FORVACUUM DEGASSER VESSEL Top Lance to be used for oxygen blowing to enable forced decarburisation, for chemical heating to increase melt temperature and for gas heating to keep tank refractory at suitable temperature or to enable skull removal 20
  21. 21. RTB Lance system Responsible List of Construction Parts Quantity Unit BD BE DE Del Sup Erec Equipment Mechanical Equipment RTB 1 Pcs C C C C C C Lance Hoisting Equipment Motor 1 set R R R R R C Chain 1 set R R R R R C Sprockets 3 set R R R R R C Lance Clamp 1 set R R R R R C Base Plate, Bolts and Nuts 1 set R R R R R C Lance Socket (Stuffing Box) Stuffingh Box 1 Pcs R R R R R C Gaskets, Bolts & Nuts 1 Pcs R R R R R C Valve Station Valve Station for Oxygen & 1 Pcs R R R R R C Nitrogen Client Basic Basic Detail Delivery Supervision Erection Data Engg. Engg. C BD BE DE Del Sup Erec 21
  22. 22. LANCE MANIPULATOR FOR ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE 1.1 Theory ● Injection of oxygen, carbon, lime or other sold materials into the EAF with independent moving lances in up to three separate heads ● Substitution of electrical energy by chemical energy. ● Intensive oxygen injection through slag door with two lances. ● Highly effective consumable lances. ● Wide range of metallurgical applications such as: Decarburization De-oxidisation by carbon Foaming slag Horizontal stirring of steel bath 1.2 Principle ● Chain - driven lance feeding – a higher lance moving speed and increased lance force even in resistant slag, less maintenance and a longer life time are the results. ● Compact, low mass lance heads guarantee swift lance motions and maximum space economy. ● Electro-motorized lance drive with 2 speeds and head movement with integrated cooling circuit secures unimpeded, reliable operation – heat by heat, year by year. ● Snap-on coupling system allows for short and easy lance exchange. 22
  23. 23. Application • Lance Manipulator is a useful & effective M/C for the operation of an Electric arc furnace for simultaneously supplying the exact quantity of carbon which is necessary material for steel products and Oxygen which enables to decrease melting time. • Lance manipulator is consisted of 2(two) units for oxygen and 1(one) unit for carbon and operated by both pneumatic & hydraulic pressure. • Lance manipulator reduces hazard and injury of workers at work site caused by extremely intense heat and increases productivity using mechanical power for operation. Advantages • Increase of oxygen efficiency and productivity. • Reliable injection as a result of appropriate actuation technology. • Remote control from the operator room for maximum safety. • Good, motivating work conditions. • Safe operation due to heat protection of relevant parts. • Quick and easy maintenance (e.g. good accessibility of relevant parts). • Attractive cost/performance ratio for a quick return on investment. 23
  24. 24. CORED WIRE FEEDING MACHINE Our machine is designed to allow for the injection of One to Six wires alternatively or simultaneously. Assortment of these machines allows precise feeding of Aluminium wires and cored wires from between 9 to 21mm wire sequentially or simultaneously at speeds from 0 to 300 meter / min. The machine is made up of the following elements: • Number of pinch rolls per strand: 3 Nos. • Box with cylindrical gearing with inclined teeth. • Funnel for the guidance of the wire. • Automation electrical equipment. • Heavy-duty time belts and time pulleys to avoid slip for Power transmission system. APPLICATIONS: - Inject solid Aluminum wire and cored wire for • For controlling the shape of inclusions. • To improve fluidity and cast ability. • To improve the cleanness and cold ductility for wire drawing. • To control blowholes and improve mach inability. • Desulphurisation in steel casting. SALIENT FEATURES:- • Up to 6 strands can be used for cored as well as solid wire with following specification. • For cored wire size up to 21 mm in diameter. • For solid wire size up to 16 mm in diameter. • Maximum speed of injection 300 M/min adjustable by variable A.C. / D.C Drive. • Can be used to feed wires simultaneously or sequentially at set speed. • Fully automatic with PLC Control. We supply standard feeders as well as tailor-made units with all required accessories, such as: • Telescopic Feeding Tubes (Including Water Cooled) • Guide Pipes with Guiding Rolls 24
  25. 25. The acquisition and control machines with the following technical Characteristics: Operating temperature: 0…55 ºC Storage temperature: 50 …85 ºC Humidity: 5 - 95 %, without condensation Acceptable shocks during operation: up to 30 G, for 11 seconds Vibrations peak to peak: 5 Hz - 2 Hz, 0.381 mm. Isolation tension: 1500 V, AC In order to avoid any incident during function, the machine is endowed with electric shutting off. Control Unit Auto-manual selector switch for initial operation control potentiometer to control speed of machine as per size and length of wire push buttons like start, stop, inch, reverse, Emergency stop. DOCUMENTATION The following documentations will be accompanied with each supply. Technical Description & Characteristics. Functioning. Instruction manual Maintenance Instructions Assembly mounting drawing List of the spares parts require for one year function. 25
  26. 26. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Dimensions 1 Strand 2 Strand 4 Strand 6 Strand Length 1000 mm 1200 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm Width 800 mm 1000 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm Height 1500 mm 1500 mm 1550 mm 1900 mm Weight 1200 Kgs. 1800 Kgs. 3100 Kgs. 5200Kgs. Technical Performances Driving Power 10 H.P. AC 25 H.P. AC 50 H.P. AC 50 KW D.C. Injection speed 0 – 5 M/ Sec. 0 – 5 M/ Sec. 0 – 5 M/ Sec. 0 – 5 M/ Sec. Number of wires ONE TWO FOUR SIX Tube (Wire) diameter 9 – 13 mm 9, 13, & 16 mm 9, 13, 16 & 21mm 9, 13, 16 & 1mm Diameter of the motive 220 mm 220 mm 220 mm 220 mm pulling rolls Diameter of the motive 190 mm 190 mm 190 mm 190 mm pulling rolls Electrical Supply Supply voltage for power 550 /380 VAC 3 Phase ±10% 50 Hz -+ 3 % 3 phase Supply voltage for Control 110/220 /25VAC through double wound transformer 2.5 KVA Other 25V DC Enclosure main Size -App.2000mm x 600 mm x 500 mm, free standing, Protection – IP 55 Paint-powder coating Weight app.500 kg. To 900 Kg. Dimensions of adding material coil Inner Diameter 500 mm to 600 mm. Outer Diameter 800 mm to 1500 mm Width 800 mm to 1050 mm Coil weight 1200 Kg. to 2800 Kg 26
  27. 27. TEMPERATURE & SAMPLING MANIPULATOR Temperature& Sampling Manipulator The uses of steel sensors are highly vulnerable to accidents due to poor environment. For fully automatic measurement of temperature, oxygen activity as well as sampling, REMSO designs and supplies lance manipulators of high reliability. The production assortment contains both conventional manipulators for measuring of temperature of molten steel, oxygen activity and for sampling of molten steel in ladle and also special manipulators, for instance multi tracks manipulators. In addition, they can perform a slag break-through and also conduct automatic measurement of gas content in steel. We can, however, offer also equipment for measurement or sampling from inaccessible places e.g. in vacuum, in overpressure, from ladle on RH equipment, from below very thick layer of slag, through an aperture from the covered CCM tundish. All the mentioned devices are manufactured, based on individual tailor made projects and designs REMSO Design features: • Two-lance carriages driven by chain system • Swivelling and tilting mechanism • Multilab Celox measuring equipment • Integrated bath level detection • Quick-change system for sampling probe • Local and remote control • Slag breaker, if required • Easy integration into existing plants 27
  28. 28. SCRAP CHARGING BUCKETS REMSO Scrap Charging Buckets - for top loading of electric arc furnaces - are designed for an even spread of scrap over the bed of the furnace. Constructed of heavy steel plate, bars and rolled shapes. Bottom doors, fabricated of dished plate are waffled for added strength and allow the bucket to sit on the floor without special auxiliary supports. Cylinder body of rolled plate is welded inside and out. Main bails are of heavy duty construction or for long life - ease of operation. A spreader beam type auxiliary bail and guides, keep the door operating cables from wearing against the bucket. For loading bucket, the main bail swings aside to provide a clear top opening. The bucket is then positioned over the furnace. The primary crane hook is engaged in the main bail, and the auxiliary crane hook is engaged in the auxiliary bail. The auxiliary hook lifts the auxiliary bail which actuates the door. The door pivots on individual hinge pins - linked together to synchronize opening, closing, and locking of doors. Buckets are also available with loose "ladle type" main bails and separate auxiliary bails. Other bail configurations, such as main bail trunnions located on the same centerline as the door hinges, are available to suit your individual conditions. The REMSO Bottom Discharge Box provides complete versatility in operation. While it is primarily carried by overhead crane when engaged in the bail opening, the box can also be carried by fork lift trucks with the insertion of forks into the fork pocket tunnels beneath the doors. In the carrying and lifting mode, the doors are held up and locked to prevent inadvertent discharge. When straddled across a bin and seated on its horizontal leg extensions, this box assures complete control of discharge by the rate at which the operator lowers the crane hook. Welded of heavy plate and structural, this box can be designed to your exact requirements of size and capacity of both load weight and volume. 28
  29. 29. LADLE (PRE-HEATERS/DRYERS) System We manufacture Ladle Pre-Heating Systems up to 300 ton capacity. We have developed highly efficient REMSO-IIP Oil Burners and Ladle Heating Stations. These are operating in all the major industries in India like SAIL, Lloyd Steel, Tata Steels etc to name a few. We manufacture hydraulically or manually operated vertical ladle heating stations and trolley mounted horizontal ladle heating stations. These systems are provided with / without Recuperators. Ladle heating systems for various applications: • Oil consumption – 3.5 liters/ton of LML(Liquid Metal Level) • Long & lazy flame leads to uniform heating across the Ladle length eliminating chances of any cold zone in the Ladle • Pioneered the unique concept of RECUPERATIVE ladle preheating system to guarantee fuel consumption as low as 1.2 liters/ton of Ladle capacity heated • CERAMIC FIBRE is used for the lining of the system, the minimum life of the lining is One Year • These systems can be energized by DO/LPG/HFO/COKE OVEN GAS/OXY FUEL 29
  30. 30. TUNDISH (PRE HEATER/DRYERS) REMSO manufactured Tundish Heating Stations of varying capacities. • Oil consumption - 3 to 5 litres / ton of (Liquid Metal Level). • Short and high momentum flame length achieved Through HIGH VELOCITY BURNER. • Faster and Uniform Heating. • CERAMIC FIBRE is used for the lining of the system; the minimum life of the lining is One Year. • These systems can be energized by 30
  31. 31. GRAB BUCKET 16M3 Four-rope bucket (lifting weight16t) bucket size bucket self-respect hatch size Auxiliary Crane materiel content work limited of largest steel dia meter Remark snatch weight control times sustain times Pulley ratio level pulley dia cubage h H E B F W meter 16 2.5 2.5-3.3 6.25- 2 2 6 Φ600 Φ25 8.2 5285 5811 2665 1628 1732 3530 overweight 8.25 with 2.5 2.5-3.3 6.25- 2 2 6 Φ600 Φ25 8.3 5385 5051 2665 1628 1732 2630 teeth overweight 8.25 3.2 heavy 1.7-2.5 5.55-8 2 2 6 Φ600 Φ25 8.0 5555 5979 2915 1792 1896 3750 with 3.2 heavy 1.7-2.5 5.55-8 2 2 6 Φ600 Φ25 8.2 5555 5219 2915 1792 1896 3950 teeth 5.8 mid 1-1.7 5.8-8.16 2 2 5 Φ600 Φ25 8.0 5605 5253 3135 2078 2192 5050 with 5.8 mid 1-1.7 5.8-8.16 2 2 5 Φ600 Φ25 8.1 5705 5583 3135 2078 2192 5250 teeth 8 ≤1 ≤8 2 2 3 Φ600 Φ25 7.8 5775 5530 3575 2350 2568 5380 light 31
  32. 32. Electric Arc Furnace Roof, Ladle Refining Furnace Roof, Steel Ladles, Ladle Car Trolleys, Split Shell, Elbow Connection, Furnace Shell, Furnace Cover Lifting Car ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE ROOF Electric Arc Furnace roof is of tubular structure. Headers for outlet/inlet along with sloping tubular panels held in position with brackets and connected to headers with flexible hoses. An elbow of tubular construction is connected from the roof to the fume extraction system. All panels & headers are seamless tubes of boiler quality ASTM 106GrB. The end caps are forged. The system is tested under 10 bar hydraulic pressure. LADLE REFINING FURNACE ROOF Ladle Refining Furnace roofs for various sizes of Ladles are manufactured from boiler quality seamless pipes of ASTM 106GrB quality with doors for fume extraction and openings for ferro alloy addition. Openings are fitted with hydraulically operated openable doors. The system is tested under 10 bar hydraulic pressure. 32
  33. 33. METALLURGY CORED WIRE FERRO SILICO CALCIUM (SiCa) CORED WIRE Powder Specifications: Ca : 30% Si : 58-65% C : 1.0% Al : 1.5% P : 0.03% S : 0.03% Fe : 5.5% Granule Size : 0-2mm (90% min) Wire Diameter : 9, 13 & 16mm Sheath Thickness : 0.5mm Wire Length : 5000 Meter standard Filler Content : 220g/m ± 20gm PACKING SPECIFICATION Coil ID (mm) : 500 to 600 Coil OD (mm) : 1000 to 1500 Coil Width : 1050 Wire Diameter (mm) : 13 (nominal) Powder Weight (Kg) : 900 to 1550 Sheath Weight (Kg) : 700 (Approx.) Gross Weight (Kg) : 1800 to 2875 Wire Length (Mtr) : 5000 to 6575 (Approx.) Avg. Powder (gm/mtr) : 200 – 220 Flipping Type : Horizontal / Vertical Flipping Packing : Iron cage, Palletized & Stretch Film Wrapped. ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS A quality certificate, which will contain the chemical composition of the core material and the average weight of this material will accompany with each shipment. 33
  34. 34. FERRO CALCIUM SILICIDE (CaFe) CORED WIRE Powder Specifications : Ca 30% balance Fe Granule Size : 0-2mm (90% min) Wire Diameter : 9 & 13mm Sheath Thickness : 0.5mm Wire Length : 5000 Meter Standard Filler Content : 250g/m ± 20gm PACKING SPECIFICATION Coil ID (mm) : 500 to 600 Coil OD (mm) : 1000 to 1500 Coil Width : 1050 Wire Diameter (mm) : 13 (nominal) Powder Weight (Kg) : 900 to 1550 Sheath Weight (Kg) : 700 (Approx.) Gross Weight (Kg) : 1800 to 2875 Wire Length (Mtr) : 5000 to 6575 (Approx.) Avg. Powder (gm/mtr) : 250 – 270 Flipping Type : Horizontal / Vertical Flipping No. of Joints : 5 Packing : Iron cage, Palletised & Stretch Film wrapped ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS A quality certificate, which will contain the chemical composition of the core material and the average weight of this material will accompany with each shipment. 34
  35. 35. PURE CALCIUM (Ca) CORED WIRE Powder Specifications : Ca 98.5 % Granule Size : 0-2mm (90% min) Wire Diameter : 9 & 13mm Sheath Thickness : 0.5mm Wire Length : 5000 Meter Standard Filler Content : 130g/m ± 20 gm PACKING SPECIFICATION Coil ID (mm) : 500 to 600 Coil OD (mm) : 1000 to 1500 Coil Width : 1050 Wire Diameter (mm) : 13 (nominal) Powder Weight (Kg) : 900 to 1550 Sheath Weight (Kg) : 700 (Approx.) Gross Weight (Kg) : 1800 to 2875 Wire Length (Mtr) : 5000 to 6575 (Approx.) Avg. Powder (gm/mtr) : 130 – 150 Flipping Type : Horizontal / Vertical Flipping No. of Joints :5 Packing : Iron cage, Palletised & Stretch Film 35
  36. 36. ALUMINIUM FLIPPING WIRE ROD De-Oxi Wire Rod (Flipped Coils) required for de- oxidation process in manufacturing of Steel The technology for using conventional deoxidants has changed significantly in recent time. To meet the consumers requirement, we offer alloy grade Al. Wire for steel plants. The rod is specially flipped and packed to ensure proper feeding at the user's end. Product Name: Aluminum Flipping Wire Rod Specification : As per Customers' Requirements Purity : 97 % to 99.5 % Sizes : Wire Rods: 7.6, 9.5, 12.5, 15, 17 mm diameter Coil Size : ID: 500mm, OD: 900mm to 1500, Width: 1000mm. Max. Weight : 2MT/every Roll Packing : Coils Strapped With Iron Strips, Ms Caged On Wooden Pallets Or As Per Customers' Requirements. Aluminum Shots The Shots are manufactured in button size from 5 mm. to 10 mm. The purity ranges from 95% to 96%. Aluminum Powder Aluminum Powder is manufactured for ferro alloys in various mesh size. Conveyance: Qty / 20' FCL: 20MT ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS: A quality certificate, which will contain the chemical composition of the core material and the average weight of this material will accompany with each shipment. Any other material can be used for filling the cored wire, according to customer’s demand. 36
  37. 37. EXPENDABLE THERMOCOUPLE Immersion Disposable Thermocouples are used to measure the temperature directly, precisely and instantly through immersion method, in the production & refining of iron, steel & other ferrous and non-ferrous in Electric Arc Furnaces, other melting furnaces, LD converters, Ladles, etc and for the chemical analysis of the metal during its manufacturing stage. It is a simple and cost effective instrument and provides the quickest way to get the most accurate readings. To measure the temperature, the thermocouple is connected to the coupling lance. Which contains the polarized contact block. Thermocouple Parts: 1) Protection cap : The thermocouple cap is part of the “Disposable Immersion Thermocouple”. It is made of Steel or Aluminum 2) Insulating Body : This part is made of Ceramic, ABS or Plastic body. 3) Tips : The Thermocouple Tips are manufactured using high accuracy Platinum and Platinum-Rhodium wires under strict quality controls. Technical Data and Specification Calibration of the thermocouples wires : According to IEC (CEI) 585, equivalent with ASTM E 230/72, DIN IEC 585 Part 1:1995, BS 5937; 1973, ANSIC 96-1-1992, NFC 52-321-1978, JIS 1602/1982, based on the temperature scale ITS 90 Thermocouple accuracy at : (0…+5)°C Melting point Pd (1555°C) : By request, accuracy of thermocouple cap can be 5…0°C Max. Immersion time at 1650°C : 7 seconds Measuring time : 3 to 6 seconds 37
  38. 38. Specifications & technical features of the thermocouple Type Alloy of +ve wire Alloy of -ve wire Temperature range Max. Tolerance Return circuit Temp. resistance S Platinum 10% Rhodium Platinum 0 to 1550 Deg C 1650° C ≤+5° C <3Ω (90% Pt - 10% Rh) (100% Pt) 32 to 2650 Deg F R Platinum 13% Rhodium Platinum 0 to 1550 Deg C 1650° C ≤+5° C <3Ω (87% Pt - 13% Rh) (100% Pt) 32 to 2650 Deg F B Platinum 30% Rhodium Platinum 6% 0 to 1700 Deg C 1800° C ≤+5° C <3Ω (70% Pt - 30% Rh) Rhodium(95% 32 to 3100 Deg F Pt - 6% Rh) The Expendable Thermocouple tip is introduced inside the cardboard tube available in length from 300mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm and as per customer requirement. Advantage Capable of being used to directly measure temperatures up to 2600oC. The thermocouple junction may be grounded and brought into direct contact with the material being measured. Designed & manufactured to obtain optimum accuracy, convenience, cost effectiveness & safety Application Temperature measurement in Blast Furnace, Convertors, Electrical Furnace, Ladle Oven, Iron Foundry, Copper Melts and other alloys. Packing:- 25 or 50 Pcs. per Cardboard box. 38
  39. 39. IMMERSION SAMPLER Spectrographic analysis of steel is essential for production in the melt shop. Immersion samplers are used for taking samples of molten metal. The sampling probes are designed with advance techniques for a safe, rapid and direct sampling and for reduction of total sampling and analysis time for producing clean steel. Our product lines includes standard or customized samplers for applications in all types of steel & iron samplers for blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, degasser, ladle treatment stations & anywhere else a representative, homogenous sample of molten metal is needed. We manufacture Immersion Samplers in the following shapes:- Round Samplers Oval Samplers Dual Thickness Samplers Stream Samplers Blast furnace samplers Immersion Samplers with varying paper tubes lengths up to 2000 mm. FEATURES Samples can be obtained within 5 seconds Samples are easily detachable from the spoon De-oxidants as per customer requirements (Plain, Aluminium, Titanium, Zirconium) Zero defect samples (absence of pin holes) USING METHOD Sample taken from the metal bath must be Representative, Free of inclusions, cracks and holes Suitable, in shape and size. While taking the sample of molten metal the sampler should be sunk to the depth depending on the temperature and the viscosity of the melt at an angle of 55° for 3 to 5 second (the depth and time should be strictly carried out for its best performance). After taking the sample instrument from the furnace, knock the non immersed part on the ground, so the sample of steel will fall down on the ground. It is best to take a sample when the molten steel temperature is above 1500°C. APPLICATION It is used for process analysis of molten metal for instantaneous sampling techniques and reinforces quality control. This product is used for sampling directly from a stream or a ladle spoon. ADVANTAGE: Cost Effective, quality built, precise, accurate & reliable to use Packing:- 25 or 50 Pcs. per Cardboard box. 39
  40. 40. OXYGEN LANCE PIPE REMSO’S Oxygen Lance Pipe is a hollow Butt-Weld pipe or an electric welded tube. The inside diameter is of various sizes from 1/8" to 2". The product must be oil and grease-free to prevent explosions that may occur because of mixing oxygen and oil. Oxygen Lancing is a reliable and economical means for tapping heats and other production operations. Its Uses • To remove the carbon from molten metal, in blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, open - hearth furnaces, and electric furnaces. • It is also used in non-ferrous smelting furnaces used for aluminum, zinc, copper, and lead as well as phosphorous and ferro-alloys. Skull and ingot cutting, spill clean-up, cleaning freeze-ups, opening difficult tap holes, etc. Oxygen Lance Pipe comes in a variety of end finishes and protective, which are desirable to prevent contamination. End Finish Plain End Thread (One or Both Ends) Quick Coupled Lance MOST COMMON SIZES 1. .506" O.D. - commonly referred to as 1/8". 2. .550" O.D. - commonly referred to as 1/5". 3. .675" O.D. - commonly referred to as 3/8". 5. .850" O.D. - commonly referred to as 1/2". 5. 1.050" O.D. - commonly referred to as 3/5". 40
  41. 41. CASTING & MACHINING Heavy Engineering Castings in various grades (ascast supply, machined & assembled condition), for core industrial sector like Steel, Power, Rail, Road, Mines, Cement, Oil, Defence, Sugar, Construction Earth Moving and other specialized areas. Remso also contributes to industrial development with it’s highly experienced and professional staff. Given below is our capacity: Grey Cast Iron Castings single piece weight from 250 kgs. to 32000 kgs. Ductile / S.G Iron Castings single piece weight from 250 kgs. to 15000 kg Cast Steel Castings single piece weight from 250 kgs. to 23000 kgs Stainless Steel Castings single piece weight from 250 kgs. to 12000 kgs Other Facilities we can Provide:- Pattern Making: We own experienced pattern makers with fully equipped with wood working machines pattern shop. Heat Treatment: We have in-house facilities for stress relieving, normalizing, quenching etc. to achieve the properties of castings as per technical delivery conditions. Machining: We are equipped with sophisticated machine tools comprising of Horizontal and Vertical Boring Machines, Milling Machines, CNC Lathe, Radial Drilling Machines, Plano Millers and Tool Planners. Testing Facilities: We have versatile chemical and physical Dye Penetrating Ultrasonic testing and all destructive and non-destructive facilities including spectrometers, microscope with cameras, cobalt 60 source for radiography, hydrogen analyzer for steel etc. Quality Standards: Our products are accepted by inspection agencies like LLOYDS, RITES, RDSO, SGS, BUREAU VERITAS and other such international inspection agencies. Basic Design and Detailing Facilities: We have full fledged Design Department with CAD facilities, scanners and plotters where we design equipment with minimum possible weight. Our Strength: We are backed by experienced professional work force of highly skilled workmen and engineers meeting the customers’ requirement in terms of quality and delivery. 41
  42. 42. PRODUCT RANGE: Unalloyed plain carbon steel casting : As per IS:1030 / ASTM A27 Alloy Steel castings : As per IS: 5522 / ASTM A-297 1.5 % Mn Steel casting : As per IS:2708 / BS 3100 Hi-tensile Steel casting : As per IS:2655 / ASTM A-158 Corrosion resistant Steel casting : As per IS:3555 / ASTM A-753 Ductile Iron casting in D-2 grade : As per IS:2759 / ASTM A-539 Ductile Iron : As per IS:1865 / ASTM A536 Stainless Steel casting : As per ASTM A-753 Cast Iron : As per IS:210 / ASTM A58 Heat-resistant Cast Iron : As per IS:3355 / ASTM A319 Ni-resistant Cast Iron : As per IS:2759 / ASTM A536 42
  43. 43. TELECOM TOWER, TRANSMISSION TOWER LINE & SUB STATION STRUCTURES. Engineering design and fabrication of Steel Structure. Scope of work includes design, testing, fabrication, galvanizing of towers and construction activities from survey, civil works/ foundation, erection to stringing and commissioning of EHV lines, besides procurement of items such as conductors, insulators, hardware accessories Etc. The Quality Control system is ISO certified, ensuring that your substation is built right and on schedule. We are equipped with software packages for handling concepts to optimize Tower designs leading to total economy. We've executed various orders for Transmission Line Towers and Sub-Station structures successfully. FACILITIES We have an installed capacity of 6,000 MT per annum, equipped with 2 sets of 1,600T and 1,200T large-scale hydraulic bending machines, (3) NC controlled angle lines with stencil capabilities that can process angle sizes up to 8” X 8” X3/5”. High speed milling machines 2 nos., Power Press 2200 ton, Besides, our company has professional equipments, such as digital flame cutting machine, Numerous welding stations automatic slitting- welding equipment, plate-flatted machine, clipper, auto-closed up machine, auto-submerged arc welding machine, auto leveler, auto-spayed pipelining and fine machining auxiliary machines. REMSO is committed to provide quality product and services to the clients. PRODUCTION CAPACITY Fabrication: Approx. 1000 M.T. per month• Hot-Dip Galvanizing: Approx.1000M.T. per-month utilization 5000 M.T. per month. Range : Transmission & Distribution up to 500kV Substation structures Telecom Tower structures from 6 meters to 100 meters Special Structures Broadcasting Towers Monopole/High masts Windmill Towers 43
  44. 44. DELIVERY Normally we are holding 500 Tones of Steel in our works to ensure very quick delivery. ECONOMY • Our standards assure best design at lowest possible cost. • Our standardized substation structures require minimal additional engineering. • Long established relationship with electrical suppliers. • Single source of supply with single responsibility. SERVICE IMPLEMENTATION For Sub-Station structures:- From Designing to the commissioning of Sub-Stations of ratings from LV to 220kV. This scope covers structural foundations and erections of equipment. Installation and testing of transformers, breakers, isolators, CT/PT, lightening arrestors, control and relay panels, battery bank, yard lights and air conditioning of control room etc For Transmission Lines:- Our scope of work includes design, testing, fabrication, galvanizing of towers and construction activities from survey, civil works / foundation, erection to stringing, testing and commissioning of transmission lines. We can design Transmission Line towers from 11kV to 500kV. 44
  45. 45. CORE VALUES Customer Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction. Commitment to Quality. Continuous Communication Aim and achieve efficiency improvements and loss reduction. Be open to change and adopt best practices in operations and project management to improve systems availability, quality and security. Create an environment that motivates employee performance and values their contribution. Develop and train employees, enhance their skills by job rotation and job enrichment and encourage them to take greater responsibilities. Ensure that system reliability, safety and security are not compromised. 45
  51. 51. COMPANY HISTORY November 2001 Established at Greater Noida – NCR, in the heart of Capital city of India. It was developed with the mission to Manufacture INOCULANTS Cored Wire, consumable products for foundry and steel industries and engineering service. August 2003 The Trade Division was established to operate imports and exports mainly with NIEs (Newly Industrialized Economies) and European country. February 2005 Design, Develop, Commissioning and trail run of Rolls Rehardening System for SAIL/Bokaro Steel Plant. May 2005 Become a proven vendor for supply of INOCULANTS Cored Wire in SAIL / Bokaro Steel Plant, India’s biggest Integrated Steel Plant. September 2005 The Engineering division was established October 2005 First Biggest Export Order worth USD 1.81 Million for supply of CaFe Cored wire from Iran. November 2005 Unit II started for Projects Management & Contracting. February 2006 Unit III started for manufacturing Telecom Tower, Transmission Tower Line & Sub Station Structures. We have made our presence in the International market within very short span of time 51
  52. 52. KEY MANAGEMENT TEAM Name & Designation Products R. Madan Kumar Gupta (B.E. Elect.) Raja Ram Bhagat Chairman Rajender Prasad Chourasia Ex. ED SAIL/Bokaro Steel Plant Projects Management & Contracting Unit Chief - Unit-1 GNEPIP, Kasna A.K. Prasad Ex. Executive Director (Tech), SAIL Inoculants Cored wire, Wire Injection System etc. Unit Chief – Unit – II, Deepak Kumar Unit Chief - Unit – III, Howrah Transmission Tower Line & Sub Station Structures. V. N. Verma Ex. GM (Design) BHEL, Haridwar Automation & Electrification of the system. Unit Chief – Electrical Division Ms. Manisha Prasad ( B.E. Elect.) System Software developer. V. K. Singh Ex CEO of SAIL/Bokaro Steel Plant, New Delhi office Chief Advisor Sushil Kumar Gupta Charter Accountant R.Y.Mahajan Company Secretary E-mail ID:, 52
  53. 53. COMPANY PROFILE With our wide expertise and experience, we, Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd., offer high quality cored wire and allied products for Iron & Steel Industries. Founded in 2001, we are a distinguished manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Auxiliary Equipment like Slab Tilting machine, Cored Wire Feeding Machine, Automatic Temperature and Sampling Machine, Lance Stirrer and steel plant consumable items such as Alloy Cored Wire, Deoxidant Wire Rod along With Other Products, etc. We are also involved in the designing of sub station structures, switch yard structures, transmission towers, and heavy steel fabrication up to 50MT single pieces. e.g. Hot Metal Ladle up to 300MT capacity, Ladle transfer cars, Slab lifting tong, Bulk Material handling (design & manufacturing), belt conveyor system, Labyrinth rings, Wheel assembly, Axle assembly with bearing housing etc. and various electrical and engineering products for all industrial core sectors. With our state-of-the-art setup, rich engineering experience and technical know how, we want to deliver the best range of products and services to our valued clients. Remso has also diversified its activities in the areas of heavy equipments, technology supplier and turnkey contractor for undertaking projects. We are promoted and managed by a group of veterans having versatile knowledge in their respective discipline. Our uncompromising attitude towards product innovation, client satisfaction and on-time delivery schedules has helped us build a strong rapport in the market. We are a proud member of Engineering Export Promotion Council, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Confederation of Indian Industry. At present, we export our range of products to CIS, SAARC, Middle East and African Countries. What We Offer Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide assortment of products and services to various concerns engaged in the production of Iron & Steel and other core sectors. We are a renowned manufacturer, exporter and importer of the following products: • Slab tilting machine • Hot metal ladle up to 300mt capacity • Ladle transfer cars • Emergency stirring lance manipulator for LMF • Tundish &Tundish Car • Cored wire injection machine 1 to 6 strand • Temperature& sampling manipulator • Scrap charging buckets • Grab bucket 16m3 • Electric Arc Furnace Roof, Ladle Refining Furnace Roof, Steel Ladles, Ladle Car Trolleys, Split Shell, Elbow Connection, Furnace Shell, Furnace Cover Lifting Car • Telecom tower, transmission tower line & sub station structures. • Slab lifting tong • Bulk Material handling (design & manufacturing) 53
  54. 54. • Belt conveyor system • Wheel assembly & Axle assembly with bearing housing Consumable items for steel plant • Alloy Cord Wire • Deoxidant Wire Rod • Oxygen Lancing Pipes • Expendable Thermocouple & samplers • Copper Mould Tubes • Casting & machining • Telecom tower, transmission tower line & sub station structures. Our Other Activities Besides producing the above mentioned products, we are also involved in the following activities: • Project Management & Contracting: For steel making foundries, down stream products, integrated cement plants, eco-friendly products and process, sponge iron, continuous casting machine, oxygen plants of different sizes, etc. • Subcontracts for Erection/Commissioning of various types of Plants: Power connection- distribution and electrical layout, mechanical, structural drawings, etc. Unmatched Quality Our superior quality is the main mantra of our success. We, at Remso Control Technologies Pvt. Ltd., want to maintain and sustain our technological and business leadership delivering the client with a range of innovative products and services that conform to their requirements. Every task is executed by an expert team of professionals having versatile knowledge in their respective discipline. With our on-time delivery schedules and an efficient after-sales service support, we aim to set up new benchmarks in our arena. Our quality management system is regularly reviewed and upgraded as per the emerging requirements of the market. The ISO 9001:2000 certification itself is a testimony of our firm commitment towards quality. Our Infrastructure We possess an outstanding facility at Export Promotion Industrial Park, Kasna, Greater Noida, (U.P.), in close vicinity of New Delhi. The company is loaded with modern machines, highly advanced design/R&D facilities and other requisite equipments to ensure a smooth and flawless production. Our workforce comprises of qualified professionals and other proactive employees to execute all tasks efficiently. Further, our regular investment in the areas of technology upgradation, R & D activities and employee training programmed provides us a leading edge over the other players operating in similar arena. 54
  55. 55. Think local Act global Thank you 55