Part 3: Roger Carter, Director, Team Tourism Consulting


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Connecting Edinburgh 2020: Opportunities and challenges for the technophiles and technophobes

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Part 3: Roger Carter, Director, Team Tourism Consulting

  1. 1. Technology Solutions for Tourism Conference Friday 1 March 2013 Where Technology and Tourism CollaborateTechnology Trends and action plan for the Edinburgh tourism sector Roger Carter, Director, Team Tourism Consulting
  2. 2. Technology Development Action Plan for theEdinburgh Tourism Sector Roger Carter TEAM Tourism Consulting 1 March 2013
  3. 3. Three key dimensionsThree key dimensions for the use oftechnology in relation to tourism:1. Improving visitor access to information and services on/in Edinburgh2. Enhancing the visitor experience3. Helping businesses achieve efficiencies, growth and better customer service
  4. 4. Work in 2010• Technology and market trends• Review of technology ‘on the ground’• Interviews with tourism stakeholders• Survey of tourism businesses• Expert review of ETAG stakeholder websites for visitors to Edinburgh• Best practice analysis  Action Plan
  5. 5. How have things changed since 2010?• Explosion in use of smart mobile technology and social media and location based services/ applications
  6. 6. How have things changed since 2010?• ‘Connected Capital’ project + 4G• ETAG Technology Programme• VisitScotland redesign and re-launch of and• Tourism Intelligence Scotland new technology guide• Edinburgh 2020 tourism strategy and action plan – a framework
  7. 7. Review and Update, 2012/13• Update 2010 work and identify priority actions• Working group of key tourism players• Relate actions to support tourism strategy – underlying ‘enabler’
  8. 8. Nine point action plan
  9. 9. Action Plan 2013 Tourism stakeholders to work together with VS to ensure1. an integrated approach to the presentation of Edinburgh on the web and mobile web Tourism stakeholders to work together to increase the combined effectiveness of e-marketing/social media2. campaigns through exchange of intelligence and through joint activity Assessment of the technical feasibility of collating and storing rich media content held by public agencies in a form that can3. be used to enhance both the promotion of Edinburgh and the quality of the experience for visitors to the city
  10. 10. Action Plan 2013 Excellent information (posters, flyers, text message etc) at point of arrival (airport, airport bus, Waverley) to tell4. visitors about the online information sources that are available Edinburgh information centres to act as showcases, promoting5. and facilitating use of the best new ICT applications Seamless access to free or low cost high bandwidth WiFi6. throughout the city centre and at other key tourism locations
  11. 11. Action Plan 2013 Provision of high quality intelligence, training and advice for tourism community regarding market7. trends, new technological developments and applications Use of technology to enhance the quality of visitor8. experience - Edinburgh 2020 Strategic Priority 2 Implement business tourism technology innovation9. programme - Edinburgh 2020 Strategic Priority 4
  12. 12. Your views, please!• Are you willing to share intelligence arising from your e-marketing activity: – e.g. metrics on types of devices used to access your web sites?
  13. 13. Your views, please!• Are you interested in participating in joint e-marketing/social media activity, such as Blogmanay?
  14. 14. Your views, please!• Are you interested in learning more about the ways that superfast broadband can benefit your business? – Through participation in training courses? – Through advice from a business advisor?
  15. 15. Your views, please!For technology suppliers:• Would you contribute to a blog designed to provide interesting material for tourism businesses about technology trends and applications?
  16. 16. Next steps• Revision of Action Plan following further consultations• Delivery of final Action Plan report by end-March• Formalisation of Tourism Technology Working Group to oversee delivery of the Action Plan
  17. 17. Thank you!Please send your comments to: Dr Roger +44 7932 739 453
  18. 18. To learn about ETAG visit For information on conference exhibitors, go to www.etagdigitalexhibitionzone.comAudio, video, web and slidecast production for ETAG by creative content communications company Inner Ear: