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Fringe 2012: Digital Audience Development Seminar


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To help performers, producers, promoters and publicists make the most of their experience at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, creative content communications company Inner Ear devised and delivered this interactive seminar on digital audience development.

Outlining strategy and recommending tactics the seminar explores tips and techniques for engaging with your audience when promoting a show. Special guest Ben Fawkes from Soundcloud also presented a case study on how to use the platform to help promote shows.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Fringe 2012: Digital Audience Development Seminar

  1. 1. Fringe 2012: Digital Audience DevelopmentAn interactive seminar by Inner Ear
  2. 2. Digital Audience Development This session will explore how to find, engage and build a relationship with your audience using readily available social media services
  3. 3. Digital Audience Development • Develop your audience with social media ‣ Define your brand values ‣ Locate your audience ‣ Create content ‣ Comment and discuss ‣ Engage with communities ‣ Invite participation ‣ Respond and reward ‣ Build lasting relationships
  4. 4. Inner Ear• Creative content communications ‣ Digital media production (create content) ‣ Social media engagement (communicate content) ‣ Training and consultancy (advice on using content)
  5. 5. Inner Ear• Our audience development projects include: ‣ Walking Heads (audio walking tours) ‣ YMFS (youth music community) ‣ Radio Magnetic (alternative music internet radio) ‣ T Break (promotion of emerging talent)
  6. 6. Define your organisation values • Question: what defines a brand? ‣ Logo ‣ Mission statement ‣ Actions ‣ Values ‣ Emotional response ‣ Relationship with audience
  7. 7. Define your organisation values • Ensure your brand is portrayed online • Use consistent branding across social media profiles: ‣ Username ‣ Pictures ‣ Background images ‣ Personality ‣ Links
  8. 8. Locate your audienceQuestion: where can you find your audience online?
  9. 9. Locate your audience• Setup searches in Twitter• Monitor conversations on Facebook pages• Watch what your contemporaries are doing• Join specialist communities• Setup Google Alerts
  10. 10. Create contentQuestion: what content do you already have?
  11. 11. Create content• Make use of existing content ‣ Website copy ‣ Blog posts ‣ Event listings ‣ Programmes and brochures
  12. 12. Create content• Base new content on existing material ‣ Make podcasts for Soundcloud ‣ Videos for YouTube ‣ Presentations for Slideshare ‣ Documents for Issuu
  13. 13. Comment and discussParticipate in discussion with potential audience members Subscribe to and join... Blogs Channels Pages
  14. 14. Case Study: Soundcloud How to use a social media platform to enhance your presence and engage your audience
  15. 15. Engage with communities• Join groups• Like pages• Sign up to forums• Participate in specialist communities• Compliment and be constructive
  16. 16. Engage with communitiesWhether you’re commenting on someone’s blog post,or joining in the discussion in an online community... ensure your profile has a common username, your avatar uses your logo and your signature links to your website
  17. 17. Invite participation• Run polls on your website ‣ And share socially• Crowdsource ideas for new projects ‣ Via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.• Hold and stream live events ‣ StageIt, LiveStream, uStream, etc.
  18. 18. Respond and rewardQuestion: should you give stock responses to criticism? Question: where should you respond to criticism?
  19. 19. Respond and reward• Follow your followers, and their friends• Answer questions• Give valued members greater access• Create a “friends” society• Offer bonuses, discounts and privileges• Allow people to belong to your brand
  20. 20. Respond and rewardUse your communication channels tofind out what your audience wants... ... and give* it to them (*or sell it to them)
  21. 21. Build lasting relationships• Use your mailing list and invite feedback• Listen to what your audience wants• But be confident about your brand• Don’t compromise too much• Maintain trust in your brand• Utilise your audience’s wisdom and wealth• Combine crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  22. 22. Reference and resources••••• LinkedIn: Creative Content Communications• Twitter: @innerearuk• @adeery
  23. 23. Contact• Inner Ear Ltd.• 16 Argyle Court, 1103 Argyle Street, G3 8ND• 0141 226 8808• ‣ ‣ ‣ @innerearuk