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Start Your Own Internet Radio Station


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With little more than an idea, a microphone and a computer, your organisation can have its own radio station. Anyone with broadband can have their own radio channel and anyone online can hear your broadcast. In this seminar, creative content communications company Inner Ear's co-founding director Dougal Perman discusses the benefits and explains how to get started with live streaming, podcasting and distributing online content.

This presentation accompanies a seminar Dougal delivered at the Good, Better, Best event promoted by Third Sector Labs for charities.

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Start Your Own Internet Radio Station

  1. 1. Start Your Own Internet Radio Station How to broadcast yourself online by Inner Ear
  2. 2. Inner Ear: established October 2000 Launched Radio Magnetic in March 2001
  3. 3. Inner Ear: Creative Content Communication Live Streaming Content Creation Community Management Music Supervision
  4. 4. Radio Magnetic Alternative music internet radio Creative Projects Walking Heads Streetwise audio walking tours
  5. 5. Pioneered use of streaming media to broadcast entertainment content From our studio and on location
  6. 6. Internet Radio: In The Field Subjects perform on location Content captured in the field Recordings are transferred to a laptop Files are uploaded to an FTP server
  7. 7. Internet Radio: In The Studio Files are downloaded Recordings are edited and mixed... … and used as feature packages in programmes Output is encoded in the studio And live streamed
  8. 8. Internet Radio: Home Listening Broadcast received as streamed audio By listeners’ computers anywhere Played out through their speakers So sessions recorded in the field are heard
  9. 9. Idea Microphone Computer Connection
  10. 10. Recording USB Microphone Smartphone Recorder App Handheld Recorder
  11. 11. Editing & Production Editing app Audacity: Online editor Soundnation: Online music production Audiotool:
  12. 12. Distribution Platforms Mixcloud Soundcloud Audioboo
  13. 13. Live Streaming Livestream uStream StageIt
  14. 14. Promotion Stats Feedburner: RSS & Podcast Directories:
  15. 15. Inner Ear Creative Content Communication @innerearuk @radiomagnetic 0141 226 8808