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How Inner Ear Distributes Digital Media Content


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An overview of how creative content communications company Inner Ear uses online and mobile distribution services to publish and promote our digital media productions and projects.

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How Inner Ear Distributes Digital Media Content

  1. 1. Creative Content Communications Developing and distributing digital media, by Inner Ear
  2. 2. Inner Ear• Creative content communications ‣ Digital media production (create content) ‣ Social media engagement (communicate content) ‣ Training and consultancy (train and advise) ‣
  3. 3. Inner Ear• Produce audio, video, text (blog) and image content• Setup, manage and advise on publication and distribution of blogs, podcasts, videos and live streams• Seed content through social media• Consult on campaign planning, strategy, operations and tactics
  4. 4. Inner Ear• Consultation, advice and development work: ‣ Social Media Week Glasgow (Advisory Board) ‣ Scottish Music Industry Association (Director) ‣ Co-operative Development Scotland (Advisory Board) ‣ Yellow Brick House (consortium co-founder) ‣ Walking Heads (Director)
  5. 5. Radio Magnetic• Extensive content and distribution experience ‣ Radio Magnetic ( ‣ Began online broadcast in March 2001 ‣ Credibility with music and media ‣ “Shop window” proof of concept ‣
  6. 6. Walking Heads• Streetwise Audio Walking Tours ‣ Edinburgh Comedy Tour and Glasgow Music Tour ‣ Unique character and personality ‣ Social integration ‣ iPhone, Android and MP3 versions ‣
  7. 7. Social Media Week• Streaming Media Partner and Digital Media Advisor ‣ Created promotional videos ‣ Setup and ran technical event management ‣ Produced 30+ live streamed programmes ‣ Ran our own events including international DJ party ‣ Case study and Don Tapscott keynote
  8. 8. Riverside Extreme• Streaming Media Producer ‣ Consulted on digital distribution ‣ Planned live sport coverage ‣ Filmed Danny MacAskill and Clan stunt bike demo ‣ Produced three camera live vision mix ‣ Case study, live show and highlights video
  9. 9. Stellar Quines Live Theatre• Live Streaming of Stellar Quines Researsal Rooms ‣ Planned live streamed theatre event ‣ Considered options for wireless and POV cameras ‣ Streamed live show with chatroom and Twitter ‣ Facilitated after show Skype discussion ‣ Case study and live show video archive
  10. 10. Sharing The Place• Urban regeneration consultation ‣ Curated discussion and conducted interviews ‣ Captured audio and video content ‣ Created content ‣ Scheduled, published and promoted ‣
  11. 11. Spoken Herd• Collaborated on creating a crowdsourced audiobook ‣ Worked with twintangibles and Cargo Publishing ‣ Showcase classic and contemporary Scottish poetry ‣ Sourced voices for audiobook through social media ‣ Recorded Man’s a Man with many voices line by line ‣
  12. 12. Streaming Media• Changed dramatically over past decade• Rise of video• Independent networks rivalling big broadcasters• Social media platforms provide streaming services
  13. 13.• Slick, robust and professional• Facilitates TV-style features such as branded overlays• Integrates seamlessly with social media, especially Twitter• Embeddable widgets for video player and chatroom
  14. 14. Zipcast• Use any presentation uploaded to Slideshare• Run an interactive chatroom• Integrate with Facebook and Twitter• Manage scheduling and invitations
  15. 15. Social Music Services• Mixcloud ‣ Podcasts, radio shows and DJ mixes ‣ Engaged community ‣ Pay all licensing ‣ Extensive playlist database interaction ‣
  16. 16. Social Music Services• Soundcloud ‣ Original tracks ‣ Engaged community ‣ Pays no licensing ‣ Comment on wave forms ‣
  17. 17. Social Music Services• Bandcamp ‣ Setup your own MP3 shop ‣ Stream all tracks ‣ Money goes direct to artist ‣ Embeddable shop widgets ‣
  18. 18. Social Music Services• Audioboo ‣ Record candid audio via smartphone apps ‣ Audio diary of concise five minute pieces ‣ Micro blogging community in audio form ‣ Audio postcards and travelogue potential ‣
  19. 19. Reference and resources•••••• LinkedIn: Creative Content Communications• Twitter: @innerearuk
  20. 20. Contact• Inner Ear Ltd.• 16 Argyle Court, 1103 Argyle Street, G3 8ND• 0141 226 8808• ‣ ‣