Live Video Streaming Using Bonded 3G Mobile Broadband, by Inner Ear


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Creative content communication company Inner Ear ( uses bonded 3G mobile broadband to live stream high profile events. Often working on location, creating content and producing programmes, Inner Ear has successfully used mobile broadband provided by Prodec Networks ( to broadcast events like the Microsoft Office 365 Product Launch, Scottish Album of the Year Award and Glenfiddich Piping Championship.

This presentation accompanied the talk Inner Ear director Dougal Perman gave at Prodec's How Businesses Can Utilise 4G conference ( at Easthampstead Park, Bracknell, on 31 October 2013. Dougal talked about how Inner Ear uses mobile broadband on location and how the company uses the technology to enhance what it does creatively and the business development benefits it has brought.

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Live Video Streaming Using Bonded 3G Mobile Broadband, by Inner Ear

  1. 1. Reaching The World How Inner Ear uses bonded 3G mobile broadband to broadcast from anywhere
  2. 2. Inner Ear: established October 2000 Launched Radio Magnetic in March 2001
  3. 3. Inner Ear: Creative Content Communication Live Streaming Content Creation Community Management Music Supervision
  4. 4. Radio Magnetic Alternative music internet radio Creative Projects Walking Heads Streetwise audio walking tours
  5. 5. Pioneered use of streaming media to broadcast entertainment content From our studio and on location
  6. 6. Internet Radio: In The Field Subjects perform on location Content captured in the field Recordings are transferred to a laptop Files are uploaded to an FTP server
  7. 7. Internet Radio: In The Studio Files are downloaded Recordings are edited and mixed... … and used as feature packages in programmes Output is encoded in the studio And live streamed
  8. 8. Internet Radio: Home Listening Broadcast received as streamed audio By listeners’ computers anywhere Played out through their speakers So sessions recorded in the field are heard
  9. 9. No internet Restricted access Location Issues Inadequate upload
  10. 10. Live streaming Content upload Access on location How We Use Bonded 3G
  11. 11. Where We Use Bonded 3G Blair Castle
  12. 12. Blair Castle
  13. 13. Aberfeldy Distillery
  14. 14. Aberfeldy Distillery
  15. 15. Microsoft Office 365 Launch
  16. 16. Microsoft Office 365 Launch
  17. 17. Selected Projects Glenfiddich Piping Championship 2013
  18. 18. Scottish Album of the Year Award 2013 Ceremony
  19. 19. Couldn’t Care Less by Strange Theatre
  20. 20. Numbers Pleasure Principle Festival Preview
  21. 21. Business Development Bonded 3G has amplified our ambition Innovative use has got us noticed Attracted work in Munich and New York Give us the freedom to work anywhere
  22. 22. Inner Ear Creative Content Communication @innerearuk @radiomagnetic 0141 226 8808