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Practice & pedagogy: joining the dots - Antony Osborne & Bryony Ramsden.


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LILAC 2014 Poster

Published in: Education
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Practice & pedagogy: joining the dots - Antony Osborne & Bryony Ramsden.

  1. 1. START Plan project & engage with Academics Search for RLOs & bookmark them Make a tutorial but too long Make a short tutorial Try out with students Obtain feedback & Where to host? Liaise with IT & Academics Who will look after it? Hosting sorted out & Exit FINISH strategy decided available to students Can‛t embed in software Promote at Conference - use with students - evaluate and refine amend tutorials Test RLO for content strength & length Creative Commons Check license change Can‛t content software Purchase software in design More training received for software Use to create tutorials Little engagment from academic Map ANCIL strands & map project aims - ANCIL producers keen to see our progress staff, so difficult to gain momentum - maybe too early Practice & Pedagogy -Practice & Pedagogy - Ups and DownsUps and Downs COULD DO BETTER: Software training to be done earlier - set tighter deadlines - better‘buy in’from Academics. To use technology to produce innovative, engaging materials. OBJECTIVE 1 To liaise with Academic staff in ensuring that undergraduate students understand what information literacy is and how it contributes to lifelong learning. OBJECTIVE 2