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An ID&AL Loop - David Parkes & Alison Pope


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Published in: Education
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An ID&AL Loop - David Parkes & Alison Pope

  1. 1. David Parkes Alison Pope
  2. 2. • Few activities in Universities are as important and as problematic as assessment and feedback • Feedback is widely recognised as one of the most important influences on learning and success • It remains a key issue in student satisfaction surveys • Institutions and the sector wrestle with implementing effective feedback practice
  3. 3. • Clarify what good performance is • Facilitate self-evaluation • Deliver high-quality feedback information • Encourage peer and teacher dialogue • Encourage positive motivation and self-esteem • Provide opportunities to close the gap • Use feedback to improve teaching
  4. 4. ASK is a major asset for the University - as part of Information Services we provide libraries, skills and learning opportunities; manage knowledge and learning resources and support all aspects of Information, Digital and Academic Literacies From our 2013/14 Plan…..
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Who is involved in feedback?
  7. 7. School specific projects in Engineering, Business, Law and Education and Social Work October 2013- 2 pronged approach: School specific and generic cross- University
  8. 8. When?
  9. 9. • Strategic Management (Level 6) • Three post feedback sessions: – Session 1: Lecture overview, 30 attend – Session 2: Workshop, 12 attend – Session 3: Workshop, 10 attend (joint with Study Skills) Business
  10. 10. • MA Education, one workshop for evening mode, 15 students attend • Joint workshop with study skills team Education
  11. 11. • Set up with Foundation Year tutor- October 2013 • Ran January to March 2014 • Series of 5 feedback focused workshops, e.g. academic writing, referencing, researching plus 5 drop-ins • The aim: subject tutor to specify to students which of the timetabled workshops students need to attend- tutor actually writes this on the student’s work! • Despite being highly student specific- very poor attendance- only 13 students! Law
  12. 12. Set up mid January 2014 Date picked to suit all Faculties Saturation advertising RSS feeds Widget in Blackboard Emails to Faculties Posters Libcal booking
  13. 13. • Get a better grade!
  14. 14. 195 students book: 4 Faculty based days, Friday morning generic 115 attend- 59% of those who booked 59 students attend study skills sessions 30 students attend library sessions 29 students attend IT sessions All called Making the most of …
  15. 15. 70% attend just one session 14% attend all 3 16% attend 2 Wednesday pm and Friday am are most popular Arts students are highest attenders Health second most popular Generic session even attracts distance learners
  16. 16. Where did we go right? Simple message – Get a Better Grade Simple evaluation 115 responses - 113 happy faces! Timing- struck a chord with both academic colleagues and students Beyond induction- infiltrate a different part of the academic year Online booking - adds perceived value Students really liked it – strategic learners
  17. 17. m You are always alone when the results come in…
  18. 18. • Capitalise on success • Decided immediately to run sessions on exam support – Putting the finishing touches to your documents – Keep calm and pass your exams – Referencing reassurance What we decided to do next
  19. 19. • Set of Get a better grade events embedded in the academic calendar- specific for levels 4 and 5 • Different set for level 6? • Maybe for postgraduates? • Support for distance learners • Link the whole scheme to Open Badges- collect badges for attendance and fill your Get a better grade backpack! For the future?
  20. 20. Open Badges at Staffs • InfoZone: Library and IT induction • Add on to Digital Skills workshops for students • Attendance at TeachMeets • Working with Students’ Union • To support Staffordshire Graduate Attributes
  21. 21. David Parkes Alison Pope