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Project proposal

  1. 1. ExplanationAccepted Project Proposal Technology you wish to pursue teaching: hardware, software and/or web 2.0 element and your OBJECTIVE/RATIONALE for teaching this technologyPodcasts: Objective: Allow teachers to learn about creating podcasts of lessons or additional study materials for their class to utilize. Rationale: Allow teachers to make materials more readily available to students and provide enhanced/differentiated material for students at different skill levels. Your experience or proficiency with this technologyI have very little experience creating podcasts. I have used a few audio recording programs in the past. What the colleagues will be able to do and why it is necessary for them to obtain these skillsTeachers will be able to create informative podcasts as supplemental material or lessons missed by students. By using the podcasts, teachers will make materials more readily available to students in the classroom workstations or independent study time. Beginner lesson: what skills will you address specifically to introduce teachers to this technologyThis session will consist of learning about what a podcast is and ways that they can be beneficial in the classroom. Also, teachers will learn about the materials (hardware and software) needed to use podcasts. Intermediate lesson: what will they need to integrate this into their lessons This session will teach how to create a podcast, using the hardware and software needed. This session will cover how long to make podcasts and how to edit them. Advanced lesson: what additional “bells and whistles” can they add to integrate this into their lessonsThis session will instruct teachers how to add things such as sound effects or appropriate music to the podcast. In addition, teachers will be taught how to embed this technology into a classroom website and load the podcast media onto an audio player so that students can utilize the media. Final product that can be created once someone has completed all 3 lessonsA working podcast can be created for use in the classroom or on a classroom website. Assessment ideas for this series of presentationsTeachers will have students create a 5-10 minute podcast about what they learned throughout a unit of study. This can be done in small groups or individually. Podcasts should be posted to the classroom website. Survey ideas for this series of presentationsA survey would be useful at evaluating the training seminar to make adjustments to the lessons and creation of podcasts. What was useful? What needed more explanation? Etc. <br />