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Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blog Competition Guidelines


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General Guidelines for the Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blog Competition

Published in: Food
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Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blog Competition Guidelines

  1. 1. Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blog Competition Guidelines By entering the IFPRI Blog Student Competition on Arab Food and Nutrition Security you agree to comply with the following rules, guidelines and best practices. Think hard about the content of your blog. Content must be accurate and must adhere to U.S. and international copyright law (including guidelines for fair use). Blog stories are intended to appeal to the general public and must translate research findings into more easily accessible language without compromising the integrity of the research in the process (they should link back to related research outputs and other relevant materials). The Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blog will address key issues of the Food Security debate in the Arab Countries and specifically issues of public concern. Stories should be kept short (target length is 500-700 words). Authors should be as concise as possible to avoid delays in the editing process due to the need to drastically reduce the story length prior to publishing. Authors should consider the following principles when drafting a new blog story: Well-developed, evidence-based statements: With preference for a first-person account of experience, observations, and conclusions. Visuals: Visuals help in illustrating the content of the message to the reader, so include them wherever possible. Clear policy-/strategic relevance: The aim behind the Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blog is to foster evidence-based and informed discussion amongst the community. Avoid: (i) The mention of religion, (ii) Any mention of “partisan politics”, (iii) The mention of geopolitics and (iv) Criticism of a personal nature on third parties. Authors should consider the following principles when writing their blog story: Title/Headline: Blog story titles should be descriptive, clear and interesting to Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blog audience. Titles should also be based on accepted best practice for blogging and search engine optimization (SEO)1 . Statements, questions, and calls to action are useful formats for attracting readers’ attention via the title and short descriptions (e.g., in subtitle or at top of post) should be used to support title as needed. 1 Search engine optimization (SEO) is based on the keywords or search terms web visitors use to find your site’s core content. For further information about SEO terms related to your story’s content, please contact a member of IFPRI’s web team or the blogging coordinator.
  2. 2. Opening paragraph: The most interesting content should be found in the opening paragraph. Avoid lengthy descriptions of the research output, event, and listing partner organizations, etc. in the first paragraph, as such content is better suited for subsequent paragraphs (and sometimes not at all). Blog body: Whenever possible, tell a story. The body of the blog post should put the most interesting point (raised in the opening paragraph) into a broader context and explain why the research output, event, etc. is important and adds value to ongoing research and discussions around the given topic. Complex sentences should be broken up and authors should avoid using jargon or including too many technical details. Closing paragraph: One highly effective strategy for closing paragraphs is to consider the “What next?” question. In other words, now that we know what we just learned, where do we go from here? The closing also should link back to the main idea presented in the opening paragraph wherever possible. Sometimes bulleted lists are a good way of highlighting the “take- aways” and wrapping up a post in a concise and digestible manner. Adherence to IFPRI’s style guide: To the degree possible, all published materials for the blog competition should be consistent with IFPRI’s publication style. Please refer to the IFPRI Style Manual on the intranet for additional guidance. Attribution Ideally, your blog would be related to research/desk review that you have undertaken, alone or collaboratively with other students. When applicable, contributors can be credited with a statement at the end of the story “XX contributed to this blog.” Citation/Copyright Cite all sources (preferably with a hyperlink), including giving appropriate credit to speakers’ statements when quoting or paraphrasing their remarks from an event. Under no circumstance should any copyrighted material from a third party (including photos) be uploaded to the blog without explicit written permission from the owner. Links to external sources Careful consideration should be given when linking to other sites and materials. Hyperlinking to external resources and websites is common practice, but posts should only link to reputable, evidence-based sources, and only after it has been confirmed that such linking is permitted (i.e., not expressly prohibited by the applicable site’s terms of use).