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The intent of this gazette is to share more about our Singapore MVPs, their accomplishments and vibrancy of their activities.

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Singapore MVP gazette

  1. 1. Driven by Passion Fueled by Technology SE Asia MVP Team proudly presents the Foreword by Lilian Quek ---------------------------- SE Asia Community Program Manager SINGAPORE On a global scale, there are a growing number of individuals sharing MVPs’ GAZETTE their technical expertise, real world experience and general knowledge ---------------------------- of Microsoft © products with current and potential users. This is not just Singapore MVPs‟ Gazette is a publication of being done in classrooms and industry trade events; rather it is beingthe SE Asia MVP Team exclusively distributed done in Microsoft technical communities that encourage peer-to-peer to Microsoft staff. The opinions and views in support of our products and technologies. this gazette are those expressed by the authors. All rights reserved. Social and technical communities are highly valuable to the people who use Microsoft® technologies. Since the early 1990s, Microsoft has The SE Asia MVP Team reserves the right to recognized the top contributors to these voluntary communities with edit articles for length, clarity and style. For the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award. The program enquiries/feedback, please email is a testament to the importance of the individual and their impact on Microsoft, our industry and our community. ---------------------------- Editor-in-Chief The MVP Award recognizes inspiring, trusted, and independent Lilian Quek, Community Program Manager experts who voluntarily share their passion and knowledge of Microsoft products with others. In Singapore, the members of this highly select Editorial Consultants group come from all walks of life. Yet they have one thing in common: Howard Lo, APGC Team Manager a deep commitment to their communities and willingness to share their Clarisse Ng, MVP Program Specialist knowledge. The intent of this gazette is to share more about our Singapore MVPs, their accomplishments and vibrancy of their Contributors activities. Achinta Chatterjee, Aloysius Cheang, AlexChoo, Alvin Lau, David Lim, Jay-R Barrios, Jay MVPs also offer feedback to Microsoft, representing the voices of Paloma, Jeffery Tay, Lee Wei Meng, thousands of people from technology communities across the world.Loke Kit Kai, Lo Toong Yang, Mohd Nizam Ali, Explore the pages to read more about these outstanding individuals!Maung Maung Phyo, Milton Tan, Michael Sync, Razi Bin Rais, Riwut Libinuko, Sarbjit Singh If you are interested to learn more or see how you can work together Gill, Sainath K.E.V, Shawn Toh, Tan Chee, with the Singapore MVPs, contact the SE Asia MVP Team Tan Tian-An, Triston Wan, Wely Lau ( for a discussion.
  2. 2. ACHINTA CHATTERJEE ALOYSIUS CHEANG ANDREW CHENG Exchange Server MVP Consumer Security MVP Management Infrastructure MVP “Being an MVP allows me to “Being an MVP serves to “Being an MVP allows represents the voice, strength enrich one‟s experience in Microsoft to keep in touch and value of the community, his area of work and in the with the community and connects with customers and process of sharing, improve provide companies with an provides more value to the one‟s comprehension of his technical expertise.” alternative to give their marketplace.” valuable feedbacks. “ACHINTA CHATTERJEE is a Senior ALOYSIUS CHEANG is a Senior ANDREW CHENG is a certifiedConsultant with an IT Services Information Technology (IT) executive instructor including where hiscompany. He leads large scale mission with extensive experience in managing experience covers a wide range likecritical Microsoft Exchange deployment and delivering direct business values in trainer, consultant, administrator,and migration projects for government strategic, complex multi-million dollar IT network engineer and public speaker.and corporate organizations. His key program and business projects for Andrew manages the Singaporestrength lies in designing, deploying and Global 500 organizations worldwide. He Windows User Group (SWUG). He alsotroubleshooting High Availability has led numerous IT security audit, speaks frequently for Microsoft (TechNetsolutions for Microsoft Exchange security review and security penetration events, CTU events, Partner Readiness,2007/2010. Achinta is one of the testing engagements, provided business Workshop).community leaders of Singapore continuity management and disasterMessagingTalk User Group (MTUG). Andrew says, “I would like to encourage recovery services, and supported clients people to become an MVP because it in digital forensic and investigation. JAY-R BARRIOS allows you to access NDA information Setup & Deployment MVP Aloysius says, “I would like to encourage and discussion. With the product all to participate in their respective experience, you are able to feedback professional community and contribute and help Microsoft to produce a better “Being an MVP has their technical knowledge as this will not product.” provided me with lots of only augment the community knowledge learning and sharing base and leave behind one‟s legacy, it JAY PALOMA opportunities with fellow will also serve to enrich one‟s Enterprise Security MVP MVPs around the world experience in his area of work and in the which provide adequate process of sharing, improve one‟s “Be passionate about information, best comprehension of his technical the technology and practices and real-world solutions.” expertise.” share your knowledge DAVID LIM and experience and help the technical communityJAY-R BARRIOS is a Singapore based Lync MVP grow and develop. LetFilipino Technology consultant for an IT the communitycompany and is involved in a project experience be a reward “Being anMVP givesthat is focusing on building and in itself!” me more opportunitiesdelivering Windows 7 for a large number to promote Microsoftof clients within Singapore. Jay-R is a Lync to others.” JAY PALOMA is working as a Technicaldynamic individual, who has a great Consultant at Microsoft Singapore,passion for technology. specializing in infrastructure projects. DAVID LIM is working at Sapientia During his spare time, Jay createsJay says, “ I would like to encourage Holdings Pte Ltd as a Senior Consultant technical videos on Microsoft productsothers to become an MVP because the where he provides consultation service and technologies, sharing his knowledgetechnical community needs more people on Microsoft Unified Communication and passion with others. Jay feels thatwith passion for technology who (Voice), solution architect design, PoC, being a MVP gives industry recognitiondedicates in spending their spare time to and pilot to customers. David as a technical expert, recognizes hisreach out and share their expertise encourages one to become a MVP, “It effort and contributions to thethrough blogging, forums and can benefit the community with the community, and brings him a step closerconducting/participating in technical sharing of knowledge and experiences connecting with Microsoft and otherevents to make technology easier for from these Subject Matter Experts.” His MVPs.everybody. His aspiration is to be moreinvolved in the community activities for aspiration for the Singapore technical Jay encourages one to become a MVP,Microsoft Singapore. community is the hope that the “To become technology evangelists and community becomes more open- contribute to the technical community! minded.
  3. 3. LO TOONG YANG SAINATH K.E.V TAN CHEE Dynamics CRM MVP Directory Services MVP Group Policy MVP “The MVP award has “The MVP award ensures “The MVP award gives been a great benefit as you are on top of me the extra motivation it opens a channel for technology. It allows you to explore deeper into me to communicate to participate in Beta the technology.” with the product team, programs and provide to receive first hand discussions with product news from Microsoft team openly. It is always and knowledge sharing an honor to be a MVP and TAN CHEE is working in NCS Pte Ltd among MVPs.” its challenging to maintain as a Senior IT Consultant. He the award.” handles the design andLO TOONG YANG is working as a implementation of the ActiveTechnical Consultant at Arvato Systems Directory Domain for one of theSingapore, whose responsibilities SAINATH K.E.V is working as an Singapore Largest IT Project -include, customizing and providing value Infrastructure Technology Consultant for Schools SOE. Since year 2003added services on Dynamics CRM to Avanade Asia Pte Ltd, providing during AD 2000, AD 2003 era tillfulfill client business process, helping homogeneous to heterogeneous today - ADDS 2008 R2, Tan Cheesales team to configure specific CRM solutions to SME and large scale has been using domain GPOsystem demo environment and Microsoft enterprise customers. With over 8 years methodology approach to manage hisSharePoint project implementation. of industry experience, he has expertise IT infrastructure. on Active directory, ExchangeToong Yang encourages one to become Tan Chee is also one of the ,SCOM,SCVMM, Microsoft Lync, App-V,a MVP, “I believe the key element to WAIK technologies, win32 , C++ , community leaders who runs thebecoming a MVP lies in the passion and Device Driver programing. monthly Singapore Windows Userwillingness to share.” His aspiration for Group (SWUG) meet-ups. He says,the Singapore technical community is Sainath encourages one to become a “After many conversations with thethat that there will be more CRM MVPs MVP, “MVPs are independent experts local IT Pros, I realized that many arein Southeast Asia because MVP is the who share their real world experience to not using GPO effectively yet. Thus,volunteer army that supports the CRM the entire world at free of cost and I would carry on to share mycommunity. He also looks forward to Microsoft recognizes these experts and experience on how to use Grouphave a CRM user group so that all can provide better, powerful tools and Policy to manage the ITgather for a sharing session. support to the individuals to be more infrastructure; and love to see more passionate about technology.” and more local IT Pro starts to use TRISTON WAN GPO and use it effectively!” Exchange Server MVP MILTON TAN Consumer Security MVP “The MVP program is not just about gaining popularity for individual. It is also about sharing “I would like to encourage individuals who knowledge, helping and motiving each other.” are interested in computers and Microsoft technology, to work towards being a Microsoft MVP. The recognition I get, bothTRISTON WAN is working for a local establishment that online and in the real world will help gainmanages an extremely complex infrastructure for its customer people‟s assurance and confidence whenthat comprises nearly 100,000 user accounts and mailboxes. working together.”He manages the operations for the Messaging and MILTON TAN is a student studying IT and has a strongCollaboration infrastructure to ensure the stability of the interest in technology, art and photography. He gainedmessaging and collaboration related services. On top of that, recognition through a tech forum which he started athe is also involved in on-going messaging related projects to – a site dedicated to helping PC usersensure the smooth transition from engineering team to solve security and general computer related issues for free.operation team. Triston would like to encourage others to He has an awesome team of about 10 tech enthusiasts whobecome an MVP in order to make the Singapore technical voluntarily assist him in operating the site and together, theycommunities more vibrant. have a free online malware removal school known as theHis aspiration for the Singapore Technical Community is to GeekPolice Academy.grow MessagingTalk User Group into the best messaging user One thing he hopes to see locally is for more Singaporeansgroup in Singapore as well as Southeast Asia! to get engaged in technology and to make use of the Internet to connect and share their knowledge.
  4. 4. ALVIN LAU MAUNG MAUNG PHYO LOKE KIT KAI ASP.NET/IIS MVP Visual Studio ALM MVP SharePoint Server MVP “Being a MVP has “Being a MVP gives “Being a MVP has opened up my network of industry recognition as opened up my network. „helpline‟ to the an enthusiastic It not only helped recognized and technical expert.” established solid competent individuals. relationships with other Whenever I need some local MVPs, Microsoft expert opinions about and other IT products / technologies practitioners, but also which I‟m not familiar MAUNG MAUNG PHYO is working at networking opportunities with, my fellow NCS as a solution architect whose with worldwide MVPs „comrades‟ will rise to the responsibilities include providing and the SharePoint occasion and help provide technical guidance and resolving product group.” tips and advices.” challenging issues - performance tuning, security, server configuration, and more. LOKE KIT KAI is one of the firstALVIN LAU is your average Joe in the Maung Maung feels that being a MVP SharePoint MVPs awarded in SoutheastApplication space and has 8 years of gives industry recognition as an Asia. Currently Kit Kai works atexperience in terms of getting Microsoft enthusiastic technical expert and brings Dimension Data as a Senior Consultantsolutions from concept to „delivery‟ mode. him a step closer to the product team in the Professional Services group. KitHe is working as a Solutions Consultant in where he can provide feedback, learn Kai is involved in the Singapore .NETDimension Data and is involved in about the product in-depth and be user group, (SGDOTNET) as well asconjuring .NET solutions which fits for the updated with the latest news. trying out new Microsoft products in abusiness purposes of the customer. Alvin mini lab established at home. Outside ofruns the Singapore .Net User Group Maung Maung encourages one to SharePoint, Kit Kai‟s interests include(SGDOTNET) together with a bunch of become a MVP, “If you believe you have business intelligence, Search, Lync,„passionates‟. His areas of interest the passion to share what you know and Exchange, Forefront and for fun he iscurrently resolve around SharePoint, SQL willingness to help others overcome also a Xbox Gamer and hobbyistServer (BI) and Azure (Cloud). technical challenges.” photographer.Alvin says, “The small geographical His aspiration for the Singapore Connections within the MVP programlocation of Singapore has made the local developer community is to help them are valued by Kit Kai. “I can alwaysMVP community a very close and cohesive understand how they can be better and count on my local network when I needone, and we frequently organize our own happier developers by leveraging advice outside my productoutings and gatherings.” His aspiration of application lifecycle management competencies, as the MVP programthe local community, “A hotbed of features available in the latest Visual recognizes people who are passionatepassionate and professional individuals Studio ALM. (*grin* I am not selling VS and selfless that shares their knowledgewho‟re willing to share their experience ALM here).” to anyone. MVPs support each otherand expertise.” with their real life project experiences.” His aspiration for the local technical RAZI BIN RAIS community is to continue to grow as a SharePoint Server MVP vibrant community, where ideas and discussion continue to flow unhindered by any business agendas. “Being an MVP is both a privilege and a responsibility as MVPs are always expected to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate both technical excellences along strong character towards leadership.” RAZI BIN RAIS is working as a Global IT Architect for a US based company, where he leads a team of consultants to deliver projects on the latest Microsoft products and technologies, including SharePoint Server 2010, Office 365, Azure and Windows Phone 7. He is also a published author and a frequent speaker in conferences around the globe. Razi says, “I always enjoy participating in Singapore technical communities as the landscape they provide to learn and share your knowledge is amazing. From community technology update events to monthly user group meetings there are endless opportunities to keep your-self updated on cutting edge Microsoft products and technologies and connect with practitioners from the field.”
  5. 5. JEFFERY TAY RIWUT LIBINUKO SARBJIT SINGH GILL ASP.NET/IIS MVP SharePoint Server MVP SharePoint Server MVP “Being an MVP helps me “Being an MVP allows me “For my employer, raise my profile and to join a wider community they can market enabled me to gain first- network, gain more themselves as having hand knowledge from exposure and provides a MVP as an product groups so that I positive impact to both employee. For my can make better and the community and my customers, they more informed decisions personal career. “ know they will be during my work. “ working with someone who stands RIWUT LIBINUKO is working as a out in the community,JEFFERY TAY manages the SharePoint Architect in Crédit Agricole has deep knowledgedevelopment team for all elearning CIB, the Corporate and Investment on Microsoftservices at the National University of Banking arm of the Crédit Agricole technology and closeSingapore. His team migrated NUS‟s Group. His responsibilities include relationship with theIntegrated Virtual Learning Environment ensuring consistent architecture design product team.”from ASP.NET 2 to ASP.NET 4 and and quality for all SharePoint projectsimplemented Windows Identity and safeguarding SharePoint production SARBJIT SINGH GILL leads Unify2sFoundation for single sign on solutions; for Asia-Pacific and the headquarters in business in the Asia-Pacific region.currently they‟re focusing on mobile France. He brings 7 years of experience Sarbjit brings 21 years of IT experiencedevelopment and data analytics. in SharePoint product and technologies, working with the Microsoft server and demonstrating professionalism and communication platform. Prior toJeffery says, “I would definitely integrity to his clients and delivered Unify2, Sarbjit led the Unifiedencourage one to become an MVP as solutions for different sectors of business. Communications initiative in Asiagood things are meant to be shared, and Riwut was also the key person who Pacific for British Telecom. Hebeing a MVP is one of them, the more helped drive success to Plasmedia presented BT‟s Microsoft UC initiativesthere are the merrier! His aspiration for (Microsoft Gold Partner, Indonesia). to enterprise customers in Singapore,the Singapore technical community,“Work hard and be noticed so that you Riwut was also involved in many Korea and India. Sarbjit also speaks atcan be part of the big MVP family!” SharePoint forum discussions, writing Microsoft events regionally including articles and code projects, contributing in TechEd, TechNet, MSDN, product launches and customer/partner WELY LAU various ways to the community. initiatives. Windows Azure MVP MICHAEL SYNC As an MVP, we are standing as individual Silverlight MVP who are involved in community building and knowledge sharing on certain expertise. We “Being an MVP allows me to gain access to the early learn and grow together with the community builds of new products so that I can get familiar with it members, and thats where we expand our before the whole world does. Microsoft will give you networking as well as experience.” very good attention on your feedbacks.”WELY LAU is working as a Solutions Architect, focusingon Cloud Consultancy and Delivery, specifically on theWindows Azure Platform in NCS Pte Ltd. He got excited MICHAEL SYNC is working as a Solution Architect for Memolifeabout Cloud Computing especially in Windows Azure International IDA where his team is focus on developing SilverlightPlatform in 2010 and his expertise was successfully and Windows Phone 7 games for brain training. Prior to hisswitched to Windows Azure in late 2010. award, he was also invited by the Product team to joinWely says, “Being an MVP provides us with many WPF/Silverlight insider team to play around with early builds ofvaluable benefits and opportunities such as channels to Silverlight and help provide feedbacks.Microsoft product group, interactions with MVPs Michael says, “The MVP award is given to those who wants to helpworldwide, access to limited CTP products etc. Of course other people and you learn something new by helping others tothe most important thing is the spirit of sharing to solve their problems. In return, people will appreciate and respectcommunity and I encourage one to become part of the you for that. At the same time, you also build a good reputation forMVP Award Program.“ His aspiration for the Singapore yourself, make connections with people worldwide, get to engagetechnical community is that we could become the most with the Microsoft development team and participate in productactive, exciting, largest technical community, not only group interactions to discuss about the technologies that you loverecognized in Southeast Asia, but all over the world! with the people who created those technologies.”
  6. 6. ALEX CHOO LEE WEI-MENG SHAWN TOH Windows Phone MVP Windows Phone Development MVP PowerPoint MVP “After being an MVP, I “The MVP award has “Being a MVP has started to give more brought me closer to the motivated me to talks to the public on core development team continuously improve Windows Phone. I have at Microsoft. Through my knowledge on been approached by this program, I am able PowerPoint through MS Singapore to to better understand why helping the community promote Windows things are done certain and keeping in touch Phone 7 which is a ways and how to help with the PowerPoint whole new experience my customers succeed team.” for me. I have also with Microsoft made friends with other technologies.” SHAWN TOH is an undergraduate in Singapore MVPs .” the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is the founder of the LEE WEI-MENG is a technologist and PowerPoint Heaven website andALEX CHOO is working in Hewlett founder of Developer Learning Solutions - frequently works with other foreignPackard as a Technical Specialist a technology company specializing in PowerPoint communities (eg Korea‟sdealing with ink cartridges for his hands-on training on the latest mobile PowerPoint Expert Club and China‟scompany. During his free time, he would technologies. He has many years ofthink of projects to improve the RapidPPT). He has been interviewed by training experiences and his hands-on major media such as Forbes and Theproduction line yield and am also approach to learning programming makes Straits Times Newspaper. He alsofocused on safety as he is involved in understanding the subject much easier doubles up as a freelance presentationthe ISO 14/18K team. Alex frequently than reading books, tutorials, and consultant and conducts workshops andsurfs the web for new and interesting documentations. Wei-Meng‟s key interest seminars for corporate and educationmobile devices. He also help users with lies in the use of mobile applications totheir Windows Phone problems and sectors. improve the productivity of businesses.updates them with the latest news in the Shawn says, “I would encourage anyoneWindows Phone arena in the Mobinauts Wei-Meng would like to encourage other with the knowledge and passion on anyforum. Apart from gadgets, Alex loves to people to become an MVP because the Microsoft related software to start off byrun and taking part in marathons. MVP award opens up new opportunities helping out on the Microsoft Forums as that you would normally not be able toAlex says, “I would encourage other obtain otherwise. He says, “Demonstrate it is through the community, whichpeople to become an MVP. If I see ignited my interest in PowerPoint and your passion for a particular technology led to the creation of PowerPointsomeone actively participating in and go for it!” Heaven.”technical communities and constantlyproviding help to others, I feel thathe/she needs some recognition and with MOHD NIZAM ALIthis award, I believe one will feel more Xbox MVPmotivated to contribute even more.” “Being an MVP allows me to gain insights TAN TIAN-AN into facets of a global community building Office System MVP program and has enabled me to interact with Xbox MVPs from various regions.” “The MVP program is a worthy recognition of community participation and contribution. Being an MOHD NIZAM ALI is an avid Xbox gamer since the days of MVP these past years, I have also grown in the first Xbox console. Started off as a moderator for the local knowledge and have been encouraged to break new Xbox forum „Brotherhood of the Box‟, he subsequently moved frontiers together with Microsoft and customers.” to an administrator role when he was employed in 2007 by PlayWorks. Currently, he is working as a paralegal for a law firm. Nizam has been helping to promote games through blogsTAN TIAN-AN is a Training Portfolio Manager with Avantus and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter,Training Pte Ltd, managing product based training sales. With LinkedIn and MSN. He also write games reviews for TODAYmore than 9 years training experience behind him, he speaks Newspaper.frequently on a wide range of Microsoft Office topics atMicrosoft seminars and provides consultancy in solving Office Nizam says, “I would like to encourage people to comeproblems. With helping others improve personal productivity as forward as I feel that they deserve to be recognized for theira major life purpose, Tian-An also manages the Singapore efforts and for sharing and learning from like-minded peers,Office User Group (SGOG) which deals with the wide range of which would in turn enhance their tools, vision and expertiseOffice servers and client applications. frontiers together with Microsoft and customers.”
  7. 7. Fact 2: Conducted 8 bi-annual Community Technology Update (CTUs) events since Fact 1: 2007. Over 800 attendees Fact 3: As of July 1st 2011, touched by Singapore MVPs Convened and Singapore MVPs make through these engagements facilitated 576 user up 20% (35 Singapore up to date group meetings since MVPs) of the Southeast 2005, reaching out to Asia MVP population over 14,400 attendees Fact 4: up to date 8% of Singapore MVPs (3 Singapore MVPs) attended the MVP Open Day @ Hyderabad, India in 2010 Singapore MVPs Fact 5: Fast Facts!100% of Singapore MVPshave presented at events,participated in Microsoftproduct launches,conducted user groups, Fact 8…our very firstmaintained and updated a 4 Singapore MVPs „bared‟ it alltechnical blog/website to bring joy and laughter in the Singapore MVP remix of the APAC MOJO Dance for MGX in 2009 Fact 7: Over 22% of Singapore MVPs Fact 6: (~8 Singapore MVPs) have participated in our annual MVP Over 57% of Singapore Global Summit @ Fact 9…our very first MVPs (~20 Singapore MVPs) 7 Singapore MVPs climbed up the Seattle/Bellevue since 2005 have participated in our Via Ferrata Wall – Asia‟s first and quarterly Singapore MVP World‟s Tallest indoor rock climbing roundtable session since 2005 wall (30 meters high) to form the number „7‟ for the Windows 7 Launch
  8. 8. “All Work and NoPlay Makes Jack a Dull Boy” Our fondest memories of the Singapore technical community are very much shaped by people and friendships, the special moments and the memorable spaces that we have enjoyed. I am glad to say that the SE Asia MVPTeam is continuing to make special efforts to advance on all these fronts, to foster a much richer experience and environment for our Singapore MVPs and their technical community. In particular, we continue to create more social and informal activities that our technical community and local office can enjoy, and which foster greater interaction, deeper friendships, strong networks and substantially, enhance the „buzz‟ within the technicalcommunity. Check out some of our activities held over the past years and witness the vibrant and synergy of the community!
  9. 9. Down on memory lane @ the MVProundtable sessions and MVP Global Summit.
  10. 10. SINGAPORE MVPs GAZETTECOPYRIGHTS 2011 MICROSOFT CORPORATIONWebsite: Twitter: Facebook: MVP Blog-a-holic: http://seamvpblogaholic.wordpress.comEmail: