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Light Speed Corporate Overive and Capabilities

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  1. 1. CORPORATE CAPABILITY OVERVIEW COMPANY OVERVIEW 2 653 Gaylord Mountain Road CORPORATE CORE COMPETENCIES 4 Hamden, CT 06518-1007 SENIOR STAFF BIOGRAPHIES 7 203.248.8550 Fax: 203.248.8551
  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW Light Speed is an interactive multimedia company. We apply interactive technologies to create messages that inform, promote, inspire and create learning experiences. Our company was started in 1994 under the trade name of Idea Connections Systems, Inc—Philadelphia Branch focusing on leadership development and innovation. In 2001, we opened our strategic communications division. In 2004, the company was reorganized bringing both divisions under the single brand of Light Speed, LLC. We provide highly targeted, educationally sound, personalized and interactive products to your customers, secure, portable format. The technological solutions we create nurture and sustain relationships with your internal and external customers. Our unique perspectives help our clients look inside, and navigate the barriers to success. Interactive Communications Working with client subject matter experts, we provide interactive communications by applying practical solutions to complex messages to help leaders, organizations and teams build effective communication and training programs. Through stakeholder interviews and analysis, we assess your needs and develop customized, personalized, and comprehensive communication strategies. We leverage traditional, CD or web based technologies to help your messages reach your internal or external audience or to help you build and monitor interactive customer relationships. In a world where everyone from major ad agencies to the kid down the street claims to “develop multimedia videos and websites”, we truly listen to your goals and then work with you to develop your interactive communications in a well structured and budget conscious manner. Our technologists venture beyond the “typical” when it comes to project development. By utilizing custom designed, high impact graphics, we give your video or online presence a look and feel that stands out from your competitors. Our educational designs transform learning opportunities into impactful and meaningful experiences for the participant that result in improved awareness or performance. 2
  3. 3. COMPANY OVERVIEW Leadership Through our consulting we help leaders improve their fitness for effectiveness. Using a combination of learning modalities, traditional coaching and facilitator led experiential workshops and eLearning; leaders learn how to develop leaders in themselves and their organizations. Leaders learn processes to establish standards for performance, which establish the boundaries for job responsibilities and serves as a foundation for employee accountability. Clients master the elements of developing leaders in their organizations—we call this Consultative Leadership™. Fundamental to Consultative Leadership™ is separating leading people from managing the business. In our leadership development, we leverage our interactive multi-media capability to create visually engaging and content relevant interactive courses for leaders. Our specialty is leaders who have not received formal leadership development, but have supervisory or managerial responsibility. This is especially true in small business. Our interactive and engaging designs turn a learning opportunity into a learning experience that increases the ability of leaders to develop leaders. 3
  4. 4. CORPORATE CORE COMPETENCIES Interactive Media Core Competencies Media formats: • CD • DVD • Web (hosted, direct downloading or streaming) • Podcasting • On-demand printing World class programmers skilled in the following programs: • Macromedia • Director • Flash • Freehand • Adobe • Photoshop • Aftereffects • InDesign • Illustrator • Acrobat • Apple: • Final cut pro • DVD studio pro • Activate Sudio ‘09 • Presenter • Quizmaker • Engage • Video Encoder 4
  5. 5. CORPORATE CORE COMPETENCIES eLearning Core Competencies Our team has expertise in business/learning needs analysis, capturing busi- ness requirements that ensure an eLearning/learning solution in alignment with the needs of the business and its stakeholders, based on the organiza- tional strategic intent. We are experienced in designing eLearning to show the learner the context of the learning and its applicability through realis- tic case study scenarios, role-plays, inspirational and educational videos, and other static material. We create rich engaging material that enhances the learning experience. Our organization has produced training and development projects for our clients using the following formats: • Interactive multimedia CD/DVD or Blu-Ray DVD authoring • Creative, motivational message development • Video editing, motion graphics and post production • Web/Flash design and programming • eLearning authoring • Experiential workshop and retreat development • Blended learning modalities • Leader coaching • Print Leadership Development Core Competencies At Light Speed, we distinguish between leadership and management. Leadership is developing and inspiring people to realize their potential and to utilize that potential to develop solutions collectively, as an organi- zation, unit or group. This collective action of applying ones potential to solve business challenges is at the heart of creating a competitive advantage for the organization in the marketplace. Leadership differs from management in that management is the systematic implementation of policies, procedures and systems for the improvement of profitability throughout the organization. At Light Speed we say, “Lead people, manage the business.” Our company assists leaders to discover what he or she does not know, that the knowing of could greatly improve his/her productivity and 5
  6. 6. CORPORATE CORE COMPETENCIES effectiveness, thus ultimately impacting the organization. Our program offerings utilize the knowledge gained from the concepts arising from the new physics of Complexity Science and the implications of these concepts for organizational effectiveness and ultimately leader fitness. Our philosophy regarding the core leadership skills needed in today’s competitive, global marketplace is Consultative Leadership™: • Facilitation skills • Coaching skills • Consulting skills 6
  7. 7. SENIOR STAFF BIOGRAPHIES “People are motivated by their Brenda H. Oneal inner truth, and that truth Managing Partner, dictates a person’s behavior. Leadership development is Executive Consultant personal development through self-reflection, self-realization and Brenda Oneal is a Leader Coach who sees leadership practices as being an- practice; it is an act of creativity.” tiquated. From her perspective, we want to hang on to our ancient beliefs about leadership in corporate America even though they no longer serve us from the standpoint of effectiveness and even efficiency. We must learn how to work with others who are not like ourselves and constructively deal with the anxious feeling in the pit of our stomach when we are faced with the clash of ideas while working with people who are different from our- selves. Brenda works with executives to build strategies for becoming a more ma- ture leader of people and manager of business. In her work with clients, she helps executives create workplace environments where management teams have the confidence in themselves, colleagues and direct reports to create solutions that successfully meet the needs of demanding clients and the ever-changing landscape of a competitive marketplace. Brenda’s clients learn to regard different methods, perspectives and styles as being valuable and necessary when solving complex problems in the workplace. Her teachings inspire clients to realize that what is perceived as difference in a colleague or employee need not translate into underlying feelings of distrust. On the contrary, the interaction of differing individuals is the very soul of creativity, innovation, and continual fitness for survival of all systems in nature—of which human beings are inescapably included. Brenda encourages executives to change their prevailing notion of what it means to be a leader. She points out that we must do the work to know who we are as leaders; what contributions we are making to the whole organiza-tion or team, as well as to one’s self as an individual. She strongly believes that work life is a part of life itself, it is not apart from life, and therefore leadership practices must reflect this fact. When working one-on-one with her, clients are asked to reflect upon the following questions: Is the type of leader you are, reflective of whom you choose to be as a person in life? Is your leadership a demonstration of your inner truth about yourself? Her clients will tell you to be ready to have your concept of leadership challenged when working with Brenda, and be open to developing a new understanding of human motivation. All she asks of her clients is to be willing to recreate yourself in a grander vision of who you are right now. Brenda has designed and conducted seminars and workshops on the 7
  8. 8. SENIOR STAFF BIOGRAPHIES personal aspect of leadership development in corporations. She is currently working on several electronic book projects in the area of leadership. She is the former chair of the commission on Human Rights and Relations for the Town of Hamden, CT and currently co-chairs the Greater New England Minority Supplier Diversity Council’s Business Opportunity Fair (the largest minority trade fair and business conference in the northeast region) as well as Chairs that Council’s Program Committee for the Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC). Brenda is a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instructor, and competency model and competency application developer. She earned a M.S. degree in communication theory and research from Illinois State University, where her academic focus was on competencies in small group communication and effective leadership. She holds a B.A. degree from Augustana College, where she studied communication theory research and psychology. Brenda is married and enjoys yoga and competitive tennis. 8
  9. 9. SENIOR STAFF BIOGRAPHIES “True leadership is an art not a Carlton L. Oneal science and perfecting the art Managing Partner, requires mastery of the ability to effectively communicate…” Executive Consultant Carlton is a management consultant specializing in leadership dynamics and the development of effective communication strategies to enhance the interactivity of high performance teams. Carlton brings over 18 years of corporate experience to his consulting practice with a breadth and depth of Management experiences in Marketing, Sales, Communication, Training & Development and Medical/Scientific Affairs. His philosophy of leadership and communication is derived from the writings of the 6th century philosopher Lao-Tze “…But of good leaders, who talk little, when their work is done, their aim fulfilled, people will say, we did this ourselves…” In his consulting, he stresses the importance of the contribution of each individual to the success of the unit. In order to do this most effectively each person must truly understand the goals of the group and how their strengths can be leveraged towards personal and team achievement of those goals. Prior to consulting, his most recent assignments included Deputy Director Scientific Affairs, Head of Strategic Operations Scientific Relations, and Director of Marketing-Cardiovascular/Metabolic Products for Bayer Pharmaceuticals. In each case, he was responsible for the successful performance of personnel under his direction and the long range strategic plan-ning for growth and development of his department. Carlton has an exemplary ability to develop, mentor and lead teams in addition to having excellent interpersonal skills. Throughout his career, he has helped personnel leverage their talents through his personal coaching and facilitation of High Performance Team workshops, development of effective communications initiatives and diversity training workshops. With a keen awareness of the importance of leveraging the strengths of each member of a team, he established and led the Scientific Affairs Human Differences Advisory Team and their multi-faceted diversity initiative that included training, development and field level follow-up on the diversity strategic plan. While serving as Director of Marketing, he was a founding and consistently active member of the Bayer Diversity Council (Council on Human Differences). Through his leadership, the council introduced a Strategic Measurement Model based upon a study by The Conference Board, Corporate Practice in Diversity Measurement that ultimately impacted the divisional Performance Management Process. From 1998 – 2002 he also served as a lead facilitator of numerous sessions of the corporate wide role out of “The Diversity Journey” (Price, Waterhouse, Coopers). 9
  10. 10. SENIOR STAFF BIOGRAPHIES He began his career at Merck & Co., Inc. where he rapidly advanced through the field sales, training and development and other sales administration areas While at Merck, Carlton gained a broad base of knowledge in sales management and product marketing management by advancing through many other management level posi-tions. This led to his selection and recognition by the Harlem Branch of the YMCA for “Black Achievers in Industry” Award for the pharmaceutical industry. He continued to hone his leadership, communications and influencing concepts and was subsequently promoted to a newly developed position of Associate Director in U.S. Medical & Scientific Affairs. In this position, he served as an internal consultant and was responsible for identifying and helping to develop and implement partnership strategies with physicians and medical associations that addressed diversity issues. In 2002, he was selected to attend the Senior Business Management Executive Education program at the Mendoza School of Business of Notre Dame University. He is well versed in MBTI and Kirton Adaptive-Innovative theories, and has led develop-mental programs on the ABC’s (Antecedents-Behaviors- Consequences) of Leadership. Carlton currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council and is the Chairperson of the Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC). As a result of his affiliation with the GNEMSDC, he is a 2005 graduate of the Tuck School of Business Minority Business Executive Program. He resides in Hamden, Connecticut and was recently reappointed by the Mayor and Legislative Council as one of the town’s three Civil Service Commissioners where he serves as chairman of the commission. Carlton is married and enjoys competing in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do. 10
  11. 11. SENIOR STAFF BIOGRAPHIES “We must not only know. Grace A. Odums We must act.” Executive Consultant Dr. W.E.B. DuBois Grace A. Odums is an independent consultant. She is also Manager of Training and Organizational Development with Frankford Hospital, a member of the Jefferson Health System. Ms. Odums also serves as Strategic Partner to the Senior Leadership Team. Other primary accountabilities include: Revenue Enhancement – Payment at Time of Service Collection Techniques and Point of Sale software instruction, managing the learning function for the three-campus organization and creating strategies for organizational development and leading change. Grace is the architect of Frankford Hospital’s Learning University and each of its performance institutes: Management and Leadership Perform-ance Institute, Customer Care Performance Institute, Organizational Devel- opment Performance Institute and Career Development Performance Insti-tute. Prior to joining Frankford, Ms. Odums served as the Director of Training and Business Development with the Mid-Atlantic Employers Association. Grace has held several leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies including: Senior Manager, Training & Staff Development – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Executive Director – Neighborhood Housing Services, Sales Director – Philadelphia Interfaith Action Development, Inc., Assis-tant Vice President, Affordable Housing Program Manager – GMAC Mort-gage Corporation. Grace maintains her eleven-year practice as an Independent Consultant serving clients like: the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bayer Corpo- ration, J.P. MorganChase, Sovereign Bank, Creighton University, Chelten- ham Township School District, Department of Commerce, the Self Help Organization and the Department of Labor. Grace’s focus includes assisting clients in creating high performance cultures and strategically focused or- ganizations through: Leadership and Organizational Development – with a concentration on Diversity Leadership Principles and aligned strategies. In addition to being an international missionary, Grace is a much sought af-ter international conference speaker and has been invited to speak by enti-ties such as: the Society for Human Resources Management, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, Mortgage Bankers Association of America, Air Conditioning Contractors of America, Mayor’s Corporation on Aging, Blacks in Government, Human Resources Association of the Midlands and more. 11
  12. 12. SENIOR STAFF BIOGRAPHIES “The best way to know your Susan Hagy Humphrey strength is to face your weakness...” Senior Consultant As a Senior Consultant, Susan Hagy Humphrey is responsible for employing a unique combination of human process skills to create an atmosphere among clients in which innovation can flourish in technology, people, markets, and ideas. Susan brings over 15 years of progressive human resource management experience in the telecommunications industry to Light Speed. In her role as Director of Human Resources for Continental Cablevision (now Media One), she was responsible for developing an HR strategy which supported and achieved the desired business results for cable television and newly integrated high-speed data and telephony services. Susan’s passion centered on the district training center charged with needs assessment, program design, delivery and evaluation for customer care, technical performance and leadership development. She designed leadership and management development processes, such as Supervising for Quality Customer Encounters and The Leaders’ Edge. In addition, Susan has produced numerous training videos. She was instrumental in partnering with the HR community to accelerate change, integrate new business, and ensure consistent management practices for over 800 internal customers, creating an environment for innovation to occur. As organizations continue to develop ways to optimize profits and limit corporate liability, the amount of time between mergers, acquisitions and restructuring shrinks. Just as an organization begins to stabilize in the midst of change, another transition begins. A company’s greatest strength can easily become a weakness. Susan’s talents focus on the belief that for innovation to occur the business and technical systems must be in harmony with human process skills. Through effective use of business, technical and human systems, people who make up the workforce can learn to maintain a foundation for moving the business forward in the midst of constant change. Susan earned her bachelor’s degree from Virginia, Commonwealth University in Mass Communications. She has completed graduate work in Human Resource Development at George Washington University. In 1992, the Rotary Foundation selected her for the International Professional Group Study Exchange. She is certified as an instructor for Interaction Management, Development Dimensions International, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. She is also a certified mediator for conflict management. 12