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QS Tools for Emotions and Communication


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sensor device make the next sense.

Published in: Science
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QS Tools for Emotions and Communication

  1. 1. QS Tools for Emotions and Communication 生体データを利用したMaker的 制作とモチベーション Hirotaka Niisato
  2. 2. What is Make? • Technology based subculture. • We love a create new value and discovery. • Hack and Change the World!!
  3. 3. • Difficult technology is shared in everyone. • Hardware technology is programable, can use in very low cost. • Everyone will be a Maker. Why Make?
  4. 4. Open Innovation Do It with Others
  5. 5. Biometric Sensor Data
  6. 6. Sense the Consciousness Make new Sense • Device have a several sensors, behave like a human s organ. • Sensor data are analyzed by application. • Application feed back the action to people.(Get the New Sense!!) Sensor Application wearable device…etc exchange to digital data Feed back!! five senses consciousness new sense
  7. 7. Augumented Sensibility 拡張知覚感
  8. 8. Brain wave Maze Brain Maze, 2013 If I can make the Maze by my brain wave… Think
  9. 9. If lighting Robot ball can move by my motion… nebula, 2012 Motion/Skeleton Light Robot Visual/Walk
  10. 10. If I can touch the light and heartbeats… slime lamp, 2013 Heart beats Light Colr/Visual
  11. 11. no title, 2015 If color make sound… Color Sheet Sound Synesthesia
  12. 12. Technology Make Next Sense