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Tetsuo Yamabe, Ilkka Kosunen, Inger Ekman, Lassi A. Liikkanen, Kai Kuikkaniemi, and Tatsuo Nakajima, Biofeedback Training with EmoPoker: Controlling Emotional Arousalfor Better Poker Play. Fun and Games Conference 2010 (Fun and Games’10, WIP paper)

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  1. 1. EmoPoker Tetsuo YamabeDistributed and Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory, Waseda University, Japan Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland
  2. 2. Why you lose in gambling?
  3. 3. Listen to your heart•  Control your emotional arousal ‒  Feedback to calm the heated brain ‒  Real-time sonification from measured biosignals •  Heart beating sound for improving self-awareness
  4. 4. Biofeedback user study fEMG (facial electromyography) •  6 nodes to face •  Currugator supercilii •  Zygomaticus major •  Masseter •  Positive/negative emotions EDA (electrodermal activity) •  2 nodes to fingers •  Arousal level RESP (respiration) •  1 node around chest HR (Heart rate) •  1 node around chest •  Emotional arousal
  5. 5. EmoPoker system Multimodal feedback (Shared/Individual)RFID tagsProjector Emotional state (arousal) identification Biosignal
  6. 6. Possible use cases1.  Beginner support ‒  Self training with biofeedback ‒  Gaming guide with rule projection2.  New gaming style with shared feedback ‒  Visualize players physiological information ‒  Handicap for playing with skillful players3.  Research infrastructure for game analysis ‒  Game event logging for further analysis
  7. 7. Future work•  Analyze user study results•  EmoPoker AR development
  8. 8. EmoPoker in WIP presentation•  Biofeedback Training with EmoPoker: Controlling Emotional Arousal for Better Poker Play