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smart quill pen s d one wic s able to remember all d written data & transfer it into pdf format in d system.

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smart quill pen

  1. 1. Smart quillBy GuideReshma.K.R4GW07CS063 Puneetha.M Lecturer dept of cse
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONy Smart quill was invented by Lyndsey Williams of Cambridge University along with British Telecommunications.y Smart quill is a pen, which remembers the words that writes and then transfer them into computer text.y Smart quill contains sensors that records movement by using by using earth¶s gravity irrespective of the platform used
  4. 4. WORKINGy Smart quill works by measuring the pen¶s movements and matching them to the movements that produce the words and letters programmed into its memory.y User can enter information into these pens by simply pressing a button and accelerometers are used to sense the movements of the pen using earths gravity system
  5. 5. FEATURES DISPLAY SCREEN The text written can be read on a tiny screen on the side of the pen and it has a light at its tip which allow the user to use it even dark
  6. 6. HANDWRITING RECOGNITION ANDSIGNATURE VERIFICATIONy User can train the pen to recognize particular handwritingy If someone else picks your Smart Quill and tries to write with it- it won¶t
  7. 7. HANDWRITING RECOGNITION ANDSIGNATURE VERIFICATION(contd«) There are two techniques used for this purpose ‡ Accelerometer Technology ‡ Handwriting recognition Software
  8. 8. ACCELEROMETER TECHNOLOGYy This technology uses a device called Accelerometer which is used for measuring motiony A tiny accelerometer in a pen could be used to detect the stops and starts, arcs and loops of handwriting, and transmit this information to a small microprocessor that would make sense of it as text.
  9. 9. ACCELEROMETER TECHNOLOGYy Two types of accelerometer 1)Two axes accelerometer:- measures acceleration in two axes. ex..ADXL202 accelerometer 2)Three axes accelerometer:-measures acceleration in three axes. ex..tronics +/-2g
  10. 10. HANDWRITING RECOGNITION SOFTWAREy This software embedded in the microprocessor of the pen is used to recognize handwriting of the user.y Two phases in handwriting recognition Handwriting transcription Handwriting recognition
  11. 11. HANDWRITING TRANSCRIPTIONy In this phase, the recorded acceleration signals are then transcripted to it¶s original form.Methody Firstly, we have to know pen¶s spatial orientation.y Secondly, we have to succeed in the double integration.
  12. 12. PROTOCOL Fig. represents the acceleration signals recorded while one is writing a small capital B
  13. 13. Transcripted signal
  14. 14. HANDWRITING RECOGNITIONy In this phase the characters and signatures are recognized.methody We use a simple Euclidian distance as thecomparison process, and of course the decisionprocess is the smaller distance found
  15. 15. PROTOCOL In Fig , we can see the accelerometers signals recorded during Yanis signing process
  16. 16. DISPLAY SCROLLS USING TILT SENSORSy By tilting the pen user can chose applications and scroll through without using scroll buttonsy This is done by using Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems(MEMS) tilt sensors to measure tilt angle with earth
  17. 17. COMMUNICATION WITH OTHER DEVICES y The current prototype hooks up to the PC via a cable and electronic docking station called as ³inkwell ³ y Future models can receive email and pager messages via a wireless messaging system.
  18. 18. MEMORYy It uses 4MB EEPROM .y Up to 10 pages of notes can be stored locally on the pen memory.y The data is stored in the pen locally until it is copied to the Personal Computer
  19. 19. POWERy Smart quill works on AAA(Antiaircraft Artillery Battery) battery. It can continuously work 25 hrs with a single AAA batteryy The pen has automatic on/off system.
  20. 20. ADVANTAGESy DzSpatial sensing systemdzy Intuitive user interfacey Securityy 3D mousey Power savingy Smart quill is all mobile
  21. 21. DISADVANTAGESy It has accelerometer errors.y It is inconvenient for persons with handtremors.y Bigger size than a normal pen.y Errors are introduced in the system due to thermal variations in the spring
  22. 22. APPLICATIONS 1. Replace keyboard with SmartQuill 2. Input to other devices 3. Handheld computer applications 4. The wireless messaging system which allows two way communications 5. Supports speech recognition. 6. Third party to add on applications
  23. 23. CONCLUSIONy The estimated cost of this futuristic pen is only $100.y SmartQuill is convenient for use.y Keyboards become so tiny you require needle-like fingers to operate them and screens that need constant cursor controls to read simple text. The introduction of SmartQuill is the best solution for this
  24. 24. REFERENCESy R.Baron, R. Plamondon, ³Acceleration measurement with an instrumented for sign verification and handwriting analysis´ , IEEE Trans .Vol IM-38y E.Millien, C.Roux, ³Users input to design of a ³communicating pen´, Smart Objects Conference, 2003y www.smartquill.comy sheets/AD974.pdf