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SharePoint Power User (Site Owner) Training


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A slide deck to complement my 2-hour, FREE, on demand SharePoint Training available here:

The following topics are covered in the course:

- How to Create Sites
- How to create proper site navigation
- How to change Look & Feel of the site
- How to manage security Security
- How to Edit Pages
- How to Add new pages
- How to create new web parts
- How to add web parts to a page
- How to add custom metadata
- How to create custom views on a list or a library

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SharePoint Power User (Site Owner) Training

  1. 1. @gregoryzelfond SHAREPOINT SITE OWNER TRAINING
  2. 2. @gregoryzelfond Before we start…  2-hour, FREE, on-demand session recording is available at  You can also visit my YouTube Channel:  Slides and Demo based off SharePoint Online, however, similar functionality is available with on-premises and older versions of SharePoint
  3. 3. @gregoryzelfond About Me  Gregory Zelfond  10+ years of experience with SharePoint  Huge SharePoint Advocate, blogger  Love to solve business problems using code-free, out of the box SharePoint configurations  Owner of SharePoint Maven
  5. 5. @gregoryzelfond SharePoint User Types  End User (works with content) – Uploads/edits/deletes files – Creates content (documents, tasks, events, etc.) – Shares content  Power User/Site Owner (works with site) – Manages site – Creates web parts – Edits pages – Manages security  Administrator (works with site collection) – Manages site collections – Manages global security & permissions – Manages advanced SharePoint features
  6. 6. @gregoryzelfond Prerequisites  You know what SharePoint is  You have been using SharePoint for a while  You have Full Control (Site Admin) permission
  7. 7. @gregoryzelfond Agenda – SharePoint Elements – Sites • Create New Site • Navigation • Look & Feel • Security – Pages • Editing Pages • Add new page – Web Parts (Apps) • Create new web parts • Add Web Parts to a page • Add custom metadata to lists and libraries • Create custom views – Q & A
  8. 8. @gregoryzelfond SHAREPOINT ELEMENTS
  9. 9. @gregoryzelfond Basic SharePoint Elements  Sites – Used to organize/separate content  Pages – Displays content on a site  Web Parts (Apps) – Building blocks of a page/site
  10. 10. @gregoryzelfond Site Collection Hierarchy Homepage Site HR Site HR Subsite HR Subsite IT Site IT Subsite
  11. 11. @gregoryzelfond iPhone® Analogy SITE PAGE WEB PART
  12. 12. @gregoryzelfond SITES
  13. 13. @gregoryzelfond Create New Site  Gear icon > Site Contents > New subsite
  14. 14. @gregoryzelfond SITE NAVIGATION
  15. 15. @gregoryzelfond 2 types of Navigation  Top Link Bar (can be inherited)  Quick Launch (local/contextual)
  16. 16. @gregoryzelfond LOOK & FEEL
  17. 17. @gregoryzelfond Change the Look
  18. 18. @gregoryzelfond SECURITY & PERMISSIONS
  19. 19. @gregoryzelfond Security & Permissions  Gear icon > Site Settings > Site Permissions
  20. 20. @gregoryzelfond Add Users to Security Groups Always add users to Security Group Never add users directly to the site!
  21. 21. @gregoryzelfond PAGES
  22. 22. @gregoryzelfond Change Page Layout  Edit the Page  Click on Text Layout drop- down  Choose new layout  Click Save
  23. 23. @gregoryzelfond WEB PARTS
  24. 24. @gregoryzelfond Add Web Parts – 2-step process Create Web Part 1 Add Web Part to the Page 2
  25. 25. @gregoryzelfond METADATA
  26. 26. @gregoryzelfond Add Metadata  Library/List Tab > Library/List Settings  Create Column
  27. 27. @gregoryzelfond VIEWS
  28. 28. @gregoryzelfond Create Views
  29. 29. @gregoryzelfond “How To” Blog Posts  How to set Security for a SharePoint site  4 ways to create Drop down navigation in SharePoint  What are SharePoint Sites, Pages and Web Parts?  How to configure Metadata Navigation in a document library  How to implement Document Management System in SharePoint using Content Types  How to create SharePoint alerts  How to add SharePoint Tiles to your site  How to add a Video in SharePoint  How to create an Org Chart in SharePoint  How to create a SharePoint Project Site  4 ways to configure Document Library  Choosing between OneDrive for Business & SharePoint  How SharePoint Recycle Bin works  How to sync SharePoint with Outlook
  30. 30. @gregoryzelfond SharePoint Webinars  How to manage projects in SharePoint using out of the box features  How to build amazing Intranet Sites in SharePoint using out of the box features  How to improve SharePoint User Adoption – practical tips and industry best practices  How to manage migration to SharePoint  SharePoint hacks you can’t live without  [NEW] Project and Portfolio Management with Project Online  [NEW] Kick-Ass Project Collaboration with Office 365 Groups LEARN MORE
  31. 31. @gregoryzelfond Need help with SharePoint?  SharePoint Site Configuration and Customization  Document Migration to SharePoint  SharePoint Implementation Strategy  SharePoint Training  SharePoint User Adoption  SharePoint Governance  SharePoint Project Management
  32. 32. @gregoryzelfond THANK YOU! Visit: Email: Follow: @gregoryzelfond Connect: View: Watch: SharePoint Maven YouTube Channel Get in touch if you have questions
  33. 33. @gregoryzelfond Q & A