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E nglish demo


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  • This is my sample lesson in English about forming past form. This was demonstrated in our ICT Training last May 29-30,2012. No one dared to demonstrate English that's why I'm in a hurry to prepare for this.
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E nglish demo

  1. 1. Write the correct spelling of thefollowing pronounced word. r o ̇i (-ə)l
  2. 2. r o ̇i (-ə)lR O Y A L
  3. 3. ə m-b r e-lə
  4. 4. ə m-b r e-l əU A M L B R E L
  5. 5. rān
  6. 6. rānR A I N
  7. 7. p r ə-t e k-s h ən
  8. 8. p r ə-t e k-s h əPn NR O O T E C T I
  9. 9. k e r-ē
  10. 10. k e r-ēC A R R Y
  11. 11. Regular /ed/ Sound /t/ unvoiced/voiceless Cooked Stopped Kissed Laughed Pushed watched
  12. 12. /d/voicedRubbed Called DaredWarnedDreamed Lived
  13. 13. /Id/Final t and d Branded Waited Shouted Wedded Counted invented
  14. 14. The Royal Umbrella
  15. 15. List all the underlined words in the selection read.
  16. 16. Regular Irregular verbs verbs
  17. 17. brought dance fought d built ate mixedarrived wrote stoodchoppe came cutdlaughed flew complaine d
  18. 18. Regular verbs
  19. 19. Irregular verbs
  20. 20. Form positive sentences in SimplePast.1.The teacher/ our English/test. _________________________________________________________ _ The teacher tested our English.
  21. 21. 2. you/thirsty/be You were thirsty.___________________________________________________________
  22. 22. 3.He /cash/ pay. He paid cash.______________________________________________________________
  23. 23. 4. I / my point of view/ defendI defended my point of view___________________________________________________________
  24. 24. 5. you/newgadgets/developYou developed new_____________________gadgets
  25. 25. Let’s apply what we’ve learned
  26. 26. Keep the learnings in your mind always… Write the past form of your assignment. Here’s the verb used in the firstsentence.1. I fly to Paris every summer. Last summer I ____ toParis.2.I come to school by bus everyday. Yesterday, I ____to school by bus.3.I usually eat lunch at 11:00 a.m. Last Tuesday, I ____lunch at 11:00 a.m.4.My father drives to work every Monday. Last Monday,he _____ to work.5.I usually buy cakes here. Last year,I _______ cakeshere.