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Will Smith -The Power of 100


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World renowned American actor Will Smith bungee-jumped from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon on his 50th birthday to raise funds for the education of girls, boys and youth who live in conflicts and crises!

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Will Smith -The Power of 100

  2. 2. CHILDREN IN CRISIS MEET THE CHILDREN OF CHAD'S DARESALAM DISPLACEMENT CAMP With over 130,000 people displaced from the violence connected with Boko Haram, the refugee children of Lake Chad have little if no access to education and  limited opportunities for the future.  Education Cannot Wait has reached over 150,000 children in Chad, including 69,000 girls. UNICEF Chad/2017/Sokhin UNICEF/Diguera Azoura "We came from Melfo (near Baga-Nigeria) to Daressalam in January 2015. Here in Daressalam, we have food to eat, we go to school, we play with friends, we feel safe  When I get older, I would like to become a doctor to look after sick people.”- Aisha Mahamadou, 16 years old.
  3. 3. CHILDREN IN CRISIS IN WAR-TORN AFGHANISTAN DISPLACED CHILDREN FIND HOPE TO RECEIVE AN EDUCATION In October 2017, fighting between ISIS, Taliban and Government Troops uprooted Rabidullah, who was attending the fourth grade at the Teko School in Nangarhar’s Achin District. Now Rabidullah lives in the Shaheedan Village displacement camp. There were no school facilities, books, classrooms or teachers for Rabidullah and the countless other kids like him that lack access to safe, high-quality free education. Now Rabidullah is able to attend classes, learn, play and rediscover his youth. Education Cannot Wait's investments reach 60% of girls in Afghanistan. This is a huge achievement in a country where girls account for only 39% of pupils in primary school.   UNICEF UNICEF “I suffered. I lost my home, my classmates and my teacher, and was left without a school, class or books.” - Rabidullah, 12 years old
  4. 4. By the numbers million billion Children and youth in need of educational support Funding gap for education in crisis 1in 4 75 8.5 Of the world's school-aged children and youth live in countries affected by crisis. "They killed my son and burned my house in Nigeria. I really have nothing left there. Teaching helps me to take my mind off things. They say Western education is sinful but I believe every child has a right to education especially learning languages, this is what will help them support their communities." - Malam Sani,55, teaches Grade 1 in the Daresalam Refugee camp in the Lake Chad region. UNICEFChad/2017/Bahaji
  6. 6. HAPPYBIRTHDAYWILL! WITH EDUCATION CANNOTWAIT YOUCANREACH WILL SMITH THE POWER OF 100 75 MILLION MORE You've fought aliens, challenged stereotypes as a Fresh Prince, and given hope to millions of people. #WILLSMITHAND #EDUCATIONCANNOTWAIT