Whteboard Management Solution Brochure 2008


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VISTX Whiteboard Management Methodology

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Whteboard Management Solution Brochure 2008

  1. 1. THE VISTX DIFFERENCE APPROACH AND EXPERIENCE—By using our time-tested, simplified, visual approach and drawing on our experience, we are able to provide our clients with a jump start and minimize the time to deliver results. TM WHITEBOARD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS where vision and strategy meet execution In today’s tough economic times, it is more important than ever to deliver on-time and within budget ensuring INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE that promised ROI is achieved. ! LIFE SCIENCES This places an increased emphasis on identifying the ! HEALTHCARE ! MANUFACTURING “right” initiatives, managing the new requests and ! TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION executing according to plan. ! FINANCIAL SERVICE ! BANKING ! HIGH TECHNOLOGY CASCADING AND ALIGNING ! COMMUNICATIONS ! INSURANCE ! CORPORATE REAL ESTATE TREMENDOUS BENEFITS ! CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND RETAIL Board of Directors Roles - Responsibilities Executive Team People - Skills Productivity - Process Directors/Managers Practices - Policies Dashboards - Metrics Finance Information Technology Operations Data - Systems Service Delivery Marketing-Sales Functions - Capabilities “The knowledge needed to transform a system must KNOWLEDGE - WORKFLOW - PERFORMANCE come from outside the system” - W. Edward Deming
  2. 2. ADDITIONAL VISTX SOLUTIONS For over 25 years, we have delivered high quality, predictable results in a timely and cost-effective manner. VISTX consultants have a wealth of expertise and experience working in many different environments and can assist in moving your initiative forward without the frustration of the trial and error approach utilized in many What we hear from clients; consulting firms. “My best ideas typically start on the back of a napkin…how can we build on that?” This experience along with our proven, visual, “We give FORM far too much of our time at the expense of SUBSTANCE!” data driven approach provides our clients with a “As a Leader I want answers not lectures ….” reliable, consistent and predictable roadmap to “By the time the PowerPoint show is prepared, the answer has changed!” make vision a reality. ENTERPRISE PROJECT AND PORTFOLIO MANAGMENT WHAT WE DO VISTX Portfolio/Project Management Services tm VISTX Whiteboard Management delivers a simple, straightforward, proven set of visual methods for deliver long sought benefits to our clients. We reducing the complexities of the decision making process. Our collaborative approach combined with do this by combining technology with sound data‐driven detail and leading edge improvement methodologies reduces the stress, time and risk in processes and governance to provide a business planning and initiative development. Working hand in hand with your leadership our seasoned complete solution personalized to the specific professionals are your partners in assessing your current state and developing the best next steps to needs of our clients. Working closely with our improving and growing your business VISTX Professionals: clients, our experienced professionals: ! Focus their real world knowledge and experience on your needs and challenges ! Improve your results ! Use straightforward tools and methods that flex to your business conditions and ! Reduce risk culture to support your expectations ! Reduce complexities—Increasing the ! Deliver measurable, predictable results ease of adoption ! Provide incremental delivery options AREAS COVERED ! Minimize time to attain benefits with the Business Planning: Strategies and Objectives lowest possible cost of ownership Metric Development: Scorecards and Dashboards SMART-SOURCINGtm Decision Support: Constraint Analysis and Improvement Scenario Development Initiatives require a mix of resources, skills and Process Improvement: Modeling, Mapping and Documentation tools to deliver on organizational expectations. Delivered Results: Execution Support and Skills Resourcing tm VISTX SMART-SOURCING , is a way of BENEFITS improving your organizational performance for a ! The lowest cost investment utilizing a proven visual set of tools and techniques single or multiple set of initiatives, we help ! Quickly creates a common language and useable approach throughout your manage your resource availability, capacity, and organization expenditures to ensure timely deliverables. By ! Breaks through the functional and cultural bias and closes the employee tm taking advantage of our SMART-SOURCING generational gaps engagement services, processes, templates and ! Is proven to be the most effective and efficient approach for aligning your tools, 'you' save time and money. Benefits to organization to the mission our clients include: ! Agility ! Resource flexibility ! Access to Best Practices ! Instant access to knowledgeable and where vision and strategy meet execution experienced resources ! Access to tools, dashboards, templates Scottsdale, AZ | Irvine, CA and processes Toll Free: 555.543.5432 | Fax: 480.304.5552 | www.vistx.com