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  1. 1. PANZERSolutions - PeopleSoft Consulting Services We understand the “total skills package” that a good consultant should bring to the table.INTRODUCTION PEOPLESOFT CONSULTING SERVICES PANZER Solutions LLC has a proven track record of  Human Resources delivering Effective Solutions through Innovative Technologies. We have come a long way since our  Benefits Administration inception in 1999.  Payroll We have many PeopleSoft professionals looking for contract & permanent openings worldwide.  Time and Labor PANZER Solutions LLC provides a complete resourcing  Pension Administration solution in Oracle across USA. Our teams of experienced,  Technical Architecture enthusiastic staffing professionals are highly knowledgeable within their specialist areas, which means  Design & Configuration a quick response time saving time and money.  Customization (People Code, Page Design, SQR, etc 1
  2. 2. PANZERSolutions PEOPLESOFT CONSULTINGADVANTAGES PANZER PEOPLESOFT CONSULTING SERVICES SERVICES Rich pool of PeopleSoft Consultants:  Accounts Payable  Detail Design & Scope  PeopleSofts HRMS Documentation  PeopleSoft Benefits Administration  PeopleSoft Payroll  People Tools Suite of  PeopleSoft Time and Labor Technical Utilities  PeopleSoft General Ledger  PeopleSoft Account Payables  Application Support & Troubleshooting  PeopleSoft Purchasing  PeopleSoft Account Receivables  PeopleSoft Security  PeopleSoft Billing Administration  PeopleSoft ELM Consultant  PeopleSoft Technical Architect  Upgrades, Updates & Fixes, Tax Updates  PeopleSoft HRMS/SCM Developer  PeopleSoft Supply Chain Developer  PeopleSoft Benefits  PeopleSoft Security Admin. Administration  Peoplesoft Developer  PeopleSoft Expenses Consultant  PeopleSoft Expenses  Peoplesoft HR Security Consultant  Peoplesoft HCM Consultant  PeopleSoft Purchasing/  PeopleSoft CRM Business Analyst ePro Consultant  PeopleSoft Functional Consultant  PeopleSoft Tester  PeopleSoft HRIS Analyst  PeopleSoft nVision Financial Consultant IN - DEPTH EXPERIENCE  Peoplesoft Purchasing/ePro Consultant  PeopleSoft Workflow Consultants PANZER Solutions LLC has more than 8 years of industry experience. Our vast pool of PeopleSoft consultants has worked all across the USA. 2
  3. 3. PANZERSolutions PEOPLESOFT CONSULTING SERVICESPROCESS UTILIZED TO SCREEN CONSULTANTS PRIOR SUBMITTAL  Accounts Payable  Source the candidates through Head Hunting Internal Data base and Networking.  Detail Design & Scope Documentation  Screen the candidates based on the hiring criteria job description.  People Tools Suite of Technical Utilities  Through verification of individual qualification,  Application Support & experience, information. Troubleshooting  Qualification checks to ensure personal measure up  PeopleSoft Security to western or required specification. Administration  Pre-employment background check.  Upgrades, Updates & Fixes, Tax Updates  Selection of personnel with strict adherence to job  PeopleSoft Benefits description. Administration  Medical checks if required.  PeopleSoft Expenses Consultant  Skill level assessment and proficiency tests if required.  PeopleSoft Purchasing/ ePro Consultant  Adequate orientation of personnel to minimize culture shock. VERIFICATION  Skill enhancement programs for selected applicants.  1-9 or other proof of work authorization.  Provide Assistance to initial journey to work-site if  Department of Motor required. Vehicle (DMV) verification.  Other items specified by  Replacement within a short time. our clients (e.g. drug testing).  Chemical background checks. 3
  4. 4. PANZERSolutions OUR OFFICE ADDRESSOUR LOCATION PANZER Solutions LLC 45 Stuart Ave, K. Norwalk CT - 06850 USA Phone: (203) 971-8359 Fax: (203) 971-8354 Email: SAY HELLO! 4