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Process improvement buzz word decoder by @ecgstudio


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No clue what a 5Z is? How bout DVPPV? Not ROTFLOL'ing? O.K. We D.K. some either... So @ecgstudio compiled a list of popular acronyms and buzz words and put them here along with their textbook definition. This isn’t a full and exhaustive list, but a handy reference for some of the ones we are asked about the most.

Btw, you can DL: Process Improvement :: acronym, initialism, abbreviation :: Buzz Word Decoder here on Slideshare.

It's DIY guide brought to you by your friends @ecgstudio.

TY and TTYL!

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Process improvement buzz word decoder by @ecgstudio

  2. 2.           Abbreviations, initials and acronyms are designed to make understanding and writing a lot easier. But, if you’re new to process improvement, business analysis or involved in a change initiative being hit with lots of acronyms and abbreviations at once won’t always make you LOL.   We’ve compiled a list of popular acronyms and buzz words and put them here along with their textbook definition. This isn’t a full and exhaustive list, but a handy reference for some of the ones we are asked about the most. You may want to print this list and post it in your office as a visual reminder or share with your colleagues and project team members!© 2009-12 ec g s tu d io .co m all rights reserved   2  
  3. 3.           Process Improvement Buzz Word Decoder Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve- 3P Production Preparation Process DMAIC Control Policies, Procedures, People, Define-Measure-Explore-Develop- 4P DMEDI Plant/Technologies Implement Clear Out, Configure, Clean and Check, 5C DOE Design of Experiments Conformity, Custom and Practice 5S / 6S Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Defects, Overproduction, Sustain (6S is same but adds Safety) DOTWIMP Transportation, Waiting, Inventory, Motion, Processing 5W Who, What, When, Where, Why DPMO Defects Per Million Opportunities 5W2H Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, DPO Defects per Opportunity How much 5Z Uketorazu, Tsukurazu, Baratsukasazu, DPU Defects per Unit Kurikaesazu, Nagasazu 6M Machines, Methods, Materials, (DVP&PV) Design Verification, Measurements, Mother Nature DVPPV Production and Process Validation (Environment), Manpower (People) 6W Who, What, When, Where, Why, Which ECO Engineering Change Order 7QC 7 Quality Control Tools ECR Engineering Change Request Eight Disciplines Problem Solving 8D ELT Extract Load Transfer Process ABC Activity Based Costing ERP Enterprise Resource Planning ANOM Analysis of Means ESER Engineering Sample Evaluation Report ANOVA Analysis of Variance EVOP Evolutionary Operation Exponentially Weighted Moving Average APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning EWMA Chart AQL Acceptable Quality Level FAST Function Analysis System Technique BAU “Business As Usual” FCE Frequently Committed Errors    © 2009-12 ec g s tu d io .co m all rights reserved   3  
  4. 4.           Process Improvement Buzz Word Decoder   BIA Business Impact Analysis FIFO First In, First Out CAP Change Acceleration Process FISH First In, Still Here CAPA Corrective and Preventive Action FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis CAR Corrective Action Report FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FOCUS – Find, Organize, Clarify, Understand, CBR Critical Business Requirements PDCA Select, Plan, Do, Check, Act CCD Central Composite Design GCI Global Commerce Initiative CCR Capacity Constraint Resource GS Glenday Sieve Cmk Machine Capability index GQTS Global Quality Tracking System Goals, Roles, Processes, and CMM Capability Maturity Model GRPI Interpersonal Relationships COC Cost of Conformance IPO Input-Process-Output Expanded Theory of Inventive Problem CONC Cost of Non-Conformance I-TRIZ Solving Customer, Output, Process, Input, COPIS ICT Information Communication Technology Supplier COPQ Cost of Poor Quality IDOV Identify, Design, Optimize, Validate COQ Cost of Quality IMR Individuals and Moving Range chart Cp Process Potential Index (short term) IQR Inter-Quartile Range Cpk Process Capability Index (short term) IRR Internal Rate of Return International Organization for CSSBB Certified Six Sigma Black Belt ISO Standardization Information Technology Infrastructure CSSGB Certified Six Sigma Green Belt ITIL Library CTQC Critical To Quality Characteristic KBC Knowledge Based Community CTQ Critical To Quality KBI Key Business Issue    © 2009-12 ec g s tu d io .co m all rights reserved   4  
  5. 5.           Process Improvement Buzz Word Decoder   CUSUM Cumulative sum control chart KBR Key Business Requirement DF Degrees of Freedom KISS Keep It Simple and Specific DFLSS Design For Lean Six Sigma KJ Analytical Method by Jiro Kawakita DFMEA Design Failure Mode and Effect KPI Key Performance Indicator DFSS Design for Six Sigma KPIV Key Process Input Variables Design for X (where X is any DFX KPOV Key Process Output Variable requirement) DMADV Define-Measure-Analyze-Design-Verify LCL Lower Control Limit LIFO Last In, First Out LLB Lean Level of Buffering LSL Lower Specification Limit                          © 2009-12 ec g s tu d io .co m all rights reserved   5  
  6. 6.           Process Improvement Buzz Word Decoder LSS Lean Six Sigma RONA Return on Net Assets Lean Six Sigma Body of LSSBOK RPN Risk Priority Number Knowledge LTPD Lot Tolerance Percent Defective RQL Rejectable Quality Level Map+Measure, Explore+Evaluate, Define+Descibe, MEDIC RTY Rolled Throughput Yield Implement+Improve, Control+Conform Reasonable, Understandable, Modular Arrangements of Measurable, Believable and MODAPTS RUMBA Predetermined Time Standards Achievable Substitute, Combine, Adapt / Adopt, Modify / Magnify / Minify, MPS Master Production Schedule SCAMPER Put to other Uses, Eliminate, Reverse / Rearrange Strengths, Challenges, MSA Measurement System Analysis SCOT Opportunities and Threats Analysis Suppliers, Inputs, Process, MRP Material Requirements Planning SIPOC Outputs, Customers MTBF Mean Time Between Failures SMED Single-Minute Exchange of Die Specific, Measurable, Achievable, MTTR Mean Time to Repair SMART Relevant and Time-bound Specific, Measurable, Achievable, NVA Non-Value Added SMARTER Relevant, Time-bound, Evaluated, and Reviewed OCT Operation Cost Target SME Subject Matter Expert OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness SOS Standard Operating Sheet OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer SPC Statistical Process Control  © 2009-12 ec g s tu d io .co m all rights reserved   6  
  7. 7.           Process Improvement Buzz Word Decoder Supplier Request for Engineering OCAP Out of Control Action Plan SREA Approval OFAT One Factor at a Time SSBOK Six Sigma Body of Knowledge Strengths, Weaknesses, NPV Net Present Value SWOT Opportunities and Threats Analysis PCE Process Cycle Efficiency TAT Turn Around Time Transport, Inventory, Motion, PDCA Plan-Do-Check-Act TIMWOOD Waiting, Over- processing, Overproduction, Defects PDPC Process Decision Program Charts TMAP Thought Process Map PFA Passion for Action TOC Theory of Constraints Process Failure Modes Effects PFMEA TPM Total Productive Maintenance Analysis PMP Project Management Professional TPS Toyota Production System Predetermined Motion Time PMTS TQM Total Quality Management System Theory of Inventive Problem PPAP Production Part Approval Process TRIZ Solving Process Performance Measure Pp TVM Total Value Management (long term) Process Capability Index (long Ppk UCL Upper Control Limit term) PPM Parts Per Million USL Upper Specification Limit PPS Production Preparation Schedule VA Value Added PSO Process Sign Off VIF Variance Inflation Factor PSW Part Submission Warrant VOB Voice of the Business PTC Pass Through Characteristic VOC Voice of the Customer PWI Process Window Index VOE Voice of the Employee  © 2009-12 ec g s tu d io .co m all rights reserved   7  
  8. 8.           Process Improvement Buzz Word Decoder Q1 First Quartile VOP Voice of the Process Q2 Second Quartile VQD Visual Quality Document Q3 Third Quartile WBT Web-based Training Individual and Moving Range QAS Quality Assurance Schedule XmR chart QCM Quality Control Manager Zlt Long-term Z-Score QAM Quality Assurance Manager Zst Short-term Z-Score QFD Quality Function Deployment QOS Quality Operating System QPR Quality Problem Report QS-9000 Quality System Standard Measure of the strength of the R linear association in a correlation analysis RBI Risk Based Inspection RCFA Root Cause Failure Analysis ROI Return on Investment About ECG Studio is a business process reengineering company that helps business leaders explain their strategies and connect people to customer-centric processes that drive results. We positively impact: ~ How people work together and adapt to change; ~ How creatively problems are solved; ~ How efficient and measurable your processes are; ~ How the work gets done, systematically, and; ~ How value is created See our work at© 2009-12 ec g s tu d io .co m all rights reserved   8