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Skelia - Extending your enterprise

  2. 2. Your PeopleWorking at remote sitesWe set-up your dedicated top-class team in acollaborative, controlled environment.
  4. 4. SKELIA ? We extend your enterprise with managed, skilled resources in nearshore locations. & We offer significant financial savings through managed relocation of on-site resources.
  5. 5. EXTENDING YOUR ENTERPRISEWe recruit and set-up dedicated teams in low-cost, nearshorelocations and take care of all supporting services. Legal Recruiting & Support Selection Operational & Payroll & Technical Support Administration Skelia Client processes & methods dedicated team Client Building & Career organisation Facilities Development Management & Training People Retention & Motivation
  7. 7. OUR STRUCTURESkelia HQ located in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Weoperate from Service Centers in Eastern European cities. SKELIA KIEV OFFICE Kiev Ukraine SKELIASKELIA HQ UKRAINE HQ20 Rue de l’industrie Optima PlazaBuilding ALTO L’viv8399 Windhof UkraineGDL
  8. 8. FOR WHOM ? Our clients have 3 common characteristics. • Cost conscious / Need people1 • Structural need, NO short-term2 not an ad hoc issue Missions • Activities which can be executed3 remotely ?
  9. 9. FOR WHOM ?Most companies qualify for remote executionof certain activities.Shared Service Data Administrative Application Testing Center processing support development Systems and Web network Engineering 24/7 support R&D development monitoring Market Translations &intelligence & Graphics design Call centre Etc. copywriting analysis
  10. 10. TRY & BUYPossibility to buy and transfer the dedicated Skelia serviceteam into a client-owned separate legal entity. Create an off-shore company after having experienced its value, capacity and possibilities
  11. 11. WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT ? Skelia gives you more Comfort and Control compared to traditional offshore and nearshore service providers. YOUR OWNLOW VOLUME “YES IS YES” TOP-CLASS HIGH PEOPLE LOW PRICES DEDICATED MODEL CULTURE PEOPLE RETENTION TEAM People you know Policies & Open Book People’s attitude High education individually in culture builtEffective as of 1 approach and behaviour in & experience in remote location around retaining person possible remote location ICT and non- only working for and motivating without “fat” similar to yours ICT. you people YOUR OWN BELGIAN LOCAL NO CUSTOMER SHORT TRAVEL TRANSFERPROCESSES & SHAREHOLDERS CONTRACTS LOCK-IN DISTANCE POSSIBILITY TOOLS & MANAGEMENT Plug-and-Play Easy contactoperating model Investors and Contracts with Possibility to during your using your managers you Skelia Lux in law Easy step-out in acquire your office hours and known current personally know system you 1 month team in own fast access by processes & and can trust know legal entity plane tools
  12. 12. SHAREHOLDERS & EXECUTIVES100+ years of combined expertise in managing internationalcompanies, complex programs and investments.EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS PATRIK VANDEWALLE - CEO JAN DE SCHEPPER • Belgian nationality (1964) • Belgian nationality (1958) • Masters degree in Engineering & Computer Sciences, University • CEO of Telindus NV (until 2008) Leuven (1987) • Board memberships including Inventive Designers, ADM and • Executive and Board positions in large international companies Nascom • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments KOEN ANSEEUW - CFO JAN PICAVET • Belgian nationality (1950) • Belgian nationality (1962) • Board memberships including Netfund Europe, HR Technologies , • Masters degree in Computer Sciences, University Ghent (1986) Unified Post • Executive and Board positions in software & consultancy companies • Set-up and investment in international businesses • Set-up and investment in international businesses OLIVIER ISTACE - COO • Belgian nationality (1970) • Masters degree in Computer Sciences, University Namur (1993) • Positions in software, consultancy & financial companies • 10 years experience with Ukrainian culture & collaboration
  13. 13. NEARSHORE MANAGEMENTSkelia Service Centers are directed by trusted andexperienced national managers. ROSTYSLAV SHCHEPAN – MANAGING DIRECTOR •Ukrainian nationality •Masters degree in International Law, Ivan Franko Lviv National University ( 2002 ) KOSTYANTYN PELEKH – OPERATIONS MANAGER •Ukrainian nationality •Masters degree in Computer Sciences, Ivan Franko Lviv National University ( 2001) OKSANA DYACHYSHYN – HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER •Ukrainian nationality •Masters degree in International Economics, Ivan Franko Lviv National University ( 2003 )
  14. 14. OUR AMBITIONSSkelia has ambitious growth plans. Indicative POTENTIAL STRATEGIC Headcount Planning DEVELOPMENTS 450 1. Set-up additional Service Centres in 250 Ukraine 40 100 2. Set-up Service Centres in other nearshore countries 3. Extend commercial coverage across Europe 2009 2010 2011 2012 Official Opening Skelia Ukraine May, 2009
  16. 16. CORE COMPETENCE Find, Attract, Retain and Develop top-class professionals Make those professionals at low Rates matching the effectively Collaborate at distance specific Profile and Skills with On-Site teams. required by our customers. Legal Recruiting & Support Selection Operational & Payroll & Technical Administration Support Skelia Client processes & methods dedicated team Building & Career Client organisation Facilities Development Management & Training People Retention & Motivation
  17. 17. OUR SERVICES EXTENDING RELOCATING TEAMS TEAMS Client team Client team + Skelia team Skelia teamAdditional resources cooperating with Includes transition management andexisting local team or team lead. knowledge transfer (overlapping period)
  18. 18. PLUG & PLAY NEARSHORINGMade for integration with most operating models of clientsand/or external Service Providers. Easy to integrate into existing organisation Experience your “dedicated resources” Scalable with “external (as of 1 resource) management” Use your Designed for methodologies & collaboration tools
  19. 19. MANAGED RELOCATION Gradual transition of on-site contractors to the off-Site Skelia operating model. Ideally, we phase per Client Team in groups of 5-10 resources for which the Skelia model is applicable.Team Transition A Planning Transition Operational (Steady State)Team Transition B Planning Transition Operational (Steady State)Team Transition C Planning Transition Operational (Steady State) Client Team Leader Team Leaders (member of Client Skelia Team) Team Client processes & methods Skelia Team A Team B CLIENT SKELIA
  20. 20. ACCESSIBLE COMPETENCIESWe find people qualified within a broad range of skills. Project Team Software Build Testers managers leaders developers engineers Business & System Database Support IT Functional administrators administrators engineers Auditors analysts Technical Localization Customer Care Translators Web designers writers specialists agents Graphics Data entry Legal Marketing Engineers designers support specialists specialists
  22. 22. PRICING MODELA "no surprise“, open book pricing model.Monthly Support People Facilities Mgmt Sales Services Cost Cost Fee Price Cost @ cost @ cost @ cost Fixed € / month • Gross Salary • Offices rent • HR Services • Sales Cost • Pension • Desks • Technical support • Corporate Cost • Insurance • Networks • Operational support • Margin • Other Benefits • PC & Servers • Facilities support • Security • Utilities, etc. ∑ One-time Sales Monthly Take-in Price Sales Fee Prices Fixed € / person • Share phase-in
  23. 23. SAVINGS ?Skelia generates 50% to 80% recurring savings compared toequivalent resources in Benelux (excluding transition &management overheads).TRADITIONAL SKELIABUSINESS MODEL BUSINESS MODEL = + 1 employee 2 equivalent Skelia resources + + + + = 1 consultant 4-5 equivalent Skelia resources
  24. 24. SAVINGS ?EXTENDING ROI < 1 monthTEAMS On-site coordination Client team + Skelia teamRELOCATING ROI = 5-10 monthsTEAMS Planning & preparation Client team Transition management Knowledge transfer (1-3 months) On-site coordination Skelia team Program governance
  25. 25. SAVINGS – SIMULATIONEXTENDING TEAMS EXAMPLE Extending a team with 10 Skelia resources generates between 580 K€ -900K€ savings per year compared to local contractors.
  26. 26. SAVINGS – SIMULATIONS MANAGED RELOCATION Indicative Financial Savings (*) Net Savings Yearly Savings Cumulative Savings Relocated resources ROI Year 1 Steady State 5 Years 5 < 11 months 50 K€ 350 K€ 1.300 K€ contractors 10 < 10 months 180 K€ 750 K€ 3.100 K€ contractors 20 < 9 months 450 K€ 1.500 K€ 6.500 K€ contractors 40 < 9 months 1.000 K€ 3.100 K€ 13.000 K€ contractors(*) Including planning & preparation, transition management, knowledge transfer, steady state governance, additional on-site coordination, nearshore facilities & connectivity, projected inflation.
  28. 28. SERVICE CENTRE – LVIV, UKRAINELocated in new, top-class business centre in Lviv, capital of Western-Ukraine. Secured Access. Flexible Space. Branded Customer Rooms. Optima Plaza 7th floor Naukova street 7B Lviv, Ukraine
  29. 29. SERVICE CENTRE – KIEV, UKRAINELocated in Horizon Office Towers Kiev, capital of Ukraine. Secured Access.Flexible Space. Branded Customer Rooms. Horizon Office Towers Shovkovychna St., 42-44. Kiev, Ukraine
  30. 30. LOCATION CRITERIA Skelia Service Centres in selected nearshore locations • We search for countries and geographic • We search for locations which enable areas within those countries where labour EducationLow cost proximity of and partnership models with cost is substantially lower than in Western- level high-schools and universities. Europe. • We look for areas and cities with sufficient • We require that all appropriate human and Access to potential candidates for employment willing Ethics business ethics can be sufficiently assured by people to join Skelia, i.e. where we can still Skelia. differentiate and be attractive. • For practical reasons, we search for Trade & • We search for countries and regions whichProximity countries located within similar time zones political give us sufficient comfort regarding short and as our customers. long-term economical stability perspectives. climate Culture • Culture match with our customer’s region is one of they key success factors of the & Skelia business model, next to sufficientlanguage mastering the English language.
  31. 31. WHY UKRAINE ? Well established Labour Law and good employee protection. • 40 hours working week • Collective labour agreements • Annual paid vacation WTO Growing European member number Football • Minimum salary (June int’l Championship • Regulated lay-off procedures 2008) companies (2012) Low cost Trade & Ethics political climate Very Establishe Roadmap forestablished d Law EU membershipLabour law (IPR, copyrights, Access to Proximity etc.) people Culture & Education level language • Close to EU border Ukraine has an excellent • Only 1 hour time difference ! system of education, similar • Only 4 hours flight to that of Western- European countries.
  32. 32. WHY UKRAINE? Cultural Match ! “Yes is • Remarkable match with Low cost Yes, No is Benelux attitude No” • Much better than India ! Trade & Ethics political climate Cultural • Lviv is UNESCO world heritage Heritage Ukraine has renowned Access to Proximity university cities with people • Heritage of hard workers top-ranked institutions. Hard and family support workers continues to live in day-to- day attitude Culture & Education level languageL’vivPolytechnic L’viv National L’viv Commercial Very multi-lingual area.University University Academy• Computer • Computer • International Can be Not popular, sciences sciences Relations Native Easy to find• Applied • Applied • Economics found but possible mathematics mathematics • Finance• Computer • Mechanics Portuguese French technologies, • Electronics English Norwegian automation • Economics Ukrainian Swedish and Spanish • Law Persian metrology Arabic • Foreign German Italian• Economics Japanese languages• Management Bulgarian Slovakian Serbian Russian Polish Hungarian Czech Croatian
  33. 33. TOP LOCATION2006 Global Skills Report Examples of companies with R&DThis report combines data on theemployment skill levels of individuals from or Innovation Centres in Ukraine.over 200 countries (ICT certifications) Rank Rank 2006 2005 1 US 1 2 India 2 3 Russia 3 4 Ukraine 5 5 Romania 4 6 UK 7 7 Canada 6 8 Belarus 11 9 Philippines 9 10 Bulgaria 8
  34. 34. TOP LOCATIONGobal Outsourcing Report 2005 “Ukraine is considered a country with one of theFuture Outsourcing Index (FOI), which highest levels of education in Eastern Europe.assesses the long-term (10 years) competitiveness There are more students per 10,000 people in Ukraineof the top 30 future outsourcing destinations than in Japan or the U.K.” Future Opportunity Future Opportunity Index Index 1 China 16 Thailand 2 India 17 Vietnam “Ukraine has approximately 1% of the world’s population, but 6% of the world’s physicists, 3 US 18 Moldova chemists, mathematicians, biologists, 4 Brazil 19 Mexico computer programmers and other highly 5 Russia 20 Poland trained professionals.” 6 Ukraine 21 Bulgaria 7 Romania 22 Israel 8 Belarus 23 Pakistan “The country provided many top computer programmers to the former Soviet Union’s space and 9 Philippines 24 Kazachstan military efforts, and much of that expertise has spilled 10 Canada 25 Albania over to the country’s private sector.” 11 Ireland 26 Hungary 12 Malaysia 27 Czech Republic “Ukraine has the potential to unleash even more 13 Armenia 28 Latvia capacity to become a vibrant player in the global 14 Chile 29 Singapore economy due to a large, highly educated labor 15 South Africa 30 Costa Rica force.”
  35. 35. TOP LOCATION Exploring Global Frontiers Stars of the future Report 2009 Americas Asia-Pacific EuropeKPMG identified 31 cities which are rapidly Buenos Aires Brisbane Sofiaemerging as leading pretenders to the BPO Campinas Changsha Zagrebcrown held by the traditional powerhouses such asBangalore, Chennai or Shanghai. Curitiba Hangzhou, Cairo Clagary Ahmedabad, Port LouisThe advantages offered by the 31 cities varyconsiderably, even as some common themes pan out : Winnipeg Jaipur Belfast1. Lower cost Santiago Nagpur Gdansk2. Size of workforce Guadalajara Penang Cluj-Napoca,3. Quality of talent4. Linguistic and cultural similarities Queretaro Davao City Rostov-on-Don5. Dedicated infrastructure for IT BPO companies Boise Iloilo City Belgrade6. Quality of life7. Government support & incentives Indianapolis Ho Chi Minh City Lviv Tunis
  37. 37. EMPLOYEE RETENTIONDesigned to secure a sustainable and comfortingemployee retention. Training Programs, Direct Social Client We make programs, contact and Company interaction Skelia an events enjoyable place to Respect of Inspiring agreements work. and human Company Culture rights Top-class Local Building Competitive facilities & Salary ICT Package Unique private Insurance Programs
  39. 39. START-UP PROCESS It takes around 7 to 9 weeks to have your team operational. Client Skelia Employee Selection & On-Boarding Recruitment Process Contract Approval Activate sourcing channels and screening of pre-selected Short-list Regular notice period candidates. interviews by is 2 weeks (unless Skelia Profile Possibility to deploy Client tests as selection criteria. Client for person prefers to ResourceValidation On-line view of selected candidates in Skelia portal. final finalize current Operational In parallel, facilities and infrastructure is prepared and set- selection engagement at up to be ready before boarding. (“perfect fit”) previous employer) 4à6 1à2 1à2 2 weeks days days weeks 7 – 9 weeks Letter of Service Authorisation Agreement