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Agile Is From Mars Usability is From Venus


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A presentation I gave to the Brisbane Web Standards Group in February 2009 on combining usability and agile practices in Suncorp.

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Agile Is From Mars Usability is From Venus

  1. 1. Agile & Usability  Teale Shapcott Teale Shapcott Brisbane Web Standards Group Thursday,  February 26th, 2009
  2. 2. Hex: # 008080   RGB:  0, 128, 128 Teale Tl
  3. 3. • Supplier of banking, insurance  & wealth management products  & lth t dt to over 7 million customers.  • Australia’s 6th largest bank, 2nd largest domestic insurance group  largest domestic insurance group with 16,000 staff.  • 450 offices, branches &  agencies throughout Australia &  agencies throughout Australia & New Zealand. • Recognised brands: AAMI,  APIA, Shannons, Vero, Asteron,  APIA, Shannons, Vero, Asteron, Tyndall & GIO
  4. 4. TACTICAL STRATEGY Practice Re P Evangelising Usability Activitie Technical Playground Defining Tools & Processes Defining Tools & Processes elated es  Trend & Tech Research Expert Evaluations Project Designing future product &  Delivering Funded Projects Act Service Experiences tivities t Focussed  Personas & Mental Models Design Research Guid Stan Interface Coding Standards Interface Coding Standards delines ndards  UI Guidelines / Design Patterns Workshops & Training
  5. 5. vs End User Focus Customer Focus
  6. 6. vs Upfront Design Incremental Design
  7. 7. vs Paper Prototyping  Working Prototypes
  8. 8. Implementation  Implementation vs Independence Dependence
  9. 9. Agenda • The case for combining Agile & Usability The case for combining Agile & Usability • Relationship Health Check Relationship Health Check • Shared values  • Practical application in Suncorp.
  10. 10. “ Agile is here to stay.  The economic  difficulties of the past  difficulties of the past months have finally put  waterfall out of its  waterfall out of its misery; now more   than ever, long  h l requirements phases  and vaporous up‐front  documentation aren t  documentation aren’t ” acceptable.  Cennydd Bowles  y Getting Real about Agile Design  A List Apart, Dec 2, 2008
  11. 11. compelling usable useful f
  12. 12. useful usable compelling pg
  13. 13. Tension is in the air air…
  14. 14. Lipsticking the pig th pig
  15. 15. Scoring goals with sh r u shared valuess ...
  16. 16. People centric values
  17. 17. Iterative Design values
  18. 18. vs Iterative Design Incremental Design
  19. 19. Creative values
  20. 20. Delivery values
  21. 21. Business V l Generation & Risk Mitigation Bi Value G i Ri k Mi i i CONCEPT INITIATE DELIVER DEPLOY Approx 1 week Approx. 2-4 Approx 2 4 weeks 2 weeks per Iteration Approx. Approx 2 weeks Aim: Identifying a technical  Refines & validates the  Ongoing Iterative  Rapid and secure transition to  solution at a reasonable cost.  solution.  development of working  the production environment.  software.  software. Concept documentation  reviewed and refined  Refinement & adaptation of  providing a solid foundation  plans from initiate.  for development.  • Risk Assessments Deliverables: • Focusing Question • Provision of infrastructure • Quick & secure deployment  • Issues Register • Business Benefits for software production. of developed software into  • Value Stream Mapping • Cost Benefits Analysis • Development & delivery of  production or other required  • Story Card Identification • Success Sliders lid d d ifi i high quality working  hi h li ki environments.  i • Story Card Prioritisation software.  • Story Card Estimation • Release Planning
  22. 22. Deliver Surface: Parallel Track Dev What will the finished product  Interface Prototype look like? Usability Testing  bl Seek out TOOLS  Initiate Skeleton: (features)  What components are needed  to help me complete  User Goals for the site to be used. for the site to be used Task Analysis  T kA l i my TASKS Persona archetypes to achieve my GOALS Structure: How will pieces of the site fit  How will pieces of the site fit together & behave?.  Scope: p GOALS achieved  Strategy becomes requirements  – what features are needed?  By completing TASKS Concept C t Strategy:  High level Business goals.  High level goals I have GOALS Jesse James Garrett’s Elements of User Experience
  24. 24. A useful, usable & compelling  A fl bl & lli Design is a balance between  Customer End User  Goals Gl Goals Gl Customer Goals & End User Goals C G l &E dU G l (concept) (initiate) Modelling (tasks, personas)
  25. 25. INVEST (I d d t N ti bl Valuable, Estimable, Small, Testable)) (Independant, Negotiable, V l bl E ti bl S ll T t bl
  26. 26. Must Have Should Have Could Have Won’t Have
  27. 27. parallel track development
  28. 28. feature scale low cost Necessity What are the minimal characteristics of  What are the minimal characteristics of the feature? Flexibility y How can the feature be more useful in  moderate cost other situations Error Recovery Error Recovery Is this feature safe to use in terms of error recovery? Performance  What will make this feature more desirable to use? high cost
  29. 29. In summary y • Agile is here to stay! •LLeverage the shared values between Agile  th h d l bt A il & Usability for effective collaboration • Combining usability & agile fosters  innovation & development of a useful,  innovation & development of a useful usable & compelling product  • Encourage usability as a team sport • Use personas to get everyone thinking Use personas to get everyone thinking  about the same user • Iterate rather than increment