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Real Estate Solutions Services


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Real Estate Solutions
Project Management
Construction Management
Facilities Management
Feasibility Study
Kuwait and Dubai

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Real Estate Solutions Services

  1. 1. Our Professional Competence, Your Personal Confidence
  2. 2. You need a reliable Program management ComPanY. You need real eState SolutionS.
  3. 3. Join the SucceSS, explore the opportunitieS given the ComPlexitY of todaYS real eState Real Estate Solutions (RES) is a highly respected Program WHO WE ARE Management Company, specializing in managing the and ConStruCtion marketPlaCe, Partnering full lifecycle of real estate projects. With a unique ability to combine vast professional expertise, management with a ComPetent ProJeCt management competence and an outstanding customer service, RES ComPanY Can make the differenCe between is definitely your true partner for managing your pre and post construction initiatives. SuCCeSS and failure. As one of the fastest growing Program Management companies in the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Europe, RES utilizes an in-depth analysis into the most complex and advanced perspectives of real estate development consultancy and program management. From the initial development appraisal, financial analysis, design management to execution and post completion aftercare, we employ a powerful and disciplined approach, tailored to our clients’ needs. For additional details of our value added services, clients and projects, kindly refer to our global web page.
  4. 4. a truSted rePutation for delivering favorable reSultS
  5. 5. Your Future planS are our preSent challenge We are proud of our competence to adapt to the HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT diverse styles, management cultures and strategies of our clients, joining hands to reach the best possible decisions. We have successfully integrated multidiscipline’s in our service-pack encompassing financial management and project management together, aiming at providing maximum focus to our Clients profitability targets. RES has been helping its clients meet their real estate investment objectives and construction milestones, increasing overall efficiency, improving profitability and reducing operational costs. We have achieved these goals by transforming visions into reality and challenges into results by representing strength and commitment to partnership and contemporary thinking.
  6. 6. our proFeSSional coMpetence Your perSonal conFiDence
  7. 7. RES VALUE ADDED CHAIN OF SERVICES Single Point of reSPonSibilitY ProJeCt deliverY faCilitieS ProJeCt ServiCeS management develoPment ServiCeS finanCial ServiCeS • Operation and • Design Review and • Site Appraisal Maintenance Planning and management • Feasibility Studies implementation • Tender Management • Financial Analysis and • Commissioning and • Construction Management Planning Handover Assistance • Project Review and Audit • Investment Due Diligence • Due Diligence • Value Engineering • Value Analysis and Life • Life Cycle Costing and • Project Control Systems Cycle Analysis Improvement • Contract Administration • Initial Massing and Pre- • Procurement Management • Sustainability/Green Concept Studies • Energy Management Building • Project Planning and • Risk Management Scheduling • Safety Management • Cost Models • Claims Management • Development • Project Management management Information Systems • Program and Requirements Definition Standard work ProCedureS buSineSS Control SYStemS benChmarking ContinuouS imProvement - Sharing knowledge & learning
  8. 8. Working and partnering with RES guarantees a EXPLORE OUR BENEFITS wide range of benefits. Our outstanding suite of services spans from identification of need to post project facility management. Beyond the expected traditional services most of the program management companies provide, RES has been deploying exclusive methodologies, innovative technologies and innovative working concepts. Making multifaceted decisions in the rapidly evolving real estate market is a demanding challenge. That’s why you need a reliable partner who understands your unique aspirations which you can count on. You need committed management services to identify key issues, establish effective working systems and handle your most important investment decisions. For details on our services package in Europe, please visit our website.
  9. 9. proFeSSional perFection iS our core ViSion RES is aware of the importance of early planning and RES develops comprehensive business plans for real-estate PROjEcT DEvELOPmENT FINANcIAL SERvIcES precise vision definition to the lifetime of a project. developments that comprise the following: That’s why we put a lot attention to this critical stage • Assessment of the site appropriateness and density of the of a project early planning based on solid market and development technical studies before starting your development • The likelihood of gaining planning consent initiative provides a clear roadmap for the investment • Add-on costs (off-site cost) arising from carrying out the life-cycle and exit options. Our project development development financial services enhance the value of projects • Market studies that includes the macro side of the while performing within the budget parameters. targeted market, demand and supply analysis, analysis This type of professional dedication helps determine of completive projects with respect to the intended all investment specifics, as required capital, capital development. structures, profitability indicators, speed of the • Major market players building process and offers a detailed review of risk • Market share analysis, market opportunity and revenue and exit stratigies.. estimates Our Preconstruction Services include comprehensive • Site and environment evaluation, including location, business plans for real-estate developments, scope socio-economic policies and transportation and budget management (cost models), value analysis, • Preparations of preconcert and massing studies. constructability review and scheduling. We provide • Development of the project master schedules, detailed early, detailed and accurate estimates for any scale of cost and revenue estimates and cash flow analysis projects so that you can base your cost calculations • Development of optimum capital structure, and analysis on realistic figures. of profitability indicators.
  10. 10. The Financial Analysis and Investment Appraisal will include cost estimations, basic accounting statement, project financing, financial and efficiency ratio and the overall financial evaluation. The Economic Evaluation will include cash flow, annual return, payback period, and internal rate of return, (NPV) net present value, present and future worth. The Technical Assessment will include the pre-concept study, scope of work for construction activities, constructability analysis, project sustainable solutions, green building initiatives, project schedule, finish level and estimates of the overall investment.
  11. 11. challenging the liMitS oF perForMance OUR pRE-DESIgN STAgE COmpRISES SEVERAL STEpS: Our prime role during the implementation phase PROjEcT DELIvERy SERvIcES is to create an atmosphere of cooperation and • A preliminary study and conceptual design massing is productivity, encouraging productive working developed in order to analyze the financial efficiency of relationships among all members of the project the space program team, including consultants and contractors. • Authorities are consulted to ensure the program’s feasibility THE pRE-DESIgN STAgE • Based on this preliminary design study we prepare the detailed Master Budget for the whole project, broken Preparation of an overall implementation strategy, down into clear and predefined working elements including Project Brief, Design, Procurement and • We prepare the detailed Master Schedule which Construction Strategies. specifies the various stages of the project • We prepare the design TOR and together with the client we select reputable design consultants to manage the design procurement
  12. 12. • Monitor design costs Design Management is a systematic approach DESIgN mANAgEmENT • Manage the design schedule of our organization. It evaluates and monitors • Confirm that design checks are carried out by the A/E the design process, assuring that the project is (design verification) completed within the cost, timetable and quality • Design reviews as required by the client. • Guarantee the highest project design standards Together with the selected design consultant, our throughout the entire project primary goals are to: • Ensure that the design selected has the lowest Operation and Maintenance costs and the highest income yield • Establish the client’s design requirements and to develop a Design Management strategy for the total project (design input) • Ensure that the hired designers meet their contractual obligations • Confirm that design interfaces are defined • Confirm that the design output meets the client’s requirements (design output) • Green Building compliance • Constructability analysis • Manage design changes effectively, by evaluating the technical, time and costs’ impact of the proposed changes
  13. 13. Share the power, explore the poSSibilitieS We are qualified to conduct Value Engineering Attain comprehensive knowledge of the trade vALUE ENgINEERINg TENDER mANAgEmENT workshops and to select optimum design solutions contracting industry. Further develop good working and materials that can achieve the best economical relationships with the individual contractors and functional design. and a thorough knowledge of their abilities and their specializations. We undertake a formal We implement powerful management tools and and systematic selection process to arrive to the techniques to match the requirements of the client contractor’s short list. and the various stages of the project. Our goal is to help both the designer and the Client to complete a • Management of the Tendering Process superior constructed project at a reasonable cost. • Preparation of Tenders Reports The result is a detailed set of proposals and practical • Negotiate and Award Package Contracts recommendations, designed to add value to the project and ensure that it delivers maximum benefit In addition we continuously strive to refine our for the client through an accountable decision innovative methods of planning and executing making process. construction projects and provide our clients with the most accurate assessments of probable cost and bids during the tender phase of the project.
  14. 14. RES has chosen Construction Management as In today’s construction industry, timely cONSTRUcTION mANAgEmENT TImE mANAgEmENT the optimum route for delivering its projects. completion of projects is crucial for their success. We rely on flexible management techniques that To meet the often tough challenges of our clients’ can be adapted to changing demands, and we timetables, RES utilizes the latest technological manage the entire life cycle of the project from developments and the most advanced processing inception until occupancy. and communication equipment. By incorporating our expertise and knowledge During the planning stages we present the clients in each phase of the project, we optimize the with snapshots of the overall project schedule, overall construction process. We coordinate the allowing clear understanding of the activities works of various construction packages, aim at that have the greatest impact on the project. reducing operational costs and we proactively This crucial information enables the clients to anticipate, identify and resolve unpredicted keep pace with market fluctuations and make challenges. the right decisions. Cost management and control has a significant
  15. 15. proViDing SerViceS, generating relationShipS impact on the outcome and ongoing success of As construction professionals, we at RES cOST mANAgEmENT AND cONTROL HAS A SIgNIFIcANT RISk mANAgEmENT a construction project. The key for measuring know how to balance the contingencies of risk success and evaluating the value of a construction with the contractual, financial, operational project is the return on investment for the and organizational requirements. The risk client who financed it. RES has achieved success management process entails identifying risks through its innovative planning and cost control and exposures, and formulating an effective risk techniques on each project it has delivered. management strategy to mitigate the potential for loss, if any. Moreover, we use a holistic risk We believe that value should be at the heart of management approach that enables us to identify any cost management service, which is why we the potential impact that other associated risks endeavor to fully understand our clients’ projects may have on the project. and business objectives.
  16. 16. ( Appointed as construction Managers to manage the security upgrade for Oil Sector Complex ) Facilities Management (FM) consultancy provides an charges This strongly positions us within FM market with FAcILITIES mANAgEmENT SERvIcES important addition to Real Estate Solutions portfolio edge over our competitors. of services allowing us to continue our relationships As part of our post construction services, we make with clients well after construction is completed and significant efforts to ensure that our clients have a thorough the facilities are in use. understanding of how their new building operates. Our patient and detailed guiding service has a very strong We go the extra mile by providing strategic advice influence on our clients’ satisfaction. and consultation which can be applied at the design stage and throughout the entire life of a construction project. Our work ensures efficient and well-run buildings, with low operational and maintenance costs. Our understanding of FM issues is strengthened by hands-on experience and involvement in building design and construction, giving us a clear perspective on maintenance issues and whole lifecycle costing including the calculations of the maintenance
  17. 17. perFect tiMing For intelligent DeciSionS Our energy management starts with an in-depth RES Innovative methods for improving energy efficiency ENERgy mANAgEmENT understanding of the overall energy system and can bring many benefits consumption. Our energy management processes • Lower energy costs identify inefficiencies and provide solutions that • Lower operation costs can improve efficiency. • Lower maintenance costs • Reduced carbon emissions We at RES are confident in our ability to generate • Improved working conditions savings through efficient energy management, • Better monitoring and control that we are guaranteeing proven results! On some • Ensures legislative compliance of our past projects we reached savings in excess • Higher revenues and income yields of 25%. • Demonstrates corporate & social responsibility Our energy management techniques can be applied to any building, irrespective of its size or complexity, whether private or public sector buildings. Our approach to energy management is flexible and can be tailored to suit the client’s needs.
  18. 18. at real eState SolutionS we are ContinuallY Pioneering new teChniqueS develoPing more effeCtive SolutionS and Putting innovative ideaS into PraCtiCe. thiS aPProaCh enableS uS to reduCe CoSt and inveStment riSk for ClientS and deliver SuCCeSSful ProJeCtS.
  19. 19. proViDing You with the MoMentuM For SucceSS Why Talk to Us? Real Estate Solutions offers a comprehensive package of Whenever you venture into an unfamiliar arena, it’s important management and consulting solutions that can effectively assist to partner with someone you can trust. RES’ services are always its clients. These services create a significant competitive edge, based on trust, integrity and confidence, striving to position positioning our company as a leader in our field. Here are only a ourselves as your devoted partner in Program Management few of the advantages. services. An in-depth knowledge and professional expertise, with core Whilst it is important to be an integral part of the team, RES is competencies in various aspects of Program Management. totally independent of the project’s designer and contractor. We work as the exclusive representative of the client. This is the We will maximize your company’s performance through a full- best way to permit a fully objective assessment of the project service package of intelligent decisions. Everything we do is schedule, budget, and quality in full accordance with the owner’s underpinned by a desire for excellence, never compromising best interests. quality and perfection while delivering our services. Being deeply rooted in our financial culture, our solutions will When partnering with our clients we always set positive and enable you to build value, manage risk and improve your building realistic expectations, continuously planning and working for performance through our customized project management successful results. We are committed to maintaining the highest plans. standards of ethics and work as long as it takes to keep our promises and retain your trust. We go beyond constraints of market convention and standard With RES you’ll shorten your learning curve and reduce your approaches to Program Management. We are always passionate risk level whenever delivery of major projects is at stake. We’ll about innovative ideas that make a difference to our clients. provide you with local excellence and access to global expertise. The quest for excellence in our industry and the ever-changing Rigorous program management techniques, a full spectrum of environment, in which we operate, constantly challenges us to resources, industry intelligence and proprietary analytical tools, increase our level of knowledge and client service. We believe are the main tools that differentiate our consultancy services. we are one of the few management companies that foresee and proactively respond to these challenges.
  20. 20. Head Office morocco Kuwait Dubai malta Egypt 57 Boulevard Abdelmoumen, Kuwait Free Trade Zone Grosvenor House Tower The Gables Block A 20 Aisha El Taimoria angle nO 27 Rue Salim Cherkaoui, Business Waves D9 Suit # 1511, 15th level Ground Floor, Garden City Imm.AL HADI. 2éme étage B8 P.O.Box 4893 Shaikh Zayed Road Triq Raddiet lr - Roti Cairo Casabanca-Maroc Safat 13049 P.O. Box 215743 Xemxija Tel: +356 9991 9992 Tel: +965 2461 3950 Tel: +971 4329 8618 Tel: +356 2158 1350 Tel: +2022 2792 0293 Fax: +356 2141 3652 Fax: +965 2461 3954 Fax: +971 4329 8619 Fax: +356 2158 1351 Fax: +2022 2792 0298