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INTRODUCINGBUSINESSPRODUCTIVITYWith the right technology in place, you      enabling real collaboration. Business         ...
MAKING YOUR                                                                                                               ...
PRODUCTIVEWORKSPACESMAKING BETTER USE OF                          Our Business Productivity solutions let   CUT WASTED TIM...
MAKING YOUR                                           BUSINESS MORE                                           B           ...
MAKING YOURFREESTORM VISUAL                                                                                       BUSINESS...
UNIFIED COMMUAND COLLABORAEMPOWERING YOUR TEAM                          conference to speak to and listen to         displ...
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MAKING YOUR                                                                                               BUSINESS MORE   ...
ROOM CONTROL                                equipment, and to eliminate energy          Scheduled appointments are display...
MAKING YOUR                                               BUSINESS MORE                                               BAUD...
PORTABLE                                COLLABORATION SOFTWARE:                            SMART MEETING PROPROJECTION    ...
ALL ROUND SERTHE COMPLETE PACKAGE                         your priorities, and can cover your           Working with Sysca...
RVICE                                             MAKING YOUR                                            BUSINESS MORE    ...
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Steljes and Business Productivity


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Business objectives have not changed much over the years. The need to stay competitive, to get the best return on investment and maximise productivity are as important now as they ever were. But the technologies that deliver those objectives have been revolutionised.

With the right technology in place, you can do more with less and give your business a real competitive edge.

If you’re interested in innovative collaboration technologies that will change the way you work for the better, take a look at our new business productivity brochure. It gives details on the whole range of solutions Steljes represents and how they can make your meetings and workspaces, training, and unified communictions and collaboration even more productive.

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Steljes and Business Productivity

  2. 2. MAKING YOURMORE PRODUCWE’RE ALL UNDER PRESSURE TO DO MORE WITH LESS THESE DAYS. THE FACT IS LOST PRODUCTIVITYCOSTS UK BUSINESSES £88BN A YEAR. ORGANISATIONS NEED TO FIND NEW WAYS TO RECOVER THATEXTRA PRODUCTIVITY - TO REMAIN COMPETITIVE, TO ADOPT NEW PRODUCTS AND WAYS OF WORKING -AND TO GET REAL RETURN ON THEIR INVESTMENTS.AT STELJES, WE HAVE A REPUTATION FOR PROVIDING THE TECHNOLOGY YOU NEED.BUT OUR 25 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE HAS SHOWN US THAT TECHNOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH. WE USED THATEXPERIENCE TO UNDERSTAND THE REAL ISSUES YOU FACE, AND PROVIDE SOLUTIONS, BACKED BYCOMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT. WE CALL THEM OUR BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONS.YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS We looked at the things that eat into To combat these, we developed effective,HAVE NOT CHANGED. THE your productivity: technology based solutions.SOLUTIONS HAVE.Business objectives have not changed Your business needs new answers for a Processes that don’t work efficientlymuch over the years. The need to stay changing world. Our Business Productivity The delays and costly mistakes when solutions are your gateway to a new waycompetitive, to get the best return on people don’t have the right training of working.investment and maximise productivity areas important now as they ever were. But The out-of-date workspaces thatthe technologies that deliver those stand in the way of productivityobjectives have. 2 | 08450 758 758 |
  4. 4. INTRODUCINGBUSINESSPRODUCTIVITYWith the right technology in place, you enabling real collaboration. Business Freestorm™ visual collaboration solutionsand your team can do more with less and Productivity solutions provide innovative from SMART work with iObeya softwaregive your business a real competitive technologies that will change the way to offer digital visual management foredge. You can work faster – your staff you work for the better. Lean. This allows multi-site teams tocan dispense with the time-wasting connect to the same interactiveflipcharts, and the typed-up reports. You DELIVERING PROCESS whiteboard, promotes active team IMPROVEMENTcan work smarter – eliminating participation, allows several projects to Business Productivity solutions areunproductive meetings and travel - and share one physical room and offers secure designed to make your current workingcollaborate intuitively. You and your team access control to protect information. processes simpler and faster by removingcan work anywhere, from home, from Watch the video the unnecessary support tasks. Theanother city, on another continent. Learn more about technologies allow you to make the best using SMARTIt’s all about making your working use of your staff, facilities and technology solutions withenvironment work harder, about and enhance the systems you already use iObeya software.empowering and training your teams, and the methodologies you follow.harnessing unified communication and 4 | 08450 758 758 |
  5. 5. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE B PRODUCTIVETHERE HAVE BEEN SAVINGS FROM USING THE SMART SOLUTIONS HAVE BECOME ANTHE SMART BOARDS ALREADY AND WE INTEGRATED PART OF OUR PROCESS. INTRODUCINGHAVE IDENTIFIED WHERE WE CAN MAKE BUSINESS Brian Krause, National Manager, Integrated Building SolutionsHUGE SAVINGS IN RESPECT OF GETTING Turner Construction PRODUCTIVITYWORK DONE QUICKER AND NOT HAVINGPEOPLE TRAVEL TO MEETINGS.Mark Grieve, Facilities Services Co-ordinatorScottish Water PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACES UNIFIED CO COMMUNICATIONS AND C COLLABORATIONFreestorm solutions integrate with Microsoft® Office The benefits for your business:and support a growing list of industry-specificsoftware packages, so you can add the natural Improve business process performance PRODUCTIVE TRAININGexperience of touch interfaces and digital ink to the Accelerate execution speedapplications you use every day. Construction, design Implement best practicesand engineering firms, for example, can use SMARTproducts to integrate with Autodesk Navisworks, and Apply a customer-focused approach BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITYprovide a seamless, collaborative approach to the Support business process automation SOLUTIONSdesign process.Watch the video Watch the video Learn more about Learn more about how US based ALL ROUND SMART and Autodesk Turner Construction Company use SERVICE Navisworks integration. SMART technology to add a fully collaborative element to their design process. WHY STELJES?
  6. 6. PRODUCTIVEWORKSPACESMAKING BETTER USE OF Our Business Productivity solutions let CUT WASTED TIMETIME AND SPACE – IN THE people work, access information and Employee time is valuable too. TimeOFFICE AND REMOTELY share ideas in new ways: wasted waiting for meeting rooms, tryingOffice real estate is one of the biggest to book spaces, setting up the technologynon-staff costs and making your space Help project teams collaborate in the meeting room or looking for freemore productive is essential. But it is not quickly and effectively hot-desks all cut into productivity. Andsimply a matter of cramming in more how many meetings simply waste time?workstations. Working patterns have Help impromptu meetings take place in a flexible workspace designed Decisions are not made, flip charts andchanged and the real value of your around the way your employees dry white boards don’t allow teams topeople comes from sharing and creating want to work collaborate effectively and notes take tooideas. You need breakout areas and Help teams bring in specialists as they long to write up and distribute.formal meeting rooms; and you needthose spaces to be as efficient as possible. need them Productive workspaces technology fromYou need people to work from home and Help remote workers be as much a Steljes helps you slash this unproductiveon the move. part of the business as those based time - helping your employees make the in your HQ most of their time in, and out, of the Meetings are more effective. Your office office. Meetings are productive. Your space becomes more productive. time is used more efficiently – and your business can be more profitable. 6 | 08450 758 758 |
  7. 7. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE B PRODUCTIVEACTIVITY BASED WORKING HAS AS ITSCORE PREMISE THE BASIC ASSUMPTION INTRODUCINGTHAT A WORK SETTING SHOULD NOT BUSINESSBE A REFLECTION OF THE CORPORATE PRODUCTIVITYHIERARCHY OR STATUS OF THE INDIVIDUAL,BUT SHOULD REFLECT THE TASK AT HAND.Source: Collabor8 White Paper, Steljes PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACESThe benefits for your business: UNIFIED CO COMMUNICATIONS ANDWasted time becomes working time C COLLABORATIONDead spaces become productive spacesMeetings are arranged faster and are PRODUCTIVEmore productive TRAININGSave time and money by reducingunnecessary travelAgile project teams can work effectively BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITYFlexible working is easy SOLUTIONSReduced need for costly space ALL ROUND SERVICE Click to continue >> WHY STELJES?
  8. 8. FLEXIBLE WORKING IS VITAL FOR MEDIATILE HAS BEEN A GREAT VEHICLEBUSINESSES TO GROW DURING 2012. FOR US TO GET DIFFERENT MESSAGES,IN PARTICULAR IT HELPS BUSINESSES IMAGES AND VIDEOS TO THE SHOP FLOOR.REDUCE COSTS, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY IF ROLLS-ROYCE GROWS, THE MEDIATILEAND ATTRACT AND RETAIN TALENT. SYSTEM CAN EASILY GROW WITH US.Polycom commissioned Redshift Research in Spring 2012 to survey 400 Chuck Gose, Internal Communication Managerbusiness leaders across the UK, France, Germany and Russia Rolls-RoyceGET YOUR MESSAGE TO MARKET Company receptions can be changed to impressiveFASTER WITH LESS COST – THROUGH environments with digital signage transmitting theA HIGH IMPACT MEDIUM latest and best information about your organisationYou need to get your message across fast. A successful and making the right impression with your signage solution is all about communicating theright message to the right audience at the right time and The benefits for your business:can deliver results, return on investment and a realcompetitive edge. Improve speed to marketBusiness Productivity solutions can help you deliver your Cut distribution and production costsmessage to a number of points of interest making your Engage your audience with communicationsworkspaces more productive. Using digital signage in with impactoffice environments engages with staff during thosetimes when they’re not focussed on a deadline or trying Get your employees on messageto cull an overfull inbox. Generate an additional revenue stream by selling featured content on your digital signageIn retail, financial services and many other sectors,digital signage transforms promotions. It slashes thecost and time of marketing communications, whilstimproving effectiveness. 8 | 08450 758 758 |
  9. 9. MAKING YOURFREESTORM VISUAL BUSINESS MORE B MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR OFFICE SPACE PRODUCTIVECOLLABORATION SOLUTIONS An opportunity arises, and you need a team to put togetherPROVIDE ALL THE TOOLS YOU a proposal to make the most of it. Your people can find anNEED TO TRANSFORM THE WAYYOUR TEAMS COLLABORATE. available meeting room instantly thanks to your Evoko room INTRODUCINGWatch the video booking technology. BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY In the meeting room, AMX’s Enova all-in-one presentation switcher seamlessly manages all information sources so your team can send the information they want to the relevant PRODUCTIVE displays, speakers and laptops – whether they’re across the WORKSPACES table or on the other side of the globe. And it all happens in real time, without extra programming or configuration. With AMX Modero touch panels, environmental sensors and controls, the UNIFIEDLEARN MORE ABOUT HOW meeting room lighting, screens, blinds and other environmental CO COMMUNICATIONSAMX VIEW THE ‘PERFECT AND fixtures can all be controlled by the touch of a button.MEETING ROOM’ C COLLABORATIONWatch the video The space they use has Freestorm visual collaboration solutions. The SMART Board® interactive whiteboard lets them see the documentation and files they need instantly, and share ideas PRODUCTIVE TRAINING with diagrams and videos. Remote team members can join the meeting from wherever they are located and share voice and data using Bridgit® conferencing software on the SMART Board interactive BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY whiteboards or interactive displays in their meeting rooms. SOLUTIONSFIND OUT HOW BT Home workers can join the session using a SMART Podium™IS USING SMART TECHNOLOGIES TOIMPROVE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY. interactive pen display, laptop, PC, Mac or iPad. Everyone can view, comment on and annotate over the content being sharedWatch the video ALL ROUND in real-time and get to the answer faster. SERVICE To view a comprehensive list of the products that can help you make your workspaces more productive, click here. WHY STELJES?
  10. 10. UNIFIED COMMUAND COLLABORAEMPOWERING YOUR TEAM conference to speak to and listen to display. SMART Meeting Pro™ softwareTO COLLABORATE AND meeting participants or run a video integrates with Microsoft® ExchangeWORK MORE EFFECTIVELY,WHEREVER THEY ARE. conference to see meeting participants Server, so you can access session detailsThe more easily you can communicate face-to-face. All great tools, perfect for such as attendees and attachments. Youand share ideas, the more efficient presenting information but they struggle can automate conferencing setup withyour business can be. Our unified to support data sharing. Whether that’s Bridgit conferencing software, socommunication and collaboration documents for review, spread sheets that participants are automatically connectedsolutions provide interactive endpoints require input from multiple stakeholders and ready to share data, regardless ofthat make voice, data and video or complex design documents that need where they are located.conferencing easier, more engaging to be amended. The meeting progress bar shows elapsedand more effective, delivering truly SMART products – in conjunction with time and notifies you when five minutescollaborative sessions. your existing unified communications remain. All notes and documents can beIn the past, you might have set up a web and collaboration technologies - let emailed to all participants with the clickconference and been able to share your everyone view, share and collaborate on of a button, or if you need more time youscreen with all participants, used an audio documents on a large format interactive can easily extend available resource 10 | 08450 758 758 |
  11. 11. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE B PRODUCTIVEUNICATIONS INTRODUCING BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY ATION PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACES UNIFIED C COMMUNICATIONS AND C COLLABORATION bookings. At the end of the meeting The benefits to your business: simply close files and log off automatically, leaving the room Business growth by empowering ready for the next group. remote workforces PRODUCTIVE TRAINING Collaboration technologies, at last, Connects teams and enhances communication become an effective way to share information, pose questions – and Reduced miscommunication BUSINESS find instant answers, right across Increase productivity through more PRODUCTIVITY your organisation. SOLUTIONS effective use of time Faster communication throughout your organisation ALL ROUND SERVICE Click to continue >> WHY STELJES?
  12. 12. BRINGING CISCO TELEPRESENCE SYNCH TO THE REDUCTION IN TRAVEL, TIME AND ASSOCIATED COSTSSMART BOARD INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS AND IS QUITE STAGGERING. AS NO ONE HAS TO TRAVEL, THEDISPLAYS ADDS A CRITICAL NEW DIMENSION TO OVERALL PRODUCTIVITY OF THE TEAM IS GREATLYA DISTRIBUTED COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT ENHANCED. IT’S A WIN-WIN SITUATION FOR EVERYONE.– FACE-TO-FACE INTERACTION. Alan Parkin, Programme ManagerMike Baird, Director, TelePresence Product Management Infrastructure Design and Delivery, O2CiscoLINKING ALL THE INDUSTRY SMART Boards work with Cisco WebexLEADING SOLUTIONS and Cisco TelePresence Synch so allSMART Meeting Pro software is compatible with industry parties can contribute simultaneously. The platformleaders in unified communications technologies allowing allows remote teams to work on the same projectyou to write over any application in digital ink and use regardless of their location. You can share data andintuitive whiteboarding tools. applications on your desktop through a SMARTTake the power of SMART’s Freestorm solutions, combine it Board interactive whiteboard for intuitive enhancedwith Microsoft® Lync™ and instantly you have connected collaboration and simplified data sharing.collaboration – even over distance. The connector for DISTANCE COLLABORATIONMicrosoft Lync brings together the unified communications - REAL MEETINGS WITHOUTplatform, SMART’s interactive displays and SMART Meeting PHYSICAL PRESENCEPro software offering all the familiar Microsoft Lync More and more people expect – and need – to workfeatures, on a large user-friendly display screen. remotely, from home, on the road or from your clients offices. The challenge is to make remote workers feel less remote. Our distance collaboration solutions bring peopleWatch the video together in the same meeting – even if they are on different View an overview of SMART visual continents. Touch-enabled interactive whiteboards use collaboration conferencing software to allow information to be shared. solutions and Microsoft® Lync™. You can even use a visualiser to share real objects – almost as if they were actually in the room. Also, for your travelling teams to use on the road or simply when moving between meetings, we have a suite of super 12 | 08450 758 758 |
  13. 13. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE B PRODUCTIVETHIS SOLUTION ALLOWS US TO WORK WITH SMART TO WORKERS WASTE OVER 2.5 HOURS PERCREATE SOLUTIONS FOR OUR MUTUAL CUSTOMERS. WEEK DUE TO POOR COMMUNICATION. INTRODUCING BUSINESSGiovanni Mezgec, General Manager Source: Proudfoot Productivity ReportLync, Microsoft Corporation PRODUCTIVITY PRODUCTIVElightweight projectors that combine with the portable WORKSPACES EVER THINK THERE MUSTpull-up Draper RoadWarrior projection screen to give an BE A BETTER WAY? THEREeffective, compact solution for presenting on the move. IS. VIEW THE FREESTORM VISUAL COLLABORATION UNIFIEDThe benefits for your business: C COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS VIDEO. AND Watch the video C COLLABORATIONCut wasted travel time and costs withoutcompromising on human interactionImprove communication and collaboration with PRODUCTIVEcolleagues, customers, partners and suppliers TRAININGthrough data conferencingHave all the key people at every meeting, makingyour business more agile BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITYLeverage expertise across the business – wherever MICROSOFT USES SMART SOLUTIONSit’s located SOLUTIONS TO IMPROVEEnable collaboration regardless of location, MEETING PRODUCTIVITY.even allowing complex information sharing of Watch the video ALL ROUNDreal-world objects, design schematics or the latest SERVICEtechnical architecturesTo view a comprehensive list of the productsthat can help you enhance your unified WHYcommunications and collaboration, click here. STELJES?
  14. 14. 58% 58% of businesses say that skills gaps are holding back their growth. Source: IoDPRODUCTIVETRAININGBRINGING AN EFFECTIVE With our Productive Training solutions The benefits for your business:LEARNING EXPERIENCE you can train anyone, anywhere.TO YOUR EMPLOYEES,WHEREVER THEY ARE – Employees can attend top quality, Better training impact andAND GET A BETTER RETURN compelling training remotely, and interact knowledge retention, betterON YOUR PEOPLE. performing people as effectively as if they were in the sameHighly skilled employees are essential room as the instructor. Sessions can be Reduced travel time and costfor your business – but quality instructor- recorded. Progress can be assessed and Engaging training for staffled training is expensive. Good instructors logged. Building and updating skills is based remotelyare scarce, and it can be impossible to simple, and cost effective.bring your employees together for Better attendance at trainingtraining sessions. How can you give It means you have an effective way to Involve subject matter experts inyour key people access to the training transform the skill base – increasing the training session, regardlessthey need, wherever they are - with revenues and making your business of locationminimum disruption to their productive more competitive. Improved staff retention and lowerworking time? recruitment costs 14 | 08450 758 758 |
  15. 15. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE B PRODUCTIVEI BELIEVE THAT MY TRAINEES ARE MORE LIKELY SOME SUBJECT MATTER CAN BE VERY DRYTO REMEMBER THE CONTENT FROM THE LESSON AND UNEXCITING WHEN IT’S PRESENTED INIF THEY HAVE WRITTEN IT THEMSELVES RATHER A TRADITIONAL WAY. THE SMART BOARD INTRODUCINGTHAN JUST BEEN TOLD IT. SINCE I STARTED ENGAGES THE AUDIENCE AND THAT’S HALF BUSINESSUSING THE SMART BOARD INTERACTIVE THE BATTLE WHEN YOU’RE TRYING TO GET PRODUCTIVITYWHITEBOARD I HAVE DEVELOPED MORE YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS TO STUDENTS.INTERACTIVE TRAINING TECHNIQUES AND THE Sergeant Ross Allan, TrainerDIFFERENCE IN ATMOSPHERE IS DRAMATIC. Scottish Police CollegeCorporal Thorpe, TrainerRAF Halton PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACES UNIFIED C COMMUNICATIONS AND C COLLABORATIONINSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING ON DEMANDWith Productive Training solutions the instructor uses SMART Board interactive PRODUCTIVE TRAININGwhiteboards and visualisers with collaboration software to deliver high impact training– to office and home-based workers.Feedback response systems mean the instructor can make training a two-wayexperience – getting feedback, questions and input from all trainees, wherever they BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITYare, instantly. SOLUTIONSTraining room management software helps the instructor see the trainees’ screens asthey work to view progress. ALL ROUND SERVICETo view a comprehensive list of the products that can help you make your trainingsessions more productive, click here. WHY STELJES?
  17. 17. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORESMART BOARD INTERACTIVE the ability to save work – all combined with the brilliant PRODUCTIVEWHITEBOARDS visuals of HD flat panel displays. With a SMART Board interactive whiteboard your people can share TEAMMATE MOBILE STANDS SMART Board interactive whiteboards and INTRODUCING material, analyse data, brainstorm, BUSINESS solve problems, record ideas and interactive displays can be mounted on PRODUCTIVITYdecisions, save notes and distribute meeting mobile stands that can be moved quickly toresults more efficiently than ever before, regardless new locations for breakout sessions andof location. collaborative working and to allow flexibility in your PRODUCTIVE training environment. Ideal for spaces where glass WORKSPACESFor training, SMART Board interactive whiteboards walls prevent the use of fixed installations.offer hands-on learning allowing multiple users tointeract with documents, applications and the SMART PODIUM INTERACTIVEinternet at the same time. Trainers and delegates PEN DISPLAYS UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONScan write in digital ink and incorporate their work SMART Podium interactive pen displays, AND COLLABORATIONinto source documents with a few clicks, and ideally situated on the desktop, allow userscontent can be saved easily in digital format for to control applications and annotate withyour delegates’ reference and for trainers to re-use. the same functionality as an interactive whiteboard. Bringing the meeting room experience to PRODUCTIVE TRAINING SMART BOARD INTERACTIVE the remote worker and allowing two-way collaboration DISPLAYS – wherever they are located. They are also perfect SMART Board interactive displays remote learning tools, offering the features of an instantly increase the amount of meeting interactive whiteboard to trainees in multiple locations. BUSINESSand collaboration space. Staff can hold impromptu PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONSdiscussions and brainstorm ideas, annotate overdocuments, make notes digitally and email them to To find out more about SMART Solutions,their desk before they get there themselves. click here. ALL ROUNDThey are also perfect for boardrooms, telepresence SERVICErooms, key meeting spaces and used alongside yourvideo conferencing system. SMART Board interactivedisplays provide all the functionality of an interactivewhiteboard; finger and pen navigation, digital ink and Click to continue >> WHY STELJES?
  18. 18. 18 | 08450 758 758 |
  19. 19. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE BPROJECTORS We recommend visualisers from AVer PRODUCTIVE Positioned above the interactive and Elmo as part of our Business whiteboard, our projectors Productivity solutions. ensure bright, crisp images. INTRODUCING Our ranges from SMART, BenQ, VIDEO WALLS BUSINESS Large format display walls PRODUCTIVITY Epson, Hitachi and NEC virtuallyeliminate shadows, glare and distracting allow open spaces orprojector light, so teams can focus on the specialised roommeeting or training session - not environments to become effective as PRODUCTIVE communication tools. They can also be WORKSPACESthe technology. used collaboratively with larger groupsDISPLAYS (INDOOR and for delivering presentations withAND OUTDOOR) impact to both staff and customers. We UNIFIED Steljes works with leading C COMMUNICATIONS offer ranges from Eyevis, RGB Spectrum, AND manufacturers BenQ, NEC and SMART and NEC. C COLLABORATION ProofVision, to provide LED,LCD, plasma and interactive touch panels DIGITAL SIGNAGEand weatherproof outdoor displays to help Give your communications to PRODUCTIVEmake your workspaces more productive. employees, customers, suppliers TRAINING and partners high impact with ourVISUALISERS digital signage solutions from If you’re often using complex AMX, MediaTile, SubDC and VisioSign. BUSINESS paper-based documents or have The portfolio includes solutions to PRODUCTIVITY objects or products that you SOLUTIONS facilitate the sharing of information within need to share, a visualiser is a organisations, solutions incorporatingmust. It enables the digitised sharing and advanced social media integration for thesaving of documents and real-world objects. entertainment sector, secure solutions that ALL ROUNDUse with an interactive whiteboard or display SERVICE can be hosted on a customer network, andand the material can be annotated and highly mobile ‘off network’ solutions.comments marked in digital ink for futurereference. As a training aid, visualisers Click to continue >>enrich learning and aid understanding. WHY STELJES?
  20. 20. ROOM CONTROL equipment, and to eliminate energy Scheduled appointments are displayed on AMX’s products span wastage by powering equipment down a touch screen in the meeting room and control and automation, when not in use. adjacent to room entrances to inform system-wide switching, your staff. HydraPort® from AMX is a modular, audio/video signal retractable cable connection system built With SMART Meeting Pro software ondistribution and technology to accommodate the diverse connection your SMART Board you can accessmanagement. Use an Enova all-in-one needs of conference and meeting room meeting resources and attendee details,presentation switcher to manage all visitors. It features a retractable base monitor meeting time, extend roominformation sources and send the station that rises to expose device bookings and quickly start and endrelevant information to the appropriate connections and recedes back down and meetings through integration withdisplays, speakers and laptops – whether conceals the typical cable mess that can Microsoft® Exchange.they’re across the table or on the other distract from the business at hand.side of the globe. INTERACTIVE TOUCH TABLESWith Modero touch panels, MEETING ROOM MANAGEMENT Interactive touch tablesenvironmental sensors and controls, from SMART can be used A room booking system, likethe meeting room lighting, screens, in open meeting areas to Evoko, displays the bookingblinds and other environmental fixtures digitally display products, status clearly outside acan all be easily controlled by the touch services and messages. Designed meeting room on touch-of a button. You can even customise with specifically to enhance teamwork, they sensitive screens. Meetings can bepre-set room configurations for specific are perfect for displaying and interacting booked through Microsoft® Outlook®,requirements such as presentation mode with digital content allowing small teams via the touch panel or remotely online.which automatically closes the blinds and to collaborate around content and Rooms can be cancelled and rebookeddims the lighting. projects interactively without the need on the fly to improve productivity andOrganisations can significantly reduce meeting room utilisation. to be in a formal meeting room.their support costs, optimise energy Resource Management Suite from AMXusage and extend the useful life of allows you to schedule room facilitiesdevices with AMX’s Resource from any touch panel or PC and ensureManagement Suite, allowing support that meeting room technology is set upstaff to centrally manage and monitor and ready when a meeting starts. 20 | 08450 758 758 |
  21. 21. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE BAUDIO SYSTEMS PRODUCTIVE An audio system from SMART, Nuvo or CIE, with speakers and microphones, INTRODUCING within a collaborative BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITYworkspace enhances the overall messagedelivery by reinforcing the visual message.In a board room, meeting room,conference room, training room or PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACESrelaxation area, a suitable audioarrangement will complement the visualdevices to create the best possible user UNIFIEDexperience – ensuring effective delivery C COMMUNICATIONSof your message. AND C COLLABORATIONFLEXIBLE POWERDISTRIBUTIONInnovative power distribution from PRODUCTIVE TRAINING Mainline means you can change the layout and use of a room or space without being tied to the BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITYnearest power socket. Installing a track- SOLUTIONSbased Mainline system provides access topower anywhere in the room or spacegiving total flexibility to the configuration,function and layout. ALL ROUND SERVICE Click to continue >> WHY STELJES?
  22. 22. PORTABLE COLLABORATION SOFTWARE: SMART MEETING PROPROJECTION CONNECTOR FOR Whether travelling SMART MEETING PRO MICROSOFT® LYNC™ SOFTWARE The connector for Microsoft Lync on business or SMART Meeting Pro software combines the Microsoft Lync simply moving offers virtually unlimited digital unified communications between meeting whiteboard space, the ability to platform with SMART’srooms, we can offer ultra-mobile write notes over any application, interactive displays and SMART Meeting Proprojectors from Epson and NEC flexible options for saving your work and software. It’s the combination you need forthat are compact and lightweight. integration with Microsoft® Exchange. Make highly collaborative meetings – even if yourCombine with a portable pull up it easy for your staff to share content and colleagues are around the world.Draper RoadWarrior projection capture ideas in powerful, engaging ways.screen and you have the ideal SMART SYNC TRAINING ROOMchoice for effective, stress-free SMART BRIDGIT MANAGEMENT SOFTWAREpresenting on the move. CONFERENCING SOFTWARE SMART Sync allows trainers to Bridgit conferencing software, view all the delegates’ screens onVOTING SYSTEMS SMART’s remote collaboration their computer desktop, making TurningPoint® is an application, makes dispersed it easy to monitor their activities engaging, easy to collaboration more engaging and and provide guidance and support use audience visual. The software enables anyone to throughout the session. The trainer can response system contribute to the meeting or training by interact with delegates as a group ordesigned to bring multiple-choice sharing their desktop to display their own individually to keep them engagedinteractivity to any meeting, notes or presentations. Multiple local and and focused.presentation, training, conference remote participants can simultaneously workor event. Compatible with on the same content and write directly intoMicrosoft® PowerPoint® it works each other’s documents in digital ink usingover any software on Microsoft® either another interactive whiteboard orWindows® or Mac. TurningPoint is display, a SMART Podium interactive pensimple to use and fully portable display or a PC, Mac laptop or iPad.with wireless connections. Participants can also use instant messaging or the audio facility to ask questions or carry out additional discussions. 22 | 08450 758 758 |
  24. 24. ALL ROUND SERTHE COMPLETE PACKAGE your priorities, and can cover your Working with Syscap, the UK’s leading SMYou need more than simply new technical teams and training your trainers independent business IT finance provider, AC PRtechnology to change the way that your as well as giving your end users the Steljes can give you tax-efficiency, cash Thebusiness operates. At Steljes we provide support they need. Steljes is the only flow flexibility and keep your capital free Prognot just the technology but a complete SMART accredited training centre in the for reinvestment. recesupport package from advice and UK and Ireland. RENTAL accrguidance, through to education, FIND OUT MORE Whether you want to stage an undtraining, on-going support and even unforgettable workshop, to use digital solufinancing options. TECHNICAL SUPPORT for t AND WARRANTIES signage for a product launch, or toCONSULTANCY We provide enhanced warranties support a proof of concept, we offer a ThroOur consultancy service lets us help you as well as standard manufacturer range of exciting Business Productivity provchoose the right technology to deliver the warranties - plus on-site support, with a technology for short-term rental. andproductivity gains that are most next day response time. Steljes is the only FIND OUT MORE incluimportant to you. We can review how SMART Authorised Service Organisation custyou work today, develop the business in the UK and Ireland; our highly skilled PROOF OF CONCEPT devecase for change and identify the solution technicians really do offer the best Steljes is committed to providing a first custfor your needs. We can then manage a support for your needs. class technology evaluation and user Accproof of concept service for you to ensure adoption service to its clients. Our proof resethe technology is fit for purpose. FINANCE OPTIONS of concept service has helped many profi Paying for new equipment up-front may business customers make informed conTRAINING not be the best option for every business. purchasing decisions and manage the FINTraining can be the key to integrating Through our flexible finance options, we change process within their organisationnew technologies into your business. All offer a range of tax-efficient leasingtraining is tailored to your business and FIND OUT MORE options, hire purchase and 0% finance. 24 | 08450 758 758 |
  25. 25. RVICE MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE B PRODUCTIVE INTRODUCING BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITYMART RESELLERCCREDITATIONROGRAMME SMART Reseller Accreditation PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACESgramme ensures that customerseive specialised support fromredited resellers who have an in-depth UNIFIEDderstanding of SMART’s business C COMMUNICATIONSutions to recommend the right products AND C COLLABORATION their individual needs.ough accreditation, resellers canvide the best customer user experience PRODUCTIVE deliver a full range of services TRAININGuding installation, training andtomer support. As SMART continues to elop new products for business BUSINESStomers, the SMART Reseller PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONS reditation Programme ensures thatellers maintain a high level of technicalficiency and product knowledge to tinually enhance customer satisfaction. ALL ROUND SERVICEND OUT MORE WHY STELJES?
  26. 26. W ST For over 25 yea innovative tech productivity ga technology dist products from a working with m and bring their Ireland market. From launching back in 1993, t of SMART Tech and AVer, Stelje solutions that e and communic working and le26 | 08450 758 758 |
  27. 27. MAKING YOUR BUSINESS MORE B PRODUCTIVE TRAVEL TIME AND COSTS HAVE BEEN REDUCED AS WE CAN NOW SHARE DATA REMOTELY. WE INTRODUCINGWHY ESTIMATE THAT THE SMART BOARDS DELIVER A BUSINESS SAVING OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PRODUCTIVITY IN DIRECT COSTS. Murtaza Amin, Production Technology Team Leader Tullow Oil PRODUCTIVE TELJES? WORKSPACES UNIFIED C COMMUNICATIONS AND C COLLABORATION ars Steljes has been using A PARTNERSHIP APPROACH BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY hnology to deliver lasting Steljes delivers its solutions through a IN ACTION For real-life demonstrations of Business PRODUCTIVE ins. As an innovative network of partners across the UK and TRAINING tributor, we source Ireland. We work closely with our Productivity technologies, visit our around the world, partners, giving them and their customers YouTube channel, or join us on Twitter manufacturers to customise advice and guidance to help them deliver or follow our blog to keep up to date with our Productive Technology news. BUSINESS solutions to the UK and maximum benefits to end users. PRODUCTIVITY . SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS EVALUATION g the first LCD projector Our own product management team o being the first distributor focuses on assessing solutions from nologies, TurningPoint ALL ROUND manufacturers across the world. Their SERVICE es continues to offer work means we can be the first to offer enable people to interact new solutions – and be certain they will ate more effectively while deliver the performance and benefits arning. that you need. WHY STELJES?
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