7 Deadly Fears of Public Speaking

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Apr. 9, 2014

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7 Deadly Fears of Public Speaking

  2. PUBLICSPEAKING. AccordingtoForbesMagazine, thenumberonefearinAmericais
  3. FEAR&ANXIETY 74%ofAmericanshave towardpublicspeaking.
  4. SOAFRAID? Butwhatmakesus
  5. DOUBT Fearof 1
  6. Anydoubtyoufeelwillshow inyourspeech. Researchyourtopicthoroughlytoensure youknowwhatyou’retalkingabout. Sowhenyoudoubtyourself,youraudiencewilltoo.
  7. Buildupconfidenceandself-assurance toeliminateanydoubt.
  8. NERVOUSNESS Fearof 2
  9. Gatherafewfriends,sitthem down, andgothroughthemotions. Alwaysmakesuretheyaskquestions. Tameyournervousbeastthroughpreparation.
  10. Frequentlyrehearseyourspeech outloudforthebestresults.
  11. FORGETTING Fearof 3
  12. BLANK. “AndanotherpointIwantedto bringupwas…uh…so…”
  13. Practiceflowingoneconceptintothe nextandcommitittomemory. We’veallbeenthere:thatmomentof awkwardsilencewhenyouforgetwhat you’regoingtosaynext. Memorizingabasicoutlineforyourspeechhelpsyourememberyournextpoints.
  14. TECHNOLOGY Fearof 4
  15. You can’t always count on technology. Nothing can throw confidence and preparation out the window like a presentation malfunction. Arrive early to the venue and test your presentation before you present.
  16. And always have a BACK UP PLAN.
  17. TOUGH AUDIENCES Fearof 5
  18. You can’t control how the audience behaves, but you can control your emotions. Develop a thick skin and remember to always put your best foot forward. If a joke sinks, brush it off and keep going.
  19. Don’t let a small slip ruin the rest of your presentation.
  20. LOSINGTIME Fearof 6
  21. Give yourself some wiggle room to make sure you don’t RUN OUT OF TIME.
  22. If you’re scheduled to speak for 45 minutes, time yourself to finish five minutes early for Q & A’s. You can recover from a tangent if necessary. Get a feel for how long you want to spend talking about each concept before you start to present.
  23. THEUNEXPECTED Fearof 7
  24. The unavoidable fear that something will go wrong, and a lot of times, it does. An audience member cans ask you a question you’re unable to answer, or you could get negative reactions from the entire audience. Have a recovery plan for failed jokes, tough questions, glitches in technology and any other curve balls.
  25. You can recover from anything if you PREPARE.
  26. And the most important thing to understand about public speaking?
  27. It’s all IN YOUR HEAD.
  28. So don’t let your fears get in the way of a great speech or an opportunity to share your ideas.
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