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Social Media for Travel & Tourism: Maximise ROI


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How Social Media revolutionized the way we travel ? What are Social Media Best Practices? 4 top tips for maximizing your presence on the top Social Networks . What is Social Media ROI and how to calculate your return?

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Social media can help you organizing your trip. You can rely on social media for information, planning activities, shopping and feedback. It is the perfect solution to your needs when having to organize a trip.
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Social Media for Travel & Tourism: Maximise ROI

  1. 1. Welcome totoday stoday’s webinarYou are currently onMUTE and will not hearanything until we begin.Ask us anything you like inthe chat box in yourGoToWebinar controlpanel.
  2. 2. About Adrian
  3. 3. About Tatiana
  4. 4. Who is TA Fastrack?Established in 2002Offices in Sydney Brisbane Auckland Sydney, Brisbane,Australia sAustralia’s leading travel and tourism DigitalMarketing agencyOfficial members marketing service to themembers of AAOA and ARAMAOver 150 years of combined experience
  5. 5. Some of our clients....
  6. 6. What you will learn todayHow Social Media revolutionized theway we travelSocial Media Best PracticesBest tips of maximizing your presenceon the top travel Social NetworksHow to calculate your Social MediaROI
  8. 8. 700/second # of FACEBOOK 1 hour/second status updates Of video uploaded to YOUTUBE1000/minute# of NEW visitorson PINTEREST 600/second # of TWEETS
  9. 9. 3x more time spent with social media th email i l di than il
  10. 10. The Social Media Revolution
  11. 11. Social Media Impact on Travel
  12. 12. Social Media Impact on TravelHow the Travel Industry Utilizes Social Media
  13. 13. Social Media Impact on Travel
  14. 14. Social Media Impact on Travel
  15. 15. How the Travel Industry Utilizes Social Media
  16. 16. Social Media Impact on Travel
  17. 17. e25
  18. 18. #1 Rule for Business Success in Social Media
  19. 19. Good SocialBusiness Success a Good Strategy#1 Rule for Media Starts with in Social Media
  20. 20. Best Practices MatterContent is KingDO create strong content. If you don’t have anything important to say orinformation of value to deliver, you won’t achieve engagement with users.Dont make social media just a platform to promote your product. Let yourcustomers promote the product and use social media to promote your customers.Listen and EngageDo listen and engage with your audience everyday. They want you to talkwith th ith them b t not at them. but t t thDont avoid customer complaints or gripes. One or two unanswerednegative comments can leave a huge impression on your prospectivecustomers, not just the person whos p , j p posting that comment. gBuild Social Relationships through CommunicationDO focus on social communication as equally as you focus on strong content.Facebook and Twitter are more communication engines than content engines.Dont assume that just because a consumer "likes your brand" that theyreinteracting with you. You have to continue to build that relationship and turn that"Like" into Love. Like Love
  21. 21. The Social Media Business Equation Best Practices Matter Content  strategy is a  map for  map for turning your  social media  i l di into business  success
  22. 22. Social Channel Australia Users May 12 Change from April 121. Facebook 11,968,120 ↓ 20,0002. You Tube 11,000,000  Steady3. BlogSpot 4,030,000  Steady4. LinkedIn 2,200,000  Steady5. Twitter5 Twitter 1,800,000  1 800 000 Steady6. 1,600,000  ↓ 200,0007. Tumblr 1,200,000 Steady8. Flickr 840,000  ↓ 80,0009. Pinterest 560,000  ↑ 90,00010. Instagram 423,000  ↑ 171,000MySpace 420,000  ↓ 40,000Google+ 331,336  331 336 EstimatedStumbleUpon 150,000  SteadyReddit , 140,000  Steady yDigg 77,000  Steady
  23. 23. 35
  24. 24. Facebook in AustraliaNo.1 Social Media site 60-70% of Australians have Passports11 million users- 51.22% of population- 63 93% penetration of online population 63.93%Only 1 million users under 18yrs of ageAvg time spent on Facebook a day is 22mins2 in 5 Australians online are nowinteracting with companies via Fi t ti ith i i Facebook b k9 in 10 (86%) of Australian’s look to theirfellow Facebook users for opinions and 75% of Australiansinformation about products, services and socialise with friends andbrands family through FacebookFacebook Ads becoming moreeffective than Google Ads(Data accurate as at 05 March 2012)
  25. 25. Maximising Your Business on Facebook #1: Use custom  tab applications b li i Add personality to y your p g page
  26. 26. Maximising Your Business on Facebook #2: Offer  value Give Facebook users what they want
  27. 27. Maximising Your Business on Facebook #3: Be  available Check and respond p
  28. 28. Maximising Your Business on Facebook #4: Be  flexible Share it as it happens pp
  29. 29. Twitter In Australia Twitter in AustraliaThere are approximately1.8 million Twitter accountsin AustraliaTwitter is the 5th mostpopular social networkOnly 16% of AU users areunder the age of 24.Largest segment (32%) is45-5445 5425% follow brands,companies or organisations i i tivia TwitterAvg time spent on Twitterper day is 10 mins
  30. 30. Maximising Your Business on Twitter #1: Create conversation  ti strategy Talk about things that interest your followers.
  31. 31. Maximising Your Business on Twitter #2: Interact #2: Interact Don’t be lame
  32. 32. Maximising Your Business on Twitter #3: Organise your community  your community with Twitter  Lists Twitter gives you a great overview on h t i how to use Twitter Lists twitter-basics/topics/111- p features/articles/76460-how-to-use- twitter-lists#
  33. 33. Maximising Your Business on Twitter #4: Gradually Expand Your  E dY Community Build B ild your relationships one at a time time.
  34. 34. YouTube in Australia
  35. 35. YouTube in AustraliaThere are 11 millionYouTube accounts inAustraliaYouTube is the 2nd mostpopular social network inAustraliaMost traffic occurs at 6-8pmweekdays and 8-11pmweekends12hrs of video are watchedevery secondd48% of Australiancompanies & brands have aYouTube channel
  36. 36. Maximising Your Business on YouTube #1: Customize your Channel Give ‘em some eye candy em
  37. 37. Maximising Your Business on YouTube #2: Manage Comments g Keep it clean p
  38. 38. Maximising Your Business on YouTube #3: Engage g g Talk t th T lk to them
  39. 39. Maximising Your Business on YouTube #4: Cross‐promote p Integrated Marketing matters
  40. 40. SocialROI
  41. 41. Equation for ROI?
  42. 42. How Should I estimate myyReturn? How Should I Estimate My Return?Apply a 3‐step process:• Define your social media goal. Define your social media goal.• Based on the goal, define your social media return.• Fi ll d fi h Finally, define how you will tie hard dollars to the  ill ti h d d ll t th social media return.
  43. 43. Social Media ROI on SalesSTEP 1 Goal: increase sales.STEP 2 Return: value of sales that can be attributed to STEP 2 Return: value of sales that can be attributed to the social media campaign.  ‐ Follow user path from the online check‐out to where the user entered Follow user path from the online check out to where the user entered  the stream ‐ Provide our users with social media campaign–only coupon codes ‐ Compare actual sales with forecasted sales Compare actual sales with forecasted sales STEP 3 Tie hard dollars to the social media return:  amount of sales dollars.
  44. 44. Social Media ROI on SalesSocial media ROI = (return – investment) / investment %.
  45. 45. Social Media Marketing Special Offer How Should I Estimate My Return? y Subscribe to Fastrack Social Maintenance  Program* and receive FREE channel  customisation** valued at $1000 valued at $1000  INCLUSIONS: • A Account set up t t • Channel set up and initial content population^ • Monthly Content Strategy $350 • Interaction with your fans/ followers^^ per channel / per month • Content sharing^^^ • Cross-promotion on your digital channels • Monthly overview traffic report*Basic package, min 3 months commitment**E.g. Facebook custom tab, You Tube channel background** b k b b h lb k d^ Includes images, folders, tabs, playlists, lists – up to 3hrs p/month^^ Includes response to comments, questions, complaint management ‐ up to 5hrs p/month^^^ Includes status updates, photo & video uploads, polls, questions ‐ up to 5hrs p/month
  46. 46. Contact TA Fastrack Tel: 07 3040 3588!/tafastrack
  47. 47. Question timeQuestion time