Mock SDM Social Media Plan


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Mock SDM Social Media Plan

  1. 1. Social Media PlanBeauty BOUTIQUE
  2. 2. The goal of social media is to turn customers into avolunteer marketing army.FACT:- 4 of the 7 highest traffic website are social mediawebsites (Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogger).- Twitter has over 200 million users and is adding300,000 a day.- 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations fromfriends.- Women spend 30% more time on social networkingsites than men.
  3. 3. Your website isnt just, its
  4. 4. What can social media do for you?Its simple.Its user-generated content, created with free technologythat instantly provides a reach to a niche audience ormillions.It provides new ways to market your products andservices to a rapidly growing community of onlineconsumers and allows the opportunity to discover,cultivate and activate enthusiasts for your company.
  5. 5. As a growing competitor in the cosmetics market, the goal is forShoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiqueto take advantage of thepotential of social media, which is underexploited by Canadas topcosmetic retailers:The Bay - No Facebook or Twitter pages dedicated to their cosmeticdivisions.Sears - No Facebook or Twitter pages dedicated to their cosmetic divisions.London Drugs - No Facebook or Twitter pages dedicated to their cosmeticdivisions.SEPHORA - 955, 077 followers on Twitter, 4,866,467 likes on theirFacebook page.As Sephora continues to retain market share in its locations acrossCanada, it is clear they are tapping into a tremendous resource by usingsocial media to reach out to consumers and engage them, creating loyaltyand enthusiasm.
  6. 6. The Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques will usesocial media to:- Strengthen relationships with customers- Drive traffic to the stores by highlighting events- Improve customer service- Introduce new products/services- Create loyalty through promotions- Leverage Shoppers Drug Mart as a leader in Canadasonline cosmetic retail community.
  7. 7. How will this social media plan be accomplished?1. Create a defining goal or strategy.2. Implement training on social media by determining ateam/choose a social media consultant .3. Create accounts on Facebook and Twitter.4. Find the existing database of clients (@shoppersdrugmart,Facebook page, Beauty Boutique Registry, Optimum Pointscustomers) and advertise your new social media campaign.5. Start to provide and compile engaging content to develop afollowing.6. Promote your social media campaign at store level, throughflyers and on the Shoppers Drug Mart website.7. Master and utilize time-saving tools such as Hootsuite.
  8. 8. Once you have your social media plan up and running, you wantto think about using a tool such as Hootsuite...Which will save you time and energy and give you the option of:Handling multiple accounts.Managing various groups (for each independent Boutique).Having a flexible layout.Analyzing statistics.Scheduling tweets.Having a team monitor your social media empire.
  9. 9. Social media is where your customers are shifting their attention. If youdelay your entry too long, you run the risk of being left behind by yourcompetitors.Shoppers Drug Mart can now use social media to create kinship between them and thecustomers, and kinship equals purchase intent.