Web 2.0, Not Your Mother's Internet


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Web 2.0, Not Your Mother's Internet

  1. 1. Web 2.0 Not Your Mother’s Internet by Emily Miller Technology Specialist Shades Cahaba Elementary School
  2. 2. Web 2.0 What is Web 2.0 Why do I need to use Web 2.0 applications? How do I get started in my classroom?
  3. 3. Web 2.0 “Web 2.0 refers to what is perceived as a second generation of web development and web design. It is characterized as facilitation communication, information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. It has led to the development and evolution of web-based communities, hosted services, and web applications. Examples include social -networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, mashups, and folksonomies” -Wikipedia The term was originally coined by Darcy DiNucci in 1999. The term was later associated with Tim O”Reilly
  4. 4. Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Read Only Read/Write/Collaborate Web as reading platform Web as publishing platform Developer authorship Public authorship Individual intelligence Collective intelligence Software applications Web as software platform Commercial/ proprietary Open source/shared Impersonal It knows you & your needs Restricted collaboration Collaborative Official releases Constantly versioning
  5. 5. Why use it? It’s FREE!!!! Only need an internet connection and computer It’s collaborative Transparent-brings instant gratification Creates ownership
  6. 6. Course of Study 2009 K-2 3-5 7) Use digital tools to access and 8) Collect information from a variety of digital sources. retrieve information. Examples: online libraries, multi-media Examples: online libraries, dictionaries multimedia dictionaries, search engines, directories • Using technology tools to organize information • Evaluating accuracy of digital content • Demonstrating efficient Internet search strategies Example: determining fact verses • Evaluating electronic resources opinion for reliability...
  7. 7. Using Digital tools to collect and retrieve information National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Alabama Virtual Library Trackstar ikeepbookmarks Academic Skill Builder Visual Thesaurus
  8. 8. Alabama Course of Study 2009 K-2 3-5 8) Use digital environments to 10) Use digital environments to exchange ideas with individuals or collaborate and communicate. groups. Examples: publishing online journals, Examples: other states, other countries sharing presentations, contributing to online discussions, communicating • Producing digital works with experts collaboratively • Producing digital works collaboratively Examples: developing shared writing projects, creating language experience Examples: developing shared writing stories projects and group multimedia projects
  9. 9. Digital Environments to collaborate & communicate Blogger, Edublog, Class Blogmeister Skype Google Docs Google for Educators Slideshare Wiki
  10. 10. Alabama Course of Study 2009 K-2 3-5 9) Identify digital tools 11) Use digital tools to used for problem solving. analyze authentic problems. Examples: spell check, digital graphic organizers, Examples: electronic electronic drawing graphing tools, concept- programs, simulation mapping software software
  11. 11. Digital Tools for Problem Solving Create a Graph Art Pad Wordle Quizlet Foss Web Magic Pen
  12. 12. Alabama Course of Study 2009 K-2 3-5 10) Design original works using 12) Create a product using digital tools. digital tools. Examples: tools-digital drawing Examples: products-digital story, tools, music software, word podcast, digital artwork processing software, digital cameras
  13. 13. Create a product using digital tools Make Belief Comix Windows Movie Maker Photostory Audacity Podomatic Voki
  14. 14. Create a product using digital tools Fodey Jaycut Kerpoof Mixbook Voicethread Tuxpaint
  15. 15. Other fun websites Zexer Remember the Milk Assign a day Natural reader Keep Vid Ourmedia Zamzar
  16. 16. Other fun websites Classtools.net Rubistar Boxnet cooliris online stopwatch igoogle google reader