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Getting to Know Femfessionals Phoenix


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Getting to Know Femfessionals Phoenix

  1. 1. Welcome to Femfessionals! A community of accomplished women committed to connecting & establishing authentic business connections
  2. 2. “My mission was to establish a circle of unitywhere professional women would assist andsupport each other in the business world.” -- Violette Sproul, Femfessionals Founder and CEO
  3. 3. Femfessionals is a breath of fresh air with talented, intelligent and energetic women with a great outlook on life. It is what Philadelphia has been waiting for. Its a pleasure to be a part of such a dynamic group of women. Sophia Stogiannis, PARTNER AT WATER WORKS RESTAURANT PHILADELPHIA, PA We have an amazing President who has made this a fun and beneficial organization to be a part of. I truly enjoy all aspects of it and am so grateful to the new friends I have made. This group has been so great for Simplicity as a company, and me as a professional woman who needs a fierce group of women to keep me motivated and moving forward in my career - all the while feeling cared for! Anne Kuester Steppe, PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER AT SIMPLICITY PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING CHARLOTTE, NC FemCity Milwaukee has allowed me to meet many wonderful, smart, and ambitious women, help out great causes and make business connections. Im very thankful that Femfessionals is in our city and that FemCity Milwaukee has such an amazing board! Sonya Sharp, OWNER AT SONYA SHARP PHOTOGRAPHY MILWAUKEE, WITO BECOME A MEMBER, PARTNER OR SIGN UP We look forward to connecting you with the city’s mostFOR OUR NEWSLETTER, VISIT FEMFESSIONALS.COM ambitious women and promoting you and your company.
  4. 4. Femfessional Events Connection Lunches: 20-min speaker w/ inspirational story, biz lessons, success tips; happens monthly Pink Collar Workshops: learning, professional development, smaller group, hands-on {vision boarding, goals, social media} Around Town Socials: just for fun – happy hours, fundraisers, fitness classes, members-only events Members can attend events in any city, at the member rate.
  5. 5. {Here Are Sample Events from FemCity Miami} Upcoming FemCity Miami Events April 19 – Pink Collar Workshop: Blogging for Beginners workshop; 4:30pm-6pm; Pipeline Brickell April 26 – Connection Lunch: 12pm; Epic Hotel April 30 – Around Town Social: “Lean In” Book Club, 6:30pmAll events on calendar at Be sure to login before registering to see members’ rate.
  6. 6. Membership Benefits Business listing in the Pink Pages directory {public listing} Announcement of your membership via social media Members promoted & endorsed through social media Add events to our online calendar Submit photos to your FemCitys Around Town Gallery Post promotions & events on our Facebook page Share Post tool Member discounted rates for advertising & events Invites to exclusive member-only events Attend any FemCity event as a member
  7. 7. Pink Pages Profile Seen nationally and locally Can be updated as often as you like Make the most of your profile:   Upload photo   Add links to social media   Include biz summary, mission statement   Add promotions, specials, biz news Endorse and connect with other members.
  8. 8. The Pink Collar WebsiteThe Pink Collar TM is a site dedicated to arming you witheverything you need to grow your business. This websitehouses valuable, targeted advice from the most talented,inspiring businesswomen in our community, business news,and amazing deals to help you achieve your goals.  Free and accessible by public  Expert Q&A {experts must be members}  Interviews with successful businesswomen  Links to member’s blogs  Discounts, partnerships, special promotions  Business articles and videos  Job postings
  9. 9. Ways to Connect Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (@femcitychas) Endorse on View and endorse Pink Pages profiles Share news/promotions on “Share a Post” Post events to calendar Fem it Forward:: Connect, Support, Endorse
  10. 10. Your Femfessional {30-Second} Pitch1.  Your name.2.  Your business/profession/job3.  Why you’re here or what you’d like from the group.4.  An endorsement of another woman in the room.  My name is Danielle Rice.  I’m a marketing and communications consultant.  I’m here to tell everyone how awesome Femfessionals is!  I endorse Sophie Boselly because she’s a fantastic membership chair who reaches out to welcome each new member personally.
  11. 11. Fem•fes•sion•al {fem-fesh-uh-nal}a savvy business woman characterized as positive,open-minded, driven, professional, ambitious and desirousof forming strong strategic connections with similarminded professional women to benefit each otherpersonally and professionally and to benefit theircommunity. Not only is she motivated to succeed, she ispassionate about the success of others around her. AFemfessional is giving of herself and more than willingto help when she is needed. She wants to make an impact inthe world, starting with the betterment of her city, and growas a business professional and a woman. She is quiteremarkable!